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At local, or non-junction points, all such waiting rooms shall likewise be opened: Provided, That the same shall not be required to be opened, nor kept open, after 10 o'clock p. m., except for delayed trains due before that hour, in which case such rooms shall be kept open until-the actual arrival of such delayed trains.


Rule No. 8. A separate room for white and colored passengers, sufficient for their comfort and convenience, shall be provided at all stations where passenger tickets are offered for sale, and these waiting rooms shall be furnished with adequate lights, and, when the inclemency of the weather requires, with fire, and at all times kept clean and made comfortable for passengers.

A substantial water cooler must be in each waiting room with drinking vessel conveniently placed. The said cooler to be supplied with wholesome water at all hours to meet the requirements of passengers. There shall be connected with each of these waiting rooms, whenever practicable, except at flag stations on the railroad lines where there is no regularly kept passenger station, two separate and distinct water closets, one for female passengers and one for male passengers, and said closets shall be kept in fit and suitable condition for use and convenience of said passengers. Such toilets will be considered as connected with the waiting rooms if the walks thereto are walled up on each side and open into or near the waiting rooms so as to afford a reasonable privacy to passengers.

HEATING, LIGHTING, ETC., OF COACHES. Rule No. 9. On all passenger trains, or trains carrying passengers in this State, the railroad companies shall furnish safe and adequate heating appliances and lights, and shall keep the passenger coaches clean, sufficiently warm, and properly ventilated for the comfort of passengers. All passenger coaches, including closets, after reaching their destination and before being put in service for further use, must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

HANDLING BAGGAGE. Rule No. 10. All railroad companies shall provide such means or appliances as may be necessary to secure the careful handling of and prevent injury to baggage. At all stations where no proper appliances are supplied, the baggagemaster shall have such assistance from the train hands or others as may be necessary to handle all baggage without injury to same. That at all junctional points and all towns of over 500 inhabitants, sufficient trucks be furnished to both load and unload baggage.


Rule No. 11. Whenever any passenger train or train carrying passengers on any railroad in this State shall be more than onehalf of an hour behind its schedule time, it shall be the duty of said railroad company to bulletin, and keep posted at every telegraph station along its line, in the direction in which said train is going, the time such train is behind its schedule time, and the time of its arrival, as near as can be ascertained.

Each bulletin board upon which the foregoing information is to be posted shall contain the regular schedule of the arrival and departure of all trains carrying passengers.

All notices as to trains behind schedule time shall be erased from the bulletin immediately after the departure of such trains.

Such bulletin shall be changed every quarter-hour until delayed train arrives.


Rule No. 12. Notice of any change in the schedule time of passenger trains, or trains carrying passengers, must be posted conspicuously at each of the stations along the line of the road, and notice to the Commission be given in writing at least eight days before the change is to take effect; said notice to also be published in two issues of newspapers at least eight days before the change is made: Provided, Freight trains carrying passengers and running between local stations may be excepted from this rule by proper showing before this Commission when said train is not advertised in published schedules as carrying passengers.


Rule No. 13. Allow free 200 pounds of baggage for each passenger holding full ticket and 100 pounds for each half ticket, between stations in South Carolina.

(a) No single piece of baggage weighing more than 250 pounds required to be checked.

(b) Agents may allow a margin of ten (10) pounds on any one lot of baggage, for possible variation of scales.

(c) Baggage not required to be checked to points short of destination of ticket, except on Winter or Summer Tourist Excursion Tickets or other tickets on which stop-overs are allowed.

(d) For all Baggage over Two Hundred Pounds the following maximum tariff has been adopted:

For 20.4 miles and under....

10 cents per 100 pounds For 30.4 miles and over 20.4...... 15 cents per 100 pounds For 40.4 miles and over 30.4.. 20 cents per 100 pounds For 60.4 miles and over 40.4.. 25 cents per 100 pounds For 70.4 miles and over 60.4... 30 cents per 100 pounds For 80.4 miles and over 70.4.. 35 cents per 100 pounds For 90.4 miles and over 80.4.... 40 cents per 100 pounds For 100.4 miles and over 90.4. 45 cents per 100 pounds For 110.4 miles and over 100.4. 50 cents per 100 pounds For 120.4 miles and over 110.4.. 55 cents per 100 pounds For 130.4 miles and over 120.4. 55 cents per 100 pounds For 140.4 miles and over 130.4...... 60 cents per 100 pounds For 150.4 miles and over 140.4.. 65 cents per 100 pounds For 160.4 miles and over 150.4.. .... 70 cents per 100 pounds For 170.4 miles and over 160.4. 75 cents per 100 pounds For 180.4 miles and over 170.4. 80 cents per 100 pounds For 190.4 miles and over 180.4. 85 cents per 100 pounds For 200.4 miles and over 190.4. 90 cents per 100 pounds For 210.4 miles and over 200.4...... 95 cents per 100 pounds For 220.4 miles and over 210.4...... 100 cents per 100 pounds For 230.4 miles and over 220.4...... 105 cents per 100 pounds For 240.4 miles and over 230.4...... 110 cents per 100 pounds For 260.4 miles and over 240.4.. 115 cents per 100 pounds For 290.4 miles and over 260.4...... 120 cents per 100 pounds For 320.4 miles and over 290.4...... 125 cents per 100 pounds For 350.4 miles and over 320.4.

...... 130 cents per 100 pounds For 400.4 miles and over 350.4...... 135 cents per 100 pounds For 450.4 miles and over 400.4...... 140 cents per 100 pounds

The above tariff is for use between stations within the State of South Carolina. It does not apply to any business moving to points outside of the State of South Carolina, nor from a point in South Carolina to another point in South Carolina where the route passes through another State.

(e) All common carriers of passengers in South Carolina, using steam as a motive power, are required by State law to safely transport to the destination of any passenger “personal baggage or sample trunks or sample cases, not to exceed 200 pounds in weight, for any one passenger holding a ticket or paying ordinary passenger fare, free of charge for such personal baggage or sample trunks or sample cases, and shall issue checks for such personal baggage or sample trunks or sample cases on request."

(f) Bicycles and Baby Carriages are deemed baggage under the law of South Carolina ; and steam railroads are required to transport same under the same rules as govern trunks and other separate baggage. No crating, cover, locking, boxing or other protection to bicycles or baby carriages shall be required. Railroads are not required to carry more than one bicycle or baby carriage for any one person.

(g) Storage may be charged on each piece of baggage, either inbound or outbound, checked or not checked, remaining at station over twenty-four (24) hours as follows:

Baggage not called for and remaining on hand more than twenty-four (24) hours, is subject to a charge for storage of 25 cents each piece for the second day of twenty-four (24) hours or fraction thereof, 10 cents for each succeeding day or fraction thereof; maximum charge for one month or portion thereof, $1.00. If a second month is entered upon the charge of the first month will be repeated, except that a charge for the first and each succeeding day will be made of 10 cents, instead of 25 cents, and not to exceed $1.00 for the month, or portion thereof. When the baggage arrives between the hours of 3:00 p. m. on Saturday, and 3:00 p. m. on Sunday, it will be held without charge until 3:00 p. m. Monday. This Saturday and Sunday rule also applies to legal holidays.

ACCIDENTS. Rule No. 14. Every railroad corporation shall cause immediate notice of

any accident which may occur on its road, attended with injury to any person, to be given to the Railroad Commissioners, by telegraph, telephone or such other means as may be the quickest under the circumstances, at the same time that notice is given the officials of the road on which accident occurred, and shall furnish immediate transportation for the Commissioners over its line to the place of accident free of expense to the Commissioners, and if the Commissioners use another railroad to reach the place of accident, the corporation on whose line the accident occurs shall pay the expense of transportation thereon, and shall also give notice in like manner of any accident falling within any description of accidents of which said Commissioners may by general regulation require notice to be given.

Also, every railroad corporation upon whose line any accident may occur, attended with injury to any person or persons, is, in all such cases, required to immediately notify the most accessible physician or physicians, by quickest possible means, of place of accident and require the giving of such medical or surgical attention as the case or cases may require.


AND AGENCIES. Rule No. 15. Each and every depot, flag stop, station, office and agency, now maintained, conducted or used in South Carolina by any railroad, express or telegraph company doing business in this State, for the transaction of business with the public, is hereby formally established and located at the point and on the premises where the same is now being so maintained and conducted. No such depot, flag stop, station, office or agency, as aforesaid, now established, or that hereafter may be established, pursuant to orders made by the Commission, or voluntarily by such company, or otherwise, shall be closed, removed, suspended, discontinued or abolished, without authority granted by the Commission upon written application; after which a notice to the public shall be posted in a conspicuous place at or near such depot, flag stop, station, office or agency for not less than 30 days, setting forth the fact that application for such closing, removal, suspension, discontinuance or abolition has been made to the Commission, with date of such application.

FARE FOR CHILDREN. Rule No. 16. On all railroads a fare of not more than one-half the maximum rate prescribed for adults, shall be charged for children, over six years and under twelve years of age.

MINIMUM FARE. Rule No. 17. No railroad company shall be allowed to charge more than five cents as a minimum full or half rate between reg. ular stations when the fare would be less than that amount.

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