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Class. Ginger, in bags or boxes.. Glue, liquid, in glass, boxed. Granite Blocks, rough, L. C. L. Granite Blocks, rough, C. L., 25 per

cent. less than
Class L.
Granite Blocks, slabs, bases and

shafts, dressed, boxed or
crated, otherwise O. R.,
L. C. L.

K Granite Blocks, slabs, bases and

shafts, dressed, boxed or
crated, otherwise 0. R., C.
L., 10 per cent. higher than

Class P.
Granite Curbing, C. L., 25 per

cent. less than Class L. Granite and Marble Grave

Stones and Monuments,
packed and prepaid, at op-

tion of initial road
Granite Slabs, rough and pro-

tected, otherwise 0. R., C.
L. 25 per cent. less than

Class L.
Granite Rubble; see Stone.
Gravel, C. L., 40 per cent. less

than Class L.
Grease, axle, all kinds, L. C. L. 6
Grease, N. 0. S., in barrels or
casks, L. C. L.

5 Gypsum, Land Plaster; same

as Fertilizers.

1. Each article must be plainly

marked or tagged with the full name of consignee and

destination. 2. Bundles of Bedding and Mat

tresses must be wrapped
or securely tied. Household
(ioods, Sewing Machines,
and similar articles must
be packed. Trunks filled
with Clothing or Personal
Effects, when shipped
with Household goods,
must be boxed or crated.
Musical instruments must|
be boxed. Chests or boxes
must be strapped or se-
curely nailed. This does
not apply to Household

Goods, C. L. 3. Any agent receiving this

class of freight contrary to the foregoing rules, will be charged with such expense (for packing or transportation) as may be necessary to forward goods toj

destination without delay. 4. Bills of lading and way-bills

must designate character

and number of packages. 5. These instructions apply to

old and second-hand Furniture, Clothing, Bedding,

etc., not to new articles. 6. In all cases where limitation

of value is expressed in the classification, it must be written out or stamped in full upon bills of lading, and shippers must be required to accept in writing the limitations expressed. Agents must respect this rule and require accept

ance by the shipper. 7. The classification of “House

hold Goods and old Furniture,” will not cover shipments of second-hand Furniture, Clothing or other articles shipped by dealers or for sale. Such shipments must be charged for at same rates as new arti

cles. 8. All shipments of Household

Goods in L. C. L. lots must be fully prepaid or guaran

teed. Agreed to be of value of $5

per 100 lbs. in case of loss or damage, and so expressed in bill of larling. L. C. L. (See General Rulel



2 A

А 4


Hair, cattle, for plastering,

pressed in bales Hair, curled, in bales, and

Hair Rope Handles, boxed or crated Handles, broom and broom

corn, mixed Hatchets, boxed, L. C. L.. . Hay and Fodder, pressed in

bales, L. C. L. Hay and Fodder, pressed in

bales, C. L., min. 20,000

pounds Hay, Fodder, Straw, Shucks

and Husks, pressed in

bales, mixed carloads Hogsheads, empty, L. C. L.,

prepaid Hoofs and Horns; same as Fer

tilizers. Hoop Splits, C. L., per car, 8

cords Hoop Poles, C. L., per car;

same as wood. Household Goods and Old Fur

niture, subject to the following rules, viz.:





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Wagon axles,

boxes and skeins, loose, C. L., owners

to load and unload. Wire (not wire fencing),

plain or barbed



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men to pass free with four (4) to seven (7) (inclusive) cars; three men to pass free with eight (8) or

more cars. Live Stock, L. C. L. .. Estimated weights as fol

lows, until amount charged for less than carload

equals carload rate: Single horse, mule or horned

animal, 2,000 lbs. Each additional horse, mule

or horned animal, 1,000

lbs. Jacks, stallions and bulls,

each 3,000 lbs. Yearling cattle, except when

boxed or crated, 1,000 lbs. Calves and sheep, each 175

lbs. Calves and sheep, in lots of three or

more, each 150
Lambs, each 100 lbs.
Lambs, in lots of three or

more, each 75 lbs.
Hogs, each 350 lbs.
Two hogs, 500 lbs.
Each additional hog, 100 lbs.
For more than three hogs,

actual weight may be
charged when it exceeds

estimated weight. Pigs, hogs, sheep, cattle, etc., boxed

crated, actual weight Shipments of less than nine

pigs or hogs (except drove stock accompanying other than live stock as part of shipment), may be required to


boxed or crated. Ponies, value limited to $501

each, 25 per cent. less than

Rates on Live Stock

named in this Exception
Sheet will apply when the
declared value does not ex-
ceed the valuations as pre-
scribed in Southern Clas-
sification. When increased
valuation is requested by
the shipper, the rules as
per Southern Classifica-

tion will govern. Logs, 20 per cent. less than

Lumber. Lumber, common, pine, ash,!

oak, poplar, maple andi




Lampblack, in boxes, barrels

or casks Lamps and Lamp Goods, pack

ed Land Plaster; see Gypsum. Lead, Pig, L. C. L. Laths, common pine, ash, oak

and poplar, C. L.

Same, L. C. L. Laths and Shingles, mixed

C. L.

Same, L. C. L. Leather, scrap, packed Lime, in barrels, L. C. L. Lime, in barrels, C. L. Lime, slaked, in sacks, L. C.

L., 20 per cent. higher

than C. L. Lime, slaked, in sacks, C. L...] Limestone, ground, C. L.... Limestone, ground, in bags or

packed, L. C. L., same rating Fertilizer, L.

C. L. Live Stock, C. L., as follows: Cattle, sheep and hogs, sin

gle deck Horses and mules Sheep and hogs, double

decked, 25 per cent. high

er than single decked. Free transportation (Drov

ers' passes) shall be issued
with restrictions as to

number as follows:
One (1)
man to

pass free with one (1) to three (3) (inclusive) cars; two (2)








Class. sycamore, L. C. L.; 50 per

Same, C. L., min. wt. 30,-
000 pounds

A cent. higher than Class P.

Millet (not seed).

D Lumber, common, pine, ash, oak, poplar, maple and

Moulding, in the rough, or in sycamore, including unfin

the white, L. C. L., 50 per ished mouldings, laths or

cent. higher than Class 0.1
shingles and crossties,

Molasses, in cans boxed or
C. L.


jacketed, or in kegs, kits, Lumber, mahogany, walnut,

barrels, half-barrels or cherry and white pine, L.

hogsheads C. L., 50 per cent. higher

Muriate of Potash; same as than Class 0.

Fertilizers. Lumber, mahogany, walnut,

N cherry and white pine, C.L. 0 Flooring, ceilings, weather

Nitrate of Soda; see Soda. boardings, and all square

Niter Cake; see Cake. dre ed stock, to be prop

Nuts, peanuts and Chufas,
erly classified, L. C. L.,

packed or in sacks, L. C.

50 per cent. higher than
Class P.

Nuts, peanuts, C. L., for crushMouldings, in the rough or

ing purposes only..... .. Special in the white, L. C. L., 50

per cent. higher than
Class 0.

Oil, petroleum and petroleum
Lye, concentrated, L. C. L.... 5

products, benzine, gasoline

and naptha; coal oil, crude M

oil, distillates, fuel oil, gas

oil, grease (not axle) keroMachinery, Saw-mills and

sene oil, lubricating oil Saw-mill Gearing. Applies

(not axle grease), miners' only to articles specified.

oil, paraffine oil, pa caffine Manure, stable, C. L... Special

wax, petrolatum, refined Marble Blocks and Slabs,

oil, residuum, road oil, rough, C. L.


soap oil, tailings, transMarble Gravestones and Monu

former oil and wood oil; ments; see Granite.

in wood or metal bbls. or Manganese, crude, L. C. L.... R

metal casks or metall Manganese, crude, C. L.


drums, L. C. L. Marl, L. Č. L., 20 per cent.

Same, straight or mixed C. higher than carload rate

L., min. wt. capacity of
Marl, C. L.

tank, but

not less thani Matting, N. 0. S.

24,000 lbs.

6 Meal and Ashes, Cottonseed;

Notes and estimated weights same as Fertilizer.

as per Southern ClassificaMeal, corn, in sacks, any quan

tion. tity


Oil, cottonseed, crude, when Meat, bacon, in bags


from mills along line of Meats, viz.:

road, actual weight of oil. Beef, canned, in boxes, L.

Special rate or
C. L.

B Ores, copper and iron, C. L.. P Pork, canned, in boxes, L.

Ores, copper, gold, iron, lead,
C. L.


silver and zinc, packed,
L. C. L

Sausage, fresh, prepaid or


well-boring andi guaranteed


well-drilling. Melons, prepaid; in barrels,

Oyster Shells, C. L...

L with cloth or slatted

Oysters, in bulk or in barrels, wooden tops; in baskets,

K with solid or slatted

P wooden toys; or in bar

Paints, bulk, liquid, in kegs, rels, boxes or crates. L.

kits, barrels casks, L.
C. L.

C. L.

5 Melons, C. L., prepaid

Paints, dry in kegs, kits, bbls.
Merry-go-rounds, L. C. L.

or in casks, L. C. L..

5 Nierry-go-rounds, C. L., mini

Paper Stock, in sacks, bales,
mum 20,000 pounds

crates or hhds.

Metal or Tin Shingles, packed,

*Peas, COW, clay and field,
L. C. L.

packed or in sacks

D *Sacks must be made of burlap (not less than ten ounces per yard) or substantial cotton cloth, and be sufficiently strong and so closely woven and stitched as to carry contents safely and prevent sifting. Sacks which have been used for fertilizers or other articles containing acids must not be used.



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Phosphate Floats; same as

Phosphate Rock, ground; same

as Fertilizer.
Phosphate Rock, Lamp, C. L.,

min. wt. 40,000 lbs.; 25
per cent. less than Fertil-

Pipe, lead, in casks

or concrete, Drain, Tile or Sewer, L. C. L.

K Pipe, earthen or concrete,

Drain, Tile or Sewer,
C. L.

P Pitch

K Pickles, C. L. Plaster, calcined, C. L.

0 Plaster, land; see Gypsum. Plaster of Paris in sacks or barrels, L. C. L.

K Same in cloth

in paper sacks or in barrels, C. L.. O Plaster of Paris, Cement and

Cement Plaster, in barrels
or in cloth or paper sacks
mixed, C. L.

0 Plaster, wall; same as Plaster,

Plaster, wa building, fancy

and decorating, all kinds,
and cement, Portland or
Natural, straight or mixed
carloads, per car 40,000
lbs., excess to be charged
for in proportion

D-O Poles, hoop, C. L.; same as

wood. Poles and Posts; same as Lum

ber. Potash, German; same as Fer

tilizers. Potash, muriate of; same as

Fertilizers. Poultry, live, C. L.

N Putty

5 Pyrites, C. L., 40 per cent. less

than Fertilizer rates.
Same, L. C. L., packed or, in

sacks, 20 per cent. higher
than C. L. rate.

Hooks, backband, wire, parts

of harness, packed in

boxes or bundles Salt, in sacks or barrels, L.

C. L. Salt, in sacks or barrels, C. L.. Salt, Epsom, L. C. L. Saltpeter; same as Fertilizers. Sand, C. L., common builders',

40 per cent. less than

Class P. Sand, Moulding or Moulders'

Dust, packed or in sacks,

L. C. L.
Same, packed or in bulk,

C. L.
Sash Weights, L. C. L. (wired)

Same, C. L. (wired or loose) Sauer Kraut, in kegs, barrels,

or half-barrels, L. C. L... Same, C. L. Sawdust, 50 per cent. less than

Class P. Saws, circular, packed Second-hand Sugar Sack Bag

ging (not Second-hand

Bags, in bales or rolls Seed, cotton, C. L. Seed, cotton, packed, L. C. L... Shingles and Laths, in bundles,

in straight or mixed quan

tities, L. C. L. Shingles and Laths, in straight)

or mixed carloads Shot, in boxes Shot, in double sacks, kegs,

barrels, half-barrels, quar

ter-barrels or drums.. Shucks and Husks; see Husks. Soapstone, crude, C. L. Soda, nitrate and sulphate of;

same as Fertilizers. Sta ir work, consisting of

brackets, bases, knees, newel posts, railings,

stringers and treads Starch, N. 0. S., in bags,

boxes or bbls., L. C. L... Starch, liquid or starch polish,

in glass, boxed, or in

wood, L. C. L. Starch, C. L., minimum 30,0001

pounds Stationery Staves, L. C. L. Staves, C. L., 20 per cent. high

er than Class P. Stave Bolts, C. L., 8 cords. See

special rates. Stone, rubble or crushed, C. L.,

40 per cent. less than Class L.






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