A Memory of Thomas Moore

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Virtue & Company, 1879 - 32 страница

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Страница 9 - Guard them, and him within protect from harms. He can requite thee; for he knows the charms That call fame on such gentle acts as these, And he can spread thy name o'er lands and seas, Whatever clime the sun's bright circle warms. Lift not thy spear against the Muses
Страница 23 - Shall I ask the brave soldier, who fights by my side In the cause of mankind, if our creeds agree? Shall I give up the friend I have valued and tried, If he kneel not before the same altar with me...
Страница 7 - Wellesley, (Lord-Lieutenant,) after the death of the father, proposed to continue the half-pay to the sister, Moore declined the offer, although, he adds, — " God knows how useful such aid would be to me, as God alone knows how I am to support all the burdens now heaped upon me...
Страница 18 - ... to add, retouch, efface The lights and shades, the joy and pain, How little of the past would stay ! How quickly all should melt away — All— but that Freedom of the Mind, Which hath been more than wealth to me ; Those friendships, in my boyhood twined, And kept till now unchangingly ; And that dear home, that saving ark, Where Love's true light at last I've found, Cheering within, when all grows dark, And comfortless, and stormy round ! FANCY.
Страница 32 - Blessings be with them — and eternal praise, Who gave us nobler loves, and nobler cares — The Poets, who on earth have made us heirs Of truth and pure delight by heavenly lays ! Oh ! might my name be numbered among theirs, Then gladly would I end my mortal days.
Страница 15 - This offer and refusal Moore communicated by letter to Leigh Hunt. Mayfield Cottage, when the poet and his wife arrived to view it, wore anything but an inviting aspect.
Страница 11 - It would be difficult to describe the effect of his singing.* I remember some one saying to me, it conveyed an idea of what a mermaid's song might be. Thrice I heard him sing "As a beam o'er the face of the waters may glow " — once in 1822, once at Lady Blessington's, and once in my own house.
Страница 16 - The district has other memories. Not far off resided for a time Jean Jacques Rousseau, and here he wrote his " Confessions;" Ward, the author of " Tremaine," here lived and worked : the Dove is consecrated to the memories of Walton and Cotton — here they studied the gentle craft ; Congreve, not far off, penned his first drama ; Dr. Johnson visited here his friend Dr. Taylor ; Dr. Greaves, the author of
Страница 3 - In the year 1822 I made his acquaintance in Dublin, while I was a casual resident there. Moore was in the full ripeness of middle age : then, as ever, " the poet of all circles, and the idol of his own.
Страница 19 - wolf, poverty," therefore, in his latter years, did not prowl so continually about his door. But there was no fund for luxuries, none for the extra comforts that old age requires. Mrs. Moore...

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