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OBJECTS.-The Society was organized by citizens who believe that the success of our government depends on the active political influence of educated intelligence, and that parties are means, not ends. The growing tendency of government to enlarge its sphere, and the demands constantly made to increase the power and responsibility of the STATE, make political education' more than ever a supreme necessity for the just limitation and right guidance of governmental authority. Entirely non-partisan in its organization, the one aim of the Society is the awakening of an intelligent interest in government methods and purposes, that political moral. ity may be promoted and the abuses of parties restrained.

Among its organizers are numbered Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, who differ among themselves as to which party is best fitted to conduct the government, but who are in the main agreed as to the following propositions :

The right of each citizen to his free voice Sound currency must have a metal basis, and and vote must be upheld, and every possible all paper money must be convertible on de safeguard must be employed to assure independ- mand. ence of vote.

Labor has a right to the highest wages it can Office-holders must not control the suffrage. earn, unhindered by public or private tyranny.

The office should seek the man, and not the Trade has a right to the freest scope, unfetman the office.

tered by taxes, except for governmer t exPublic service, in business positions, should penses. depend solely on fitness and good behavior. Corporations must be restricted from abuse

The crimes of bribery and corruption must of privilege. be relentlessly punished.

Neither the public money nor the people's Local issues should be independent of na- land must be used to subsidize private entertional parties.

prise. Coins made unlimited legal tender must A public opinion, wholesome and active, unpossess their face value as metal in the mar- hampered by machine control, is the true safe. kets of the world.

guard of popular institutions, All members of the Society are not, however, required to endorse the above.

METHODS.-The Society carries out its objects by submitting from time to time to its members lists of books which it regards as desirable reading on curren political and economic questions ; by selecting courses of reading for its members by supplying the books so selected at the smallest possible advance beyond actua cost; by furnishing and circulating at a low price sound economic and political literature in maintenance and illustration of the principles above announced as constituting the basis of its organization ; and by assisting in the formation of reading and corresponding circles and clubs for discussing social, political, and economic questions.

It is suggested that branch organizations be formed wherever it is possible (and especially in colleges) to carry out the intentions of the Society. Any person who will form a Club of ten persons, each of whom shall be an active member of this Society, will be entitled to a set of the tracts issued for the current year.

MEMBERSHIP:--Any person who will send one dollar to the Secretary becomes an active member and is entitled to receive all the tracts issued by the Society during any one year. In order to extend the usefulness of the Society, a co-operative membership has been established for such persons as wish to promote political ard economic education. The annual fee of a co-operative member is $5.00, which entitles the member to all tracts of the Society for the current year, and also to name five persons who will have all the privileges of active members.

Letters of inquiry should enclose return postage.
Money should be sent by draft, postal order, or registered letter to the Secretary.
R. R. BOWKER, Chairman. GEO. ILES, Secretary,
E. M. SHEPARD, Treasurer.

330 Pearl Street, New York.

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