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Status of Our Suit.

directors, were representations in writing Our case against the directors of the as to the credit of the bank, upon which defunct Indianapolis National Bank, to we had a right to rely, the case will be recover damages on account of the fraud- remanded with instructions to the court ulent representations made in the reports below to so hold, and the case will then of the bank, by which we were induced be tried upon the facts. to make a large deposit in the bank, and There is no serious contention as to which was partially lost by the failure of the facts, and should the supreme court that institution, terminated in favor of reverse the lower court upon the questions the defendants on the 20th ult., upon the of law, there can be but little doubt that ruling of Judge McMaster that we had no we will succeed in recovering a judgment right to rely upon the statements made in against at least four of the defendants. the official publications of the reports of The question involved is a novel one and the bank which were offered in evidence. of great importance to the public, as well This may be the law, but if so, the pub- as to banks. If the courts of final resort lic, who have been accustomed to look to should hold that no depositor in any bank these reports for information as to the had a right to rely upon the statements soundness of these institutions, will won- made by the directors in the official reder why the government requires publi- ports, the credit of national banks will cation if no one has a right to rely upon be seriously impaired. It would occur to them. To require the directors of a bank the minds of most persons that the directo publish a report showing the financial tors of a bank should be held responsible condition of the same and then say that for the statements contained in the rethose to whom it is addressed can not ports signed by them, and attested as take notice of it is, to say the least, in- correct, even when made in good faith, comprehensible to those not versed in the but especially should they be held to actechnicalities of the law. With all due count for damages when those reports deference to the honorable judge who are false and fraudulent. made this ruling, suffice it to say there is a contrariety of opinion among the mem

THE executive council has sustained bers of the bar of this city, which con

President Prescott in the case of appeals tains many able lawyers, as to the cor

entered by San Francisco Typographical rectness of Judge McMaster's ruling.

Union No. 21 against his action in nullThe honorable judge, himself, in render- ifying section 143, general laws, and a ing his opinion expressed satisfaction that

local regulation of a somewhat similar if he was in error the parties had a com

character. plete remedy in an appeal to the supreme

ABSOLUTE concert of action is what court. Preparation for the trial entailed

will be necessary if the workingman ever considerable expense upon both parties, expects to accomplish his emancipation as it was necessary to have expert ac

from slavery. Thorough organization and countants trace all the fraudulent and perfect unification of sentiment and acworthless paper which has been held out

tion will demand the recognition he now as solvent for the last four or five years.

implores. We having already incurred the largest part of the expense in the prosecution of The difficulty between the Niagara our claim, will appeal to the supreme court Falls Cataract management and the union a decision upon the question of law from of that city has been settled to the entire that tribunal. If the supreme court should satisfaction of our people, and we now reverse the rulings of Judge McMaster expect No. 233 to take its rightful place and hold that the reports, made by the in the front rank of small unions.

CORPORATIVE monopoly is dead against We are gaining ground every hour in the initiative and the referendum.

our project for government control of the telegraph. It is no time to lag, now,

beIn the race between the classes and the masses the classes seem to be in the lead

cause we have not overcome the immense

obstacles with which we have had to conall the time.

tend. The progress may seem slow, but The Pacific coast printers are afflicted we are moving forward. Keep up the agiwith a notorious rat whose name is Roach. tation. Remind again and again your conThat is a fitting illustration of transform

gressman of his duty to the people. If ation from vermin to rodent.

the corporation emissary has gotten in his TO COMBINE corporations into trusts

work and your representative is beyond that fix the iron rule on prices--that's

your influence or control in advancing business. To combine a score of work

your interests, find a good shelf someingmen for protection against starvation

where and lay him by for rust and mold. -that's conspiracy.

Hunt up some new man and give him

your ultimatum on his chances for your EDUCATE the women folks on the uses

support. He even may fail you, but out of the label. When your sisters and your of the mass some may be won. Don't cousins and your aunts, your wives and

say it can not be done. Labor is in the sweethearts, get after the merchants about majority, and if it can not accomplish its the use of the label, they will begin to see

desires in legislation it has no excuse to that their interests are at stake.

attach the blame upon others. As before The organization of a trades-union is said we are advancing. Let there be no a case of must. There are no “ifs" and

halt; no backward step ; no retreating in "and” about it. If you don't help your

the face of the enemy. “Up, boys, and self you have no right to the sympathy of

at them !" others. One must struggle against the Do not fail to read carefully the adweakness of babyhood and struggle in dress of Patrick B. Delany, of South the helpful condition of manhood. Or- Orange, N. J., delivered before the senganize and assist all others to a condition ate committee on postoffices and postof self-protection and self-preservation. roads for the establishment of a tele

Among the many other good things graphic system to be owned and operated accomplished by organized labor is the

by the government in connection with progress being made in the suppression

the postoffice department. His address of child labor. There should be no slack

is given in full elsewhere in this number ening of energy in this direction. Future

of the JOURNAL conditions will conform themselves to the An invitation is before us to attend a pressure of this god-like reform, and com- banquet in connection with the second ing generations will rise and bless the annual convention of New England Typefforts made for its accomplishment. ographical Union, to be given at the City

Hotel, Hartford, by union No. 127 of The eight-hour day is winning adher

that city, on the evening of June 10, 1896. ents from all sorts of people. Don't lose sight of it. If you can only shorten the

Delegates from typographical allied craft

unions from the six New England states work-day by an hour, take it in. It may be necessary to sacrifice something to

will be in attendance at the convention obtain it. Let go willingly. The invest

and much of good result is anticipated. ment will pay largely in the coming fut- KEEP yourself posted in all matters perure, and consider the good to be accom- taining to the craft by subscribing for THE plished to others beside yourself.


Business Notices

cago, Ill.

We Don't Patronize.
Union workingmen and workingwomen

and sympathizers with labor have refused The remarkable success of The Miehle

to purchase articles produced by the fol

lowing firms: Printing Press is acknowledged to be due

Buxton & Skinner, Stationery Co., St. Louis solely to its superiority as a high speed and Kansas City, Mo. two-revolution machine. Four years of

The Terre Haute Gazette.

The Arena. constant use and experiment was resorted The Los Angeles, Cal., Times. to before it was put upon the market, and New Jersey Gazette, Camden, N. J.

Studebaker Bros. Mnfg. Co.'s Carriages and the increased output attests the claim of

Wagons. its manufacturers that it has no equal. St. Louis Brewers' Association, Lager Beer.

American Biscuit Co.'s Biscuits. Another fact is that printing houses that

School Seat Co., Furniture, Grand Rapids. bought one press on trial have now from Yocum Bros., Cigars, Reading, Pa. four to ten of these in their establish

Boston Pilot, Boston Republic.

Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co., St. Louis. ments, notwithstanding the strong com: Daube, Cohen & Co., Clothing, Chicago. petition that confronts The Miehle Com

Mesker Bros., St. Louis.

Clement, Bane & Co., Clothiers, Chicago. pany in every direction.

United States Baking Co.

Rochester Clothier's Exchange. The issue of the JOURNAL for May 15

Royal Mantel and Furniture Co., Rockford, 111.

Imperial Mill Co., Duluth, Minn. contained an excellent chalk-plate en- W. L. Kidder & Son Milling Co., Terre Haute,

Ind. graving which must have attracted the

Jos. Biefield and Siegel & Bros., Clothiers, Chiattention and won the admiration of our many readers. The design was the work

J. W. Losse Tailoring Co., St. Louis, Mo.

Geo. Ehret's Lager Beer. of The Hoke Engraving Plate Company Buffalo Barrels. of St. Louis, whose plates are being ex

East India Matting Co., Piqua, O.

S. F. Hees & Co., Cigars, Rochester, N. Y. tensively used by the larger and more im

Harrington & Quelette Cigar Co., Detroit, Mich. portant daily newspapers of the country. Banner Cigar Co., Detroit, Mich.

H. Dietz Cigar Co., Detroit, Mich. These plates are just as good for com

Brown Bros. Cigar Co., Detroit, Mich. mercial work and are being adopted by Gordon Cigar Co., Detroit, Mich. many printing houses as aids in designing Harding & Todd, 'Shoes, Rochester, N. Y.

Detroit Cigar Co., Detroit, Mich. bill heads, statements, cards, etc. Our Gross & Co., Cigars, Detroit, Mich. readers when needing anything in this

Moek's Cigar Co., Detroit, Mich.

Geo. Mocles Cigar Co., Detroit, Mich. line can not do better than to communi

Wm. Tegge Cigar Co., Detroit, Mich. cate with the firm in question.

Powell, Smith & Co., Cigars, New York.
American Tobacco Co.

Kipp Bros., Mattresses and Spring Beds, MilREADERS of the JOURNAL will un- waukee, Wis. doubtedly be attracted by the life-like

Bergner & Engel and Balz Brewing Co., Phila

delphia, Pa. page half-tone plate, “The Accordion Fisher Co., Buffalo, N. Y.; Deuscher Co., HamPlayer," which appears in this number.

ilton, O.; C. Schreier, Sheboygan, Wis.,

Malsters. It is the product of the Chicago Photo- Deby Bicycle Co., Jackson, Mich. Engraving Company, 79 and 81 Fifth Overman Bicycle Co., Chicopee Falls, Mass.

Gormully & Jeffery Bicycle Co., Chicago, Ill. avenue, Chicago, Ill. This well-known firm guarantees satisfaction in quality of The carpenters are gaining handsomely work and prices. They originate and in their efforts for a shorter work-day. execute anything desired in the line of By organized effort additional cities are advertising, and their facilities for doing being added every month to the list of work speedily are the best. See their

eight-hour work-days. The movement, advertisement on page 3.

apparently slow, insures security for perWrite for esti

manency in the good work. There is mates and suggestions when needing any- much encouragement among the carpenthing in their line of work.



Windy City Craft Notes.

ranging for the comfort and entertainment James Donegan has resigned the busi- of the delegates to the annual convention, ness agency of Progressive Lodge No. 126, which will be held in Chicago June 16. International Association of Machinists, On May 10 No. 16 held a special meetand has joined the Chicago Chronicle force ing, the call stating that the scale was of linotype machinists.

being violated by the Tribune. After a Pressmen's Union No. 3, International short discussion of the alleged violation, Printing Pressmen's Union, had a small which consisted of a different construction strike at J. C. Winship & Co.'s plant over of a paragraph in the agreement between the employment of an apprentice press No. 16 and the publishers' association by feeder as a pressman. The trouble was the management of the Tribune from the settled by the employment of a journey- construction put on the paragraph by man pressman. At Campbell-Priebe's, President Timblin, the union instructed where the same trouble occurred, the its officers to call on the Tribune manpressfeeder is still employed as a “press- agement and if the alleged violation was man.”

a fact, to have the scale enforced. InThe linotype machinists' scale has been stead of the proper officers going to the signed by the Chicago Tribune.

Tribune, President Timblin went himself, The many friends of Wm. McEvoy, and demanded that his construction of the secretary-treasurer of No. 16, will be scale be observed instanter or the men pained to learn that he has been confined would be called out. Mr. Patterson, for to his home with erysipelas.

the Tribune, insisted that as long as there The allied printing trades council has were two constructions on the same paradopted the International Typographical agraph, the matter should go to the joint Union label.

conference committee provided for in the The feeders' union publishes a monthly agreement. This the president would not sheet called the “Tympan."

agree to and went up stairs into the comThe ''national organization” of appren- posing-room and ordered the men to quit tices (presssfeeders, job pressmen, and work. At a meeting of the chapel it was what not) still rests securely under the unanimously decided to remain at work hat of a gentleman on La Salle street. and let the conference committee decide

President Boden and Organizer Quinn the controversy. This did not suit the of the International Brotherhood of Book- president and at midnight a call for a binders, stopped over in this city a few “special emergency” meeting of No. 16 days while on their way home from the was called to meet at 3:30 P. M. Tuesday, St. Louis convention, and endeavored to May 12, the call stating “for the purpose reorganize the bindery girls' union. Not of declaring the office of the Chicago much success was met with.

Tribune unfair and also to expel those The arrangements committee of Press- who remained in that office after they had men's Union No. 3 is hard at work ar- been officially notified to cease work because of a violation of the scale of prices." ever take part in the discussions? If he After a four hours' session the matter is not a speaker, can he argue with a few was referred to the conference committee, friends as to the merits of a question ? If as should have been done in the first he is not a speaker, can he over his signaplace. On the side, I might say that the ture discuss craft matters in the craft paviolation alleged does not exist in fact. pers? Has he an opinion to express on any The agreement reads that “machine ope- of the various theories for an ideal social rators shall be paid time and one-half for condition? Is he a subscriber to a craft all work done over eight hours," while paper, or does he read his neighbor's? If the controversy is about ad men working the former, is his subscription paid in admore than eight hours.

In the agree

vance or is he in arrears? A person who ment no mention is made as to the hours must answer in the negative to all or of ad men, consequently a claim for over- some of these questions is a mental lighttime is buncombe. The ninety and nine weight and not qualified to represent No. of the Tribune chapel were not ratted 13 at a prize fight. after all.

MARK ATTLE. The linotype operators on the Globe Chicago, I11.

recently got together on the quiet and Boston Buzz.

deliberated on the idea of asking for As the time approaches for nominating two weeks' vacation with pay. A petipersons for delegates to Colorado Springs tion was drawn up stating that the signthe number of aspirants grows larger.

ers had been selected as operators because And what a collection! Ex-delegates, they were intelligent, reliable and sober, repeatedly defeated persons for the honor, and therefore should be favored with a and a host of unknowns. If there is one vacation. But before it reached Colonel kind more than another of union man Taylor it was confiscated by the chapel that should be rewarded with delegate chairman, and a meeting held at which honors it is he who has been an active the action of the operators was denounced. member of the union, one who has been Many of the signers of the petition are and is now doing committee work with- fast operators and were receiving a bonus. out compensation, one who is in politics But they only get the regular weekly for the union and not in the union for pay now, for they have been swapped junkets and “

perqs, one who has never with the general utility men. been honored with an office in the gift of U. G. ("Frank") Graham has resigned the union, But such persons will not

his situation on the Journal and gone to be elected. It will be the “good fellows,'' a day job on the Brockton Times. regardless of qualifications. This has al- Albert L. (“Ralph") Kelley took a ways been the writer's opinion, but it dose of laudanum at Chestnut Hill Reserwas forcibly impressed on his mind the voir on the evening of May 18. He was other day when he saw a stranger talk

removed to the city hospital by the police ing to a fellow-operator. After the and died early the following morning. stranger had departed I asked my side He was buried in the printers' lot in partner the stranger's name, for I was Mount Hope Cemetery on May 20. The convinced I knew the face. That is deceased came from Pittsburg to this city

and he is a candidate for delegate some years ago, and worked on the Jourto Colorado Springs!” “Is that so?" nal until he was displaced by machines. I asked. “Yes, and he is a d-nice His suicide did not surprise his many acfellow !! Such recommendation as that quaintances, for he had frequently dedidn't count with me, and then I asked clared his intention of giving up the myself these questions: Does he ever struggle for existence by taking poison. attend a union meeting? If so, does he B. Frank Wood is publishing the

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