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To be Continued. (Price Six Pence each month.)

Containine, Greater Variety, and more in Quantiry, eban any Monthly Book of ibe fome Price.)

1, Account vf the Apprentice.

XXV. Huxhan on Antimony.

Jl. Dr. Whyte of Sendibility, &c.

XXVI. Story of a King of Egypt.

III. Derbyshire Quacks exposed,

XXVII. Original Letter from Wales.

IV. Story of a Pils-Prophet.

53 XXVIII. POETRY.' Elegy in a Winter's

V. Curious Recipe.

Day ; Ode to Love ; to Mr. Murphy, by

VI. Our Right to Nova Scotia.

Mr. Rider i Isabel ; New Year's Qle;

VII. Propolal, by a Lady.

to a Lady, with Dodney's Memorandum

VIII. Flinthise described.

Book ; Prologue and Epilogue in the Ap-

IX. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Po- prentice, a new Song, tet to Mulick, and

litical CLUB, &c. continued : Contain- a Minuet.

ing the SPEECHES of P. Furius Philus XXIX. The MONTHLY CHPCNOLOOER :

and C. Numibus on the Bill for a Night. Petition for a Bridge prefenied; River

ly-Watch for Bristol.

loft ; Phenomenon in Westmoreland ;

X. Sad Effects of Laxury.

more Earthquakes ; Advices from Ame.

XI. Man's Superiority to Brutes.

sica; List or Sheriffs ; Noiorious Cen;

XII. Observations on the Marriage AA. to restore Iron Furnaces ; Cure for the

Xull, Account of a Coal that never (mokes. Dropsy; Sesions at the Old-Bailey, Fies,

XIV, Simple Carriages.

Execurion, &c. &c. &c.

XV. Relentment ani Revenge diferent. XXX. Marriages and Births, Deaths, Pro.

XVI. Oi Tiomouth Caille.

muitions, Bankrupts.

XVII. Servants spoiled by their Masters.

XXXI. Alterations in the List of Parliament.

XVIII. Vanity of Ancefry.


XIX. Pedigree of a Footman.

XXXIII. A Catalogue of Books.

XX. Satire on extravagant Neanesi.

XXXIV. Letter from the French Secretary

XXI. account of the British America,

of State to Mr. Fox, with his Anfier.

XXII. New-England settled.

XXXV. Scheme for raising two Millions.

XXIll. Of the plan of Lisbon.

XXXVI. Prices of Stock).

XXIV. Affe:tiaz Diftress.

XXXVII. Monthly Bill of Mortality.

With a Correet MAP Of FLINTSHIRE, a Plan of LISRON and Map of its Environs,

and a beautiful PROSPECT OF TINMOUTH CASTLE, elegantly eng'aved on Copper


LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, at the Role in Paici. Noiler-Kon;
Di wi.om may be had, complea: Sers from the Year 1733 totiis Tinie, veatiy Dourd, or

Stitch'd, or any lingle Month to compleat Sets.

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9, lo

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C Ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S.

T CCOUNT of the Apprentice 3 Servants spoiled by their superiors 25

Remarks on the performers 4 Inconveniencies from the present race of And on the farce


them Dr. Whytt of fenfibilitý, &c. ibid. Vanity of ancestry

ibid. Haller's insensible parts of the body ibid. Story from a French novellist

27 Account of Derbyshire quacks

6 Pedigree of a footman Story of a piss-prophet

Extravagant neatness satirized 28 Corious recipe of a white witch 7 And ill effe&s of ic

ibid. Representation of our right to Nova-Sco- Elegant, yet cheap furniture

ibid. Account of the British America ibid. Proposal of a publick spirited lady 8 Settlement of New-England

30 A description of Flinthire

ibid. Success of the settlers JOURNAL of the Proceedings and Debates Religious contentions there

32 in the Political CLUB, &c. continued of the country about Lisbon ibid. 9-15 An affecting scene of difress

33 SPILCH of P. Furius Philus, on the bill And relief afforded

ibid. to establish a nightly watch for Bristol Huxham's observations on antimony 34 9-12 To make vinum antimonii

ibid. Contention between the magistracy and Distress of a king of Egypt

35 inhabitants 9 His remarkable answer

ibid. Form of government in Bristol

Original letter from Wales

ibid. A kind of oligarchy

ibid. POETRY. The novice, set to musick 36 But originally otherwise

A minuet And how allered ibid. Elegy, in a winter's day

38 Too much power not to be delegated 12 Ode to love

ibid. The inhabitants should have the govern- To Mr. Murphy, by Rider

39 ment of the watch ibid. Isabel

ibid. SPEECH of C. Numifius in defence of the Cibber's New-year's ode

ibid. magistracy

13 To a lady with a memorandum-book 39 Bristol made a city by Henry VIII. ibid. Prologue and epilogue to the apprentice Eulogium on the magiftrates 14

40 Reasons for the government of the watch The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER 41 by the magistrates

ibid. Leuct from M. Rouillé to Mr. Fox, with Dreadful effects of luxury

his answer In the ruin of kingdoms

ibid. Ways to raise the two millions And the subversion of Greece

16 City's petition for a bridge presented 41 Virtue of ancient Britons ibid. Sessions at the Old-Bailey

ibid. Sadly degenerated ibid. A notorious cheat detected

ibid. Animated speech of Cato 17 Dropsy cured by falt water

42 Superiority of man to brutes ibid. Method to restore cast iron furnaces ibid. And excellency of his make 18 River lost

ibid. Observations on the marriage act ibid. Phenomenon in Westmoreland ibid. Low people cannot be married by licence More earthquakes

19 Advices from America Uncertainty of marriages being valid ibid. List of Meriffs

41 Of the matter of licences

Fires, execution

41, 42 And registering


Marriages and births Hardships of the clergy from the act Deaths

ibid. Account of an uncommon coal in Ireland Ecclefiaßical preferments

ibid, ibid. Promotions civil and military Which never (mokes

Alterations in the list of parliament ibid. Dr. Mead's sentiments of it ibid. Persons declared bankrupts

45 Simple carriages in Ireland 23 FOREIGN AFFAIRS

47 Neai and clean fires

ibid. Prices of stocks and grain ; wind, weaResentment and revenge different ? 4


48 Account of Tiomouth caitle ibid. Monthly bill of mortality

ibid. If wbar Contemplator mencions ba; proved of, ir fhall be inseried. S. T.'s faveur is 71. ceived. Mary pieces in profo and verje ure poßipened io r.ext morib.


45, 46


ibid. ibid. 43





In January was Published,


a Beautiful FRONTISPIECE, a General TITII curiously engraved, pleat INDEXIS, and several other Things, neceffary to be bound up with the


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Scotchman, Irishman, and other memSome Account of ihe new Farce called the bers of the Spouting. Club,

APPRENTICE, interspersed with Catchpole, a bailiff.
Remarks on tbe Piece and sbe Performers. Porter, watchmen, &c.

HIS performance A& I. The farce opens with a scene
is intended as a sa- between Wingate and 'Simon, by which
tire on those young

it appears that Dick has eloped from his mechanicks, who


master, and been missing above a month. T

neglect the bufi. Wingate suspe&s Simon to be in the plot, ness of their trade but at lart finding he can make nothing of to attend to the him, sends him to fetch his masier. Sidivertions of the mon goes out, but soon returns with a Aage ; to ridicule letter, which, he says, the post brought

prentice kings and to the door just as he was going out. handicraft tragedians ; and is indeed very This proves to be a formal cpiflle from well calculated, in the words of the pro- Ebenezer Broadbrim, a quaker at Briílogue,

B col, informing Wingate that his son came

there with a company of strollers, who To check these heroes, and their laurels

were taken up by the magistrate, and crop,


committed as vagabonds to jail : But that To bring them back to reason and their

Ebenezer had taken Dick out of con. But we cannot help obferving, that if finement, ard rent him up to rown in the the satire had come from any other hand waggon. By the time Wingate has read than that of a person who is himself on this letter arrives Gargle, who tells him the stage, the players would probably c Dick is below stairs, " Where, says he, have looked on the piece as an affront to I judged it proper to leave lineill I had their profession. The characters repre- prepared you for his reception.” For fented are :

which purpose Gargle harangues WinWingate, a paffionate old fellow, a gate in the language of a true apothecary, great miser, and ridiculously fund of prescribes lenitives, gentle alteratives, the arithmetick.

loss of 20 ounces of blood, with a ce. Dick, bis son, bound to an apothecary, phalic tin&ture. This enrages Wingate and mad after plays, in love with Char- fill more, and tho' Gargle afluies him lotte.

D“ Infiammatories may be dangerous," he Gargle, Dick's master.

continues in a violent paffion. In the Charlotte, daughter to Gargle, in love midst of his fury enters Dick, who shows with Dick.

himself into an attitude, and in a tragedy Simon, servant to Gargle.

tone says to Wingaie, fiom Hanilet, January, 1956.


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