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Some vols. previous to 1830 have appendices consisting of reports of various state offices.

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Страница 68 - And that our Senators and Representatives in Congress be requested to use their best endeavors to procure the passage of the law contemplated thereby.
Страница 27 - Normal School for the instruction and practice of teachers of common schools, in the science of education and the art of teaching.
Страница 738 - Duty of and ward, while engaged in ascertaining the taxable property therein, by diligent inquiry to ascertain the amount of rents reserved in any leases in fee, or for one or more lives, or for a term of years exceeding twenty-one years, and chargeable upon lands within such...
Страница 173 - An act to revive and continue in force an act, entitled ' An act to provide for persons who were disabled by known wounds received in the revolutionary war...
Страница 559 - An act for the better security of mechanics and others erecting buildings and furnishing materials therefor in the jeveral cities in this State, except the city of New-York, and the villages of Syracuse, Williamsburgh, Geneva, Canandaigua, Oswego and Auburn...
Страница 121 - To every such bid there shall be annexed the guaranty of a guarantor of sufficient ability, that the person making such bid will, if the same...
Страница 162 - An act to amend chapter 455 of the Laws of 1847, entitled 'An act to amend an act entitled An act to reduce the number of town officers and town and county expenses, and to prevent abuses in auditing town and county accounts...
Страница 46 - ... or who shall aid or attempt the rescue or escape of any prisoner from lawful custody or confinement, or who shall resist, or aid or assist in resisting any force ordered out by the governor to quell or suppress any such insurrection, shall, upon conviction, be adjudged guilty of a felony, and punished by imprisonment in the State prison for a term not less than two years.
Страница 364 - ... shall be audited and allowed by the comptroller to the said sheriff, and when so audited and allowed, he shall draw his warrant for the payment thereof on the treasurer, and the treasurer shall pay the same out of any moneys not otherwise appropriated.
Страница 104 - ... State. . . . Report of the secretary of state and surveyor-general relative to a tract of land purchased from the Indians by William Smith, jr and others in 1761. 5 p. (In Assembly. 68th sess. 1845, v- 6, no. 212) . . . Communication from the secretary of state transmitting the report of Mr Schoolcraft, one of the agents appointed to take the census or enumeration of the Indians, &c.

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