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bury on its seal, and S. Thomas is known to have built two palaces in Sussex, his name does not once occur in the volume-surely this ought not to be.

The Churchman's Diary (Masters and Co.) for 1882, demands special notice this year, from the circumstance that the editor has carefully considered both the “Convocation Prayer Book” and also the pamphlet on “Ritual Con. formity" which we noticed in our last number. This of course gives additional weight to the recommendations contained in its pages, which have always been reckoned by competent judges to possess great authority.

My Little Note Book of General and Bible Knowledge, by H. Fuller, (Houlston and Sons,) is not easily described. Under the head of numbers from 1 to 13 respectively, the author arranges things deserving to be known first in general and then in Scriptural knowledge. Upon the whole it serves in some degree as a Memoria technica. The author is evidently a Churchman, but it is curious that under the head of Twos, he should not mention the great Sacraments of the Gospel.

A Golden Chain, (printed at the Ladies' Printing Office,) contains a number of short anecdotes, leading on to one another like links in a chain. The general purport of them is to show the usefulness and blessedness of small acts of kindness done as occasion offers.

Kingsworth ; or, the Aim of a Life, by Miss C. R. Coleridge. (Masters.) Our readers will recognise an old friend in the elegantly bound book, with an appropriate frontispiece, which has just issued under this title from our publishers' press. We have no need to comment to them on its high merit, as we are aware how greatly it was appreciated while passing as a serial through our pages. They will however, we doubt not, be glad to mention to those of their friends who had not the advantage of reading it in the Churchman's Companion, that it is now to be had in a separate form.

The Rev. Robert Owen has published an Essay on The Communion of Saints, (Kegan Paul,) as an Appendix to his very valuable “Sanctorale Catholicum.” It will help those who read it to clear their views on a very difficult subject, without satisfying any party exactly. Roman Catholics will not approve of the limitations which he sets to the Invocation of Saints, and Protestants will object to the doctrine in toto. The most valuable part of his treatise perhaps is that in which he distinguishes between Saints now in Paradise and those who are already admitted to His actual Presence.

A Complete and Unabridged Penny Edition of Uncle Tom's Cabin, (F. E. Longley,) is certainly a marvel of cheapness. The work itself is too well known to be commented upon.

Mr. West, the Vicar of Wrawby, has chosen a very important subject for his last volume, viz., The Nature and Constitution of the present Kingdom of Heaven upon Earth, (Masters,) and if sound argument combined with clearness of writing can secure and convince readers, his little work should be a great success. Popular theology speaks very much of the Gospel, but very little of “the Gospel of the Kingdom.We thank Mr. West very sincerely for this new effort of his pen.




[The Editor is not responsible for the opinions of the Correspondents.]

To the Editor of the Churchman's Companion.

Compline 8P.M.. 2. What is the object

of the Home Reunion Society, and what SIR, I beg to thank RITUAL for so

constitutes membership? 3. What is kindly offering me “Words to take with

the price of Littledale's “Reasons for us,” but as my “Incense for the Altar”

not joining the Church of Rome?"is quite new, I should prefer having a

Yours, &c., HiLDA. new copy of the companion book.


SIR,—Will you kindly acknowledge Queries.

stamps 1s. from H. and C. L., one OUR LORD IN THE CARPENTER'S SHOP.

guinea from Lady Hill, 10s. Forget-meSIR,– Will you, or any of your cor

not, 107. G. S., a bundle of tracts from

Miss E. for “Churchman's Companion respondents, kindly inform me if there

Cot.” Owing to the very scant help, we is any authority for a statement made in a sermon that “our LORD worked as a

have not been able to keep the little

Cot full, though, alas, many bave greatly labourer for wages :"-Yours, &c., M. S.

needed our aid. The money sent kept a

little child in seven weeks. SIR,– Will you kindly ask your

The Sea-side Home will next month, readers to send me some back numbers we hope, be moved to Magdala House, of your interesting magazine for a small Whitby. Any kind gifts or help will be lending library for the poor in the neigh- gladly received by myself or by Masters bourhood of Ascot Priory? Address, and Co., 78, New Bond Street, London. Miss L. Millner, Ascot Priory, Ascot

The smallest trifle is a help. Many Station, Berks.

little ones in full and happy homes this

Christmas might be glad to send a few THE HOURS, ETC.

pence to help to support the free Cot SIR,—Will any one kindly tell me if and lighten the sufferings of poor helpthe following hours are correct: Lauds less and sometimes homeless little chil." 7 A.M., Prime 9 A.M., Vespers 3 P.M., dren.-Yours, &c., MARY BEWICKE.


Notices to Correspondents. Miss Walters. A lady who wished to join the Society for a Monthly Manuscript Magazine wrote to the address first given, and has had her letter returned through the post inscribed “not known.” Kindly send a correct address.

E. C. A letter is awaiting you at our office which will be forwarded so soon as we know your present address.

Want of space has obliged us to postpone several letters till next month.


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