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By Jean Finot
Editor of La Revue, Paris



THE peace which is to follow this Therefore we must go on to the end.

war must be real; that is, Ger The war will heal the evils it has caused. man lying and the coarse illusions Without a decisive victory it will be

of the past must be eliminated impossible to recoup our material losses. from it. When we resume the nor The exhaustion of the belligerents will mal life of mankind we must be able be equivalent to general ruin if one of to do this with the same feeling of

them does not succeed in imposing his

* * * security with which the farmer proceeds peace on his adversaries. to gather his harvest, without the The gross total of expenses for the smallest fear of malefactors near or far. war on the side of the Allies will reach The economic losses of the Allies will, 300,000,000,000 francs ($60,000,000,000) however, be so considerable that it is at the end of three years of war, the necessary from now on to consider the smaller cost at the beginning being means for diminishing their extent. balanced by the steadily increasing cost There will also be principles of right as the war broadens and draws in new and justice to safeguard. International combatants. life will have need of positive sanctions The Allies will lose a minimum of for the most distant future. A criminal 6,000,000 to 7,000,000 combatants. Their from the international point of view armed force does not, it is true, represent should be punished like a common-law more than 14,000,000. But this figure will criminal. The wars of the past almost rise to more than 20,000,000 soldiers conended in despite of sound sense, and in secutively while hostilities last. This will such a way as to encourage spoliating be equivalent to a loss in earning power and criminal nations. The invader, if equal to 120,000,000,000 to 140,000,his plan did not succeed, went peacefully 000,000 francs. home again. A more

or less solemn The obligation to pay, for long years peace guaranteed his impunity and to come, an indemnity of these dimenallowed him to wait for a more favorable sions will keep Germany from thinking moment to recoup himself.

of new wars. And only under this conToday Europe is divided into two dition can Europe return to a normal camps, one of which, much stronger than

life. One of the reasons which make us the other, is defending justice against

believe in the future resurrection is that crime. And, if it is impossible to win

the nations will be able to lay aside miliback again the millions of men killed or

tarism for long years to come. After so maimed, or to make good the losses and

drastic a bleeding it would be impossible the floods of tears, let us at least guar

for them to resume their life of industry antee the economic situation of all the

if they felt themselves obliged, a in the victims of German aggression. *

past, to plunge into costly armaments. Who called the tune must pay the piper.

They must, therefore, be given absolute The difficulty of a repayment does not

security on the side of Germany. The by any means create the necessity of

recent past has taught us that the whole renouncing it. This simple and logical

world, with the exception of Prussia, was principle is equally binding in the inter eager to organize international life on the national field. The conditions of our life

basis of liberty and justice, excluding of tomorrow will not be safeguarded until

every possibility of brutal aggression. we apply to nations the same principles Once the German factor is reduced to of loyalty and of justice which we hold powerlessness, the dream of peace, which obligatory in private life.

had appeared childish and unrealizable,



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will become a possibility which will understanding of national aspirations triumph for a long time to come.

and the moral interests which, invisible This consideration in itself will render and unsuspected, move masses of men, inevitable the establishment of a gigantic

render conflicts inevitable. And there is indemnity, which will constitute a veri something infinitely humiliating for the table insurance premium for the peace of

dignity of men in the teaching that they tomorrow.

will never be able to live without On the other hand, Germany herself, hatreds, spoliations, acts of brigandage.

Decidedly it will be necessary to add to delivered from militarism, will

the supposed specialists " in the domain restore her prosperity. The civilized

of international affairs the representanations, without making this their goal,

tives of the best elements of each people, will work for the salvation of Germany.

who must influence the decisions of their We shall thus have a new Germany,

rulers for the time being. An interwhich will become dear to the conscious

national peace cannot be improvised. It ness of mankind from the moment when she shall have left behind the criminality

must be prepared and studied. It must

be the result of age-long experience and of her rulers.

of a profound understanding of the past Peace thus understood, though it may and of the present. be hard for Germany, will not mean her And the duration of the war will give disappearance. The Allies, Mr.

ample time to those who are behindhand Asquith has so well said, “will destroy

to reflect on the condition of the world of German militarism without tending in

tomorrow. any way to destroy the German Nation."

The German Government is thus But the arsenal of international law fur

caught in its own snare. Its factitious tiishes us with no weapon, other than

conquests render its desires unrealizable. financial expiation, to prevent a return to The nations of the Allies, united in the savagery.

same thought and bound by identical The fiscal and economic union of the aspirations, can sign no peace without Allies will, besides, prove ineffective having obtained the evacuation of all the ugainst the Teutonic activity and spirit territories occupied by the Germans. of organization. The Germans will But, however blind and deceived the exploit all the fissures in international German people may be, it will never agreements to push their commerce and allow the Kaiser to give them up, after industry. Let us even admit that the allied

having bled his people white and for countries will remain closed to them. long years compromised its prosperity But they will then establish themselves and renown. among neutral nations. With the moral A peace of this kind would threaten conceptions which allow them to become to provoke, let us be certain of it, a naturalized with the purpose of betray- bloody revolution and the final disappearing the fatherland of their adoption, in ance of the Hohenzollerns. But the allthe interest of their “symbolic father powerful Kaiser is far less concerned for land," they will continue a process of the future of his people than for his own sabotage against the economic revival of person and his dynasty. the Allies. In this region, also, only The abandonment, pure and simple, financial charges imposed on Germany of the territories temporarily conquered will safeguard the stability of the could not, besides, satisfy any of the world.

Allies. The principle of indemnities, We must not, as in the past, abandon which we have already stated, constitutes the regulation of the accounts between a condition of elementary justice which the nations to their rulers, more or less the civilized nations cannot put aside. qualified. The treaties of peace,

Before the immensity of the sacrifices professional diplomatists conceive them, which will be entailed even by the most always contain the germs of future wars. favorable peace Germany will see herself Bastard solutions resulting from the non obliged to battle to the last man and the


[graphic][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

A French Artist's Memorable Drawing in Honor of the Soldiers Who Held the Battered Fortifications

at Verdun.



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From This Famous Base, After Nine Months' Preparation, General Sarrail and His Allied Forces Have

Begun a New Offensive to Regain Serbia and the Balkan Peninsula.

(© A. P. A. Medem Photo Service.)

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last mark. We are, therefore, driven to a real war of exhaustion.

But Germany is not yet out of breath. Her finances are greatly weakened, her economic life is anæmic, her resources in men are greatly diminished; but she still possesses resources which can prolong her agony during long months, perhaps years.

Therefore the war will go on. The German people, who will continue to be deceived, will be told that it is a question of their destruction instead of the destruction of the Hohenzollern dynasty, its squireens and armed brigands, and will, therefore, believe it necessary to defend with a mystic fervor its unity, which is threatened by no

national soil, which no one wishes to cut up; and its independence, which no one wishes to attack.

Let the hoodwinked Germans allow themselves to be taken in by this subterfuge. The Allies will complete the task they have undertaken.

The mystical malady of the Germans will not fail to prolong the war, bringing greater and greater ruin upon themselves and making heavier the expiation for faults committed.

“ Whom the gods will destroy, they first make mad,” according to the ancient saying. Thus will be accomplished the words of the Lord:

They who would be the first, shall be the last,"

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one, its

What Would German Victory Mean?

By Professor Moritz Julius Bonn
Director of the Commercial University of Munich


GERMAN victory would not mean

under different circumstances. They that the German institutions of ought to give up that mischievous idea, today are just the thing for all born of mediaeval universalism, that they

the world. It would merely show must impress their own institutions on that German institutions are suitable unwilling neighbors. There is no danger to the genius of the Germanf people. It that Germany will be influenced by such would not be a justification of monarchy ideas and try to do missionary work all over the world; it would not reflect abroad. Quite apart from the intellectual glory on Russian absolutism, which, by attitude of the German people, which does the way, is the real despotism. It would not favor such universalism, there are not endanger the institutions of other twenty-seven different State Constitupeople. A German victory does not mean

tions in the German Empire, three of that Switzerland will cease to be a re them republican. Even a victorious peace public and be governed by a Hohen would not give Germany a free hand to zollern Prince. It does not put American

overrun the world. democracy on trial. The test of Amer Such a peace would not bring about ican democracy is not European achieve very great changes in Europe. The ocments in Europe, but American successes cupied parts of France would be given at home and abroad. If American democ back; Belgium would be released. Very racy solves its own problems it will be likely Courland, with a population partly justified and need not fear the compe German and partly Lithuanian, would tition of foreign institutions.

be annexed by Germany. Poland would We want a variety of institutions all receive autonomy. Austria would probover the world, not a dead level uniform ably permit the resuscitation of a someity for all people. Nations should stick what reduced Serbia, for Hungary does to their own institutions and develop not want the annexation of a further them according to their own ideas. They batch of Southern Slavs. Bulgaria would need not fear disparagement if different get the greater part of new Serbia; institutions of opposite character flourish Greece might get a part of Albania; Aus

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