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Page Hoboken-act to legalize proceedings of Water Commissioners in city of,

435 and Hudson River Turnpike Companysupplement to act to incorporate,

471 Hohokus-act to restrain cattle from running at large in township of,

160 Holmdel-collector to have same authority as consta

ble to collect taxes in township of, 274 Fire Insurance Company-act to incorporate the,

327 Hope-act relative to election of overseers of highways in township of,

456 Hotel Company-act to incorporate the Orange, 96 the Girard, at Atlantic City,

413 Howell Township-inhabitants of, authorized to sell certain church and lands,

105 Turnpike Company-act to incorporate the, 239 Hudson County Mutual Insurance Company-supplem nt to act to incorporate the,

205 and Bergen Plank Road Company-supplement to act to incorporate the,

407 Hunterdon—act extending certain provisions of act

relative to the militia to the county of, 47


Imprisonment in civil process-supplement to act relative to,

103 Incidental expenses-act to defray,

481 INCORPORATIONS. Incorporating Borough of Bordentown—supplement to,

3 Company to build bridge over Matavan Creek 6 Young America Hook and Ladder Company in City of Burlington,

10 the Trenton Boat and Dock Company, 17

Page Incorporating the Moorestown Fire Department, 21 the Jersey City Locomotive Works,

39 the Elizabeth Orphan Asylum Association, 41 the Sussex County Agricultural Society, 45 the Bordentown Machine Company,

43 the Hillsborough Insurance Company-supplement to,

50 the Dundee Manufacturing Company,

53 Jersey City-supplement to act,

59 the Vincentown Fire Engine Company, 61 the Merchants' Insurance Company at Newark,

72 the South Amboy and Cheesequake Bridge Company,

76 the Monmouth Mutual Insurance Company, 80 the Democratic Association of the City of Newark,

86 the Orange Hotel Company,

96 the Union Manufacturing Company,

99 the City of Salem,

109 the City of Rahway,

123 the River View Cemetery Company, 142 the Mercer Guard,

143 the Constables Hook and New York Ferry Company,

145 the Freehold and Smithville Turnpike Company,

147 the Winslow Turnpike Company,

179 the Merchants' Insurance Company,

189 the Bridgeton and Fairfield Turnpike Company,

223 the Howell Turnpike Company,

239 the U. S. Patent Grain Huller Company, 250 the Morris County Agricultural Society, 275 the Perth Amboy and Boundbrook Railroad Company,

278 the Mechanics' Insurance Company,


Page Incorporating the Upper Clonmel Meadow Company, 292

the Sussex Lime and Marble Company, 312 the Colestown Cemetery Company,

324 the Holmdel Insurance Company,

327 the National Fertilizing Company,

354 the Florence and Jobstown Turnpike Company,

357 the Burlington and Beverly Turnpike Company,

367 the Allentown and Imlaystown Turnpike Company,

377 the City of Egg Harbor,

385 the Girard Hotel Company,

413 the Gloucester China Company,

418 the Native American Association of the City of Camden,

421 the Hainesport Boarding House Company, 425 the Lawrence Turnpike Company,

427 Independent Essex Brigade-name changed to New. ark Brigade,

10 supplement to act respecting,

206 Insurance Company-act to renew charter of Rahway Mutual,

36 supplement to act to incorporate Hillsborough Mutual,

50 act to incorporate the Merchants' at Newark, 72 act to incorporate the Monmouth County, 80 act to incorporate the Merchants'

189 supplement to act to incorporate the Hudson County Mutual,

205 supplement to act to incorporate the Princeton Mutual,

256 supplement to act to incorporate the Mercer County Mutual,

405 supplement to act to incorporate the Me chanics

289 act to incorporate the Holmdel,


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Insurance Company-supplement to act to incorpo-
rate The Essex County Mutual,

Iron Bank-act to change place of business to Mor.



Jail of Essex County to be used by Union County, 308

of Hudson and Essex Counties-act respect-

ing fees when prisoners are brought from
other counties,

Jersey Shore Improvement Company-supplement to
act to incorporate the,

Jersey City—act relative to firemen in,

act to incorporate Locomotive Works of, 39

supplement to act to incorporate City of, 59
Joint Resolution allowing to State Normal School use
of instruments, &c.,

relative to erection of public buildings in
Trenton by General Government,

relative to Ports of Entry in this State, 497
relative to New Jersey Battalion of Volun.
teers in the war with Mexico,

relative to Lieut. M. F. Maury, U.S. Navy, 499
for better preservation of life and property
on the New Jersey coast,

to authorize the Treasurer to transfer to

Joint Companies four hundred shares of
stock, &c.

relative to obtaining from the United States
a donation of public land,



Karr, Ann—act for relief of




Lafayette Township-elections to be by ballot in, 256
Lambertville-supplement to act to incorporate town

Lawrence Township-act relative to boundaries of, 403
act to restrain cattle from running at large

Turnpike Company-act to incorporate the, 427
Livingston Township, Essex County-election of over-

seers of the road to be by districts in, 201
elections to be by ballot in,

act to restrain cattle from running at large

Locomotive Works—act to incorporate the Jersey

Long Dock Company-supplement to act incorporat-
ing the,

(extending time for establishing ferry and

making tunnel a public highway.)
supplement to act to incorporate the, 312
(regulating running of trains through tun-

Lotteries—supplement to act for suppression of, 466
Lower Penn's Neck Township-act relative to pro-
perty of F. Miles, deceased, in,

Lunatic Asylum-act authorizing payment of interest
on appropriation,



Machine Company—act to incorporate the Borden-

Mannington Township--elections to be by ballot in, 222
Manasquan river-act to regulate shad fisheries in the, 321

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