The Chinese Imperial Examination System: An Annotated Bibliography

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Rowman & Littlefield, 2013 - 197 страница
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The Chinese imperial examination system is unique in traditional Chinese society with origins dating back 1,300 years, and has had a far-reaching impact not only on contemporary Chinese society, but also on government systems of other countries around the world. The system was originally created as a political institution to recruit officials to serve the Chinese imperial government. During the period of its use, from 605 through 1905, the imperial examination system played a central role in the Chinese imperial government. It served as a tool for the political and ideological control, functioned as a proxy for education, produced the elite social class, and became a dominant culture in the traditional Chinese society. During its 1,300 years, the system generated countless publications, including the imperial government publications and a variety of non-government works. After the abolition of the system in 1905, numerous publications produced by the international research community spawned the Chinese imperial examination studies. The interdisciplinary study involved a whole range of disciplines, including history, political science, sociology, education, psychology, culture, literature, linguistics, anthropology, philosophy, religion, mathematics, economics, and archive studies. It would be impossible for one to understand China without knowing the imperial examination system and the vast collection of the imperial examination studies. This book provides an annotated bibliography for 214 publications that are relevant to the imperial examination studies, and each entry includes a review to serve as a guide to readers for this collection. Of the 214 publications, 155 are written in Chinese, and 59 are English publications. Although the 214 publications only comprise a fraction of the imperial examination studies, with a variety of subjects and research quality, this bibliography represents in considerable depth the scope of the development of the imperial examination studies. Through selecting, presenting, and reviewing a variety of significant publications, this book provides quick access to the essential literature of the imperial examination studies. College students, faculty, or any other readers who are interested in learning, teaching, or researching the Chinese imperial examination system, Chinese history, the Chinese government systems, culture, ideology, education, literature, and current social issues will find The Chinese Imperial Examination System: An Annotated Bibliography to be an important addition to their research.

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1 Publications between 605 and 1911
2 Publications between 1912 and 1949
3 Publications between 1950 and 1976
4 Publications between 1977 and 2010
5 Publications about the Imperial Military Examination System
Timeline of Chinese Dynastic History
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