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IV. Bees, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 370

The Honey-bee ;-its Natural History, Physiology, and

Management, by Edward Bevan, M. D.

The Rural Economist's Assistant in the Management of

Bees, principally taken from the German writings of the Rev.

J. L. Christ, First Minister of Krohnberg, and Member of the

Royal Husbandic Society at Zelle: by David Souder.

V. Indian LANGUAGE AND CONDITION, · · · · · 39.1

A Grammar of the Language of the Lenni Lenape or Dela.

ware Indians. Translated for the American Philosophical So-

ciety, from the German Manuscript of the late Rev. David

Zeisberger. By Peter Stephen Duponceau.

VI. POPULAR SUPERSTITIONS, . . . . . . . . 423

The Perennial Calendar and Companion to the Almanac, il-

lustrating the Events of every day in the year, as connected

with History, Chronology, Botany, Natural History, Astrono-

my, Popular Customs and Antiquities, with useful rules of

Health; Observations on the Weather ; Explanations of the

Fasts and Festivals of the Church, and other miscellaneous

useful Information, compiled from Scientific Authorities, as

well as from the Manuscripts of several distinguished persons,

and revised and edited by T. Forster, M. B., F. L. S., M. A. S.,

M. M. R., &c. of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

Ancient Mysteries described, especially the English Mira-

cle Plays, founded on Apocryphal New Testament Story, ex-

tant among the unpublished Manuscripts in the British Muse.

um ; including Notices of Ecclesiastical Shows; the Festivals

of Fools and Asses; the English Boy Bishop ; the Descent in.



to Hell; the Lord Mayor's Show; the Guildhall Giants;

Christmas Carols, &c. By William Hone.

Supplement to the Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish

Language, illustrating the words, in their different significa-

tions, by examples from Ancient and Modern Writers : show-

ing their affinity to those of other Languages, and especially

the Northern ; explaining many terms, which though now ob.

solete in England, were formerly common to both countries ;

and elucidating National Rites, Customs, and Institutions, in

their analogy to those of other Nations. By John Jamieson,

D. D. Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, &c. &c.:

A glossary of North Country Words in use from an Origi-

nal Manuscript, in the Library of John George Lambton, Esq.

M. P. with considerable additions. By John Trotter Brock-

ett, F. S. A.

Horæ Momenta Cravenæ, or the Craven Dialect, exempli-

fied in two Dialogues between Farmer Giles and his neigh-

bour Bridget ; to which is annexed a copious Glossary. By

a native of Craven.

Observations on some of the Dialects of the West of Eng.

land, particularly Somersetshire, with a Glossary of words now

in use there ; and Poems and other pieces, exemplifying the

Dialect. By James Jennings, Honorary Secretary of the Me-

tropolitan Literary Institution, London.

VII. Austin's LIFE OF ELBRIDGE GERRY, - - - - 469

The Life of Elbridge Gerry, with contemporary Letters, to

the close of the American Revolution. By James T. Austin.


Edda Sæmunder hins fróda, Collectio Carminum veterum

Scaldorum, sæmundiana dicta, ex recensione Erasmi Rask cu-

ravit A. A. Afzelius.

Snorra-Edda ásamt Skáldu ok parmed fylgjandi ritgjördum,

útgefin af Rasmúsi Rask.

R. Rask om Zendsprogets og Zendavestas Ælde og Egthed.

Den Gamle Ægyptiske Tidsregning, efter kilderne på ny

bearbejdet af R. Rask.


LY REVIEW, - - - - - - - - - - - - 491

London Quarterly Review, No.73. Article VIII. The Unit-

ed States.

X. North-WEST PASSAGE, - - - - - - - - - 505

Narrative of an attempt to reach the North Pole, in boats

fitted for the purpose, and attached to His Majesty's Ship He.

cla, in the year 1827, under the command of Captain William

Edward Parry, R. N., F. R. S., and honorary member of the

Imperial Academy of Sciences at St. Petersburgh. Illustrat.

ed by Plates and Charts. Published by authority of His Roy.

al Highness, the Lord High Admiral.

XI. Joseph NAPOLEON, - - - - - - - - - - 543

Précis Historique des Evénemens qui ont conduit Joseph Na-

poleon sur le Trone d'Espagne, par Abel Hugo. Historical

Summary of the Events which placed Joseph Napoleon on

the Throne of Spain, by Abel Hugo.


No. V.


MARCH, 1828.

Art. I.-Meteorological Essays and Observations, by J. FRE

DERIC DANIELL, F. R. S. Second edition, revised and enlarged. London. 1827. pp. 648.

The subject of this work is one of universal interest. No practical application of philosophy comes so close to our comforts and enjoyments, as that which records the phenomena of climate, and investigates the causes of its variations. None, therefore, attracts such general attention; and we philosophize on the changes of the weather, almost without being conscious that our observations and remarks are frequently correct instances of the strictest inductive logic. Man, indeed, is a meteorologist by nature ; placed in a state of dependence on the elements, to watch their vicissitudes and anticipate their changes, is a part of the labour to which he is born. The mariner, the shepherd, and the husbandman, are directed in their occupations by meteorological observations, and the necessity of constant attention to the vicissitudes of the weather, is frequently the foundation, among even the most illiterate of our species, of a sort of prescience of the most capricious variations of climate. Thus cultivated in the ruder forms of society, it does not lose its interest in those which are more polished; if the opportunity for experience be then lost, we call in aid scientific methods and rules, derived from the recorded observations of others, to supply the deficiency. Such indeed is the space the subject occupies in our thoughts, that remarks on the state of the weather have become, in many nations, the conventional form of salutation, and in stili VOL. III. NO. 5.


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