The Reconstruction of Poland and the Near East: Problems of Peace

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Century Company, 1917 - 218 страница

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Страница 203 - I take it for granted, for instance, if I may venture upon a single example, that statesmen everywhere are agreed that there should be a united, independent, and autonomous Poland, and that henceforth inviolable security of life, of worship, and of industrial and social development should be guaranteed to all peoples who have lived hitherto under the power of governments devoted to a faith and purpose hostile to their own.
Страница 203 - I am proposing, as it were, that the nations should with one accord adopt the doctrine of President Monroe as the doctrine of the world ; that no nation should seek to extend its polity over any other nation or people, but that every people should be left free to determine its own polity, its own way of development, unhindered, unthreatened, unafraid, the little along with the great and powerful.
Страница 203 - No peace can last, or ought to last, which does not recognize and accept the principle that governments derive all their just powers from the consent of the governed, and that no right anywhere exists to hand peoples about from sovereignty to sovereignty as if they were property.
Страница 210 - The United States is the only country in the world in which the jobs in services outnumber the jobs in goods industries.
Страница 111 - The French have succeeded in wholly convincing John Bull that they are his inveterate enemies. England has long hesitated between France and Germany. But she has always respected "German character, while she has gradually come to feel scorn for France. Nothing in the nature of an entente cordiale can exist between England and her nearest neighbor. France has neither courage nor political sense.
Страница 57 - Germany, achieved their national unity in the two decades preceding the treaty of Berlin. Hemmed in on the west by Great Britain and France and on the east by Russia, born too late to extend their political sovereignty over vast colonial domains, and unable ( if only for lack of coaling-stations) to develop...
Страница 14 - England in order to persuade people to put themselves in the other man's place, and to realize that the other man was following his conscience too.
Страница 83 - Constantinople and along the shores of the Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmora, and the Dardanelles are probably as many people as in Serbia.
Страница 58 - ... to develop sea power greater than that of their rivals, nothing was more natural than the German and Austro-Hungarian conception of a Drang nach Osten through the Balkan Peninsula, over the bridge of Constantinople, into the markets of Asia.
Страница 115 - Powers. In governmental policies one searches in vain for more than an occasional ray of chivalry, uprightness, altruism, for a consistent line of action in attempting to solve the problems that were leading Europe from one war to another, for constructive statesmanship.

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