Music, National Identity and the Politics of Location: Between the Global and the Local

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Dr Vanessa Knights, Dr Ian Biddle
Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 28.01.2013. - 268 страница
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How are national identities constructed and articulated through music? Popular music has long been associated with political dissent, and the nation state has consistently demonstrated a determination to seek out and procure for itself a stake in the management of 'its' popular musics. This book ranges from considerations of the ideological focus of cultural nationalism through to analyses of musical hybridity and musical articulations of other kinds of identities at odds with national identity. The processes of global homogenization are thereby shown to have brought about a transitional crisis for national cultural identities

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Where Does World Music Come From? Globalization
Migration Transgression and Relocation
Musical Constructions of Identities
Voices of Brazil in Antonio
Popular Music Tradition and Serbian Nationalism
Deconstructing the NationState
Glossary of Musical Genres and Subgenres
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Ian Biddle is Senior Lecturer and Head of Postgraduate Studies in Music at Newcastle University, UK. He is a cultural theorist and musicologist, working on a range of topics in music and sound-related areas. His work ranges from the cultural history of music and masculinity, music in the Holocaust, theorising music's intervention in communities and subjectivities, sound, soundscapes and urban experience, and the politics of noise. He has interests in memory studies, sound studies, Italian workerist and autonomist theory, psychoanalysis and theoretical approaches to 'affective' states. He is co-founder and co-ordinating editor (with Richard Middleton) of the journal Radical Musicology.

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