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Vol. VIII.


No. 11.


An Analysis of His Work Should Leave Room for No Bad Tales-His Presence a

Necessity in the Line of Cleanliness and Economy.


N analysis of the duties right to compel compositors to put “leftof the individual who is over" where it belongs. Where boys popularly supposed to be are employed to put away leads and slugs ready at all times to sup- he should see that they are properly put ply our typographical in the rack. He should distribute pi as

wants reveals the fact quickly as possible, and not garner it in tliat under certain conditions he is a very a soap box against a rainy day. important man. It is unnecessary to state We have seen that he is anatomist that upon him we rely most when out of enough to have a dissective knowledge of sorts, and when he fixes us up success- the dead; he should therefore bring that fully he is a jewel of undimmed luster. knowledge into play at once when any of His phases are many and varied, from the boys need sorts. He should also be jack-of-all trades to that most astute of Surgeon enough to know all about cuts human beings, a politician, for is he not and supply them on short order. His a distributer of “pi?” He doctors our knack of carpentry should not be limited frame when it becomes ailing and chants to repairing racks, but he should be ready a requiem over our dead. He is also a at all times to "nail” anything desired. student of anatomy, having a thorough He should have a well-developed power knowledge of our make-up, has the mor- of discrimination in giving out matter for tality record down pat, and can even lay distribution, not selecting every stranger his hand on any desired bone in the grave- to distribute job type the first day of his yard. Thus, it will be seen he is a very arrival; old hands are more apt to know remarkable fellow.

better where it belongs. When he knows These are his eminent parts, but what a man throws in type as if he were castare his duties? A tale of no small mo- ing ringers in a game of quoits, he should ment hangs thereby. Let us see: A refrain from giving that person script and deadboard man should see first of all that delicate-faced type for distribution. In each case is clean, as full of type as pos- large places, where many distribute, he sible and accurately distributed. He should confine his own operations to seeshould see, also, that all other kinds of ing that others do what is right and material not in use is put in its proper proper. place, which means that his authority These are some of the qualifications a over dead matter (and material) should good deadboard man should possess, and be sufficiently expanded to give him the if, in addition thereto, he brings into play the biblical injunction about the cheerful the average daily output, for it is a timegiver, the men who depend upon him for honored maxim that no really good effort their selection of material will have cause can ensue amid surroundings that are disto vote in unison that he is a jewel indeed. tracting. Only to genius is it given to Without these merits in the deadboard create amid difficulties, but as genius has man much good work is lost to an office, become nearly lost in these closing years no matter if it possess tons of excellent of the nineteenth century, or where it exmaterial; much time is wasted and a gen- ists is called mental degeneracy, no one eral sloppy result will be noticeable in aspires to the title.


Argument for Postal TelegraphyElaborate and Valuable Showing by an Eminent

Electrical Authority Before the Senate Committee on Postoffice and Post Roads.

On Wednesday last, the 13th, the Sen- after a motion had been made and unanate Committee on Postoffices and Post imously carried to print the address as a Roads gave a hearing to the International congressional document, was granted, and Typographical Union Telegraph Commit- our representatives will be heard at the tee on Senator Marion Butler's bill for next meeting of the committee. Omitthe establishment of a telegraphic system ting a table of the estimated cost and to be owned and operated by the govern- earnings of a line between New York and ment in connection with the postoffice Chicago, Mr. Delany's address is subdepartment. Messrs. J. M. Kreiter and joined. He spoke as follows: S. H. Bell of the International Typo- MR. CHAIRMAN AND GENTLEMEN—Respongraphical Union committee, were present,

sive to your invitation to testify before your and the latter, after briefly stating the

honorable committee, on the subject of postal

telegraphy as outlined in the bill now before position of the organization he represents,

you, introduced by Senator Butler, I will enand also that of all the affiliated labor deavor as briefly as possible to submit such data bodies who are seconding the stand taken and information as I have been able to formulate by the International Typographical Union

in the short time afforded by the brief notice for

my appearance, and at the outset I wish to state, in favor of a postal telegraph, introduced

without any attempt at elaboration, that I am Mr. Patrick B. Delany of South Orange, deeply impressed with the amplitude, scope and New Jersey, one of the most eminent comprehensive understanding of the subject electrical engineers in the world, who has shown in the bill, and that familiarity with all been granted more than one hundred pat

previous movements for legislation in this direc

tion leads me to the conclusion that no better ents in connection with telegraphy by the

grasp of the question has ever been shown in any United States government within the past measure heretofore proposed before congress.

Seven of the nine senators As no objections have been advanced against composing the committee were present,

this bill before your honorable committee, it is

fair to assume one of two reasons therefor: either and listened with the closest attention to

the hitherto opponents of postal telegraphy beMr. Delany's statement, occasionally ask

lieve that no serious effort will be made to pass ing a question, which in every instance this bill at this session of congress, or they have brought forth a prompt and satisfactory concluded that their stock of argument is alanswer. At the conclusion of Mr. De

ready exhausted. It may be that they appre

ciate the fact that conditions have so changed lany's address Mr. Bell, of the Interna

as to render the arguments heretofore used intional Typographical Union committee, applicable to the circumstances now existing, asked a continuance of the hearing,which, and wisely refrain from turning a light upon the

few years.

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