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General powers of commissioners.

be enforced by the same process and in the same manner as if the same had been rendered in an action brought against "the inhabitants of the city of Trenton."

11. And be it enacted, That the said commissioners may sue and be sued, and prosecute or defend any action or process at law or in equity, by the name of "the Water Commissioners of the City of Trenton," against any person or persons for money due for the use of the water, for the breach of any contract, express, or implied, touching the execution or management of the works, or the distribution of the water, or of any promise or contract made to or with them, and also for any injury, trespass, or nuisance done or suffered to the water, reservoirs, pipes, machinery, or any apparatus belonging to or connected with any part of the works, or for any improper use or waste of the water; and any vacancy or the filling of any vacancy in the board of commissioners, either before or after any cause of action arises or suit is commenced, shall not change the right of said commissioners as a body to commence, maintain, or defend such action or suit, but for such purposes and in such cases they shall be considered from the time of the organization of the board as a body cor


Previous contracts to


12. And be it enacted, That all promises and contracts be binding made by or with the president and directors of the Tren

ton water works previous to the execution of the conveyance hereinbefore authorized, shall be binding on the said commissioners and upon the other contracting party in the same manner and to the same extent as if said promise or contract had originally been made by or with the said commissioners; and that all actions, suits, and remedies relative thereto shall be brought, prosecuted and enforced in the manner specified in the last preceding section in as full and ample a manner as the same might or could have been prosecuted and enforced by or against the president and directors of the Trenton water works in case this act had not been passed.

13. And be it enacted, That the board of commissioners Duties and for the time being shall have power and authority to regu- comments: late the supply and use of the water, to fix the prices for the same and the times of payment, to make and prescribe such rules, regulations, conditions, and restrictions as they may deem necessary or expedient with reference to the use and mode of drawing the water, the collection of water rents, and the mode of enforcing such collection; and they shall have power to impose such penalties in addition to cutting off the water as they may deem expedient, for the violation of such rules, regulations and restrictions.

14. And be it enacted, That it shall be the duty of said Commiscommissioners to erect and maintain fire plugs in the erect and public streets of said city, through which water pipes shall fire plugs. have been laid in such number and locations as the common council may from time to time direct, and to supply the same with water; and such plugs shall be under the control and direction of the common council, who are hereby authorized by ordinance to make the necessary rules and regulations respecting the use thereof, and to prescribe penalties for their violation and the mode of collecting such penalties.

15. And be it enacted, That the said commissioners shall Election of elect annually one of their number to be president of the board, who shall, under their direction, have their general superintendence of the water works and the business of the board; the president, or in his absence, one of the commissioners appointed by the board for that purpose, shall sign all contracts and all orders on the treasurer for the payment of moneys which may be authorized by the said commissioners.

16. And be it enacted, That the said commissioners shall Treasurer, require and take from their treasurer and such officers and bonds agents as they may appoint, such bonds and securities for the faithful performance of their duties as they may deem proper.

17. And be it enacted, That Charles Moore, Philemon First comDickinson, Daniel Lodor, David S. Anderson, Jacob M.


&c., to give Election of commissioners.


Taylor, and Albert J. Whitaker, shall constitute the first board of water commissioners, and shall at their first meeting determine, by lot or otherwise, the terms during which they shall hold their offices; and these shall be as follows: two of them shall remain in office one year, two of them two years, and two of them three years; all to be computed from the first day of July next.

18. And be it enacted, That the common council of said city shall in the month of June, at their regular monthly meeting, in the year eighteen hundred and sixty, and in the same month in every year thereafter, elect two commissioners, who shall hold their office for three years, to be computed from the first day of July next ensuing their election; and any vacancy that may occur in said commission, by death, resignation, or otherwise, shall be filled by the common council at a regular monthly meeting, but the person appointed to fill such vacancy shall hold his office only for the residue of the term for which he may be appointed; provided, that no member of common council shall be appointed a water commissioner, or act as such after his election as a member of said council.

19. And be it enacted, That all acts or parts of acts, conflicting with this act, be, and the same are hereby re


Former acts repealed.


20. And be it enacted, That this act shall take effect immediately.

Approved March 1, 1859.


Ax Act to legalize certain acknowledgments of deeds taken or to be

taken in other states and territories of the United States, for lands and real estate in this state.

ledgments of

to be valid.

1. BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of Acknow. the State of New Jersey, That all acknowledgments of any deeds by deed or deeds, of, or for lands or real estate in this state, other states by any grantor or grantors, residing out of this state, heretofore made or taken, or hereafter to be made or taken, by or before any officer at the time of such proof or acknowledgment, authorized by the laws of the state or territory, where such grantor or grantors, at the time of making such acknowledgments resided, or shall reside, to take acknowledgments of deeds of lands, or real estate, in and for such state or territory, although not authorized or empowered to take the acknowledgment of deeds for this state, shall be deemed, and taken to be, to all intents and purposes, as good and valid, and effectual in law, and the record thereof admissible in evidence, as fully and completely as if such acknowledgment bad been made, or taken by or before any person or officer by the laws of this state authorized to take acknowledgments of such deeds or conveyances of, or for lands and real estate in this state, in such other state or territory where such grantor or grantors at the time of such acknowledgment resided or shall reside; provided, that such acknowledg. Proviso. ment of any such deed or conveyance shall be in other respects in conformity with the laws of this state, and that the certificate thereof, shall have been or be accompanied by a certificate under the great seal of the state or territory, or under the seal of the circuit or other court of the county in which it was or shall be made, that the person before whom such acknowledgment was made, was such officer,

as in and by his certificate is claimed, which said lastnamed certificate shall have been or be recorded with such deed or conveyance.

Approved March 1, 1859.


An Act to revive “An act to incorporate the Belleville Railroad and

Transportation Company," and the several supplements to the same.

Former act revived.

1. BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey, That the act to incorporate the Belleville Railroad and Transportation Company, and the several supplements thereto, is hereby revived, and that the time limited for the commencement and completion of the railroad, authorized by the said act and the supple. ments, shall be computed from the fourth day of July next.

Approved March 1, 1859.

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