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(Organized April 14, 1903) OFFICERS FOR 1918

COMMITTEES FOR 1918 President ......... ...... Daniel Morton

Executive--J. J. Bansbach, J. M. Doyle, W. M.

Minton. First Vice-President...............L. J. Dandurant Public Health and Legislation-Floyd Spencer, J. F. Second Vice-President..............G. R. Stevenson

Owens, W. C. Proud.

Program-H. S. Conrad, A. B. McGlothlan, G. R. Secretary ....................W. F. Goetze


Library-C. R. Woodson, Jno. Wisser, B. W. TadTreasurer ................................J. M. Bell

lock. Censors—P. I. Leonard, 1918; J. B. Reynolds, 1918

Medical Service-Daniel Morton, 1918; L. J. Dandu1919; J. I. Byrne, 1918-1919-1920.

rant, 1918-1919; Wm. Minton, 1918-1919-1920.

Membership-Louis Bauman, Fred Ladd, W. W. Delegates-H. S. Forgrave, 1918; J. F. Owens, 19181919.

Tuberculosis - Horace Carle, Porter Williams,

Charles Geiger. Alternates—J. J. Bansbach, 1918; Floyd Spencer,

Laboratory-Clarence Good, Paul Forgrave, Caryl 1918-1919.

Potter, P. I. Leonard, A. L. Gray, E. B. Kessler, Council-C. R. Woodson, expires 1920.

G. A. Lau.

Gray Ship-Louis Wm. Mint

read by Drs. H. S. Forgrave, J. I. Byrne and A. B.
McGlothlan. Discussed by Drs. Jacob Geiger, Owens,
Conrad, Potter, Dandurant, Farber, Doyle and Beard.
Discussion closed by Dr. Byrne.

There being no further business, the society adjourned.

W. F. GOETZE, Sec'y.

Regular meeting of the society held in the as sembly rooms of the Public Library, Wednesday evening, May 1st, 1918. 62 members present. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The application of Dr. Chris M. Sampson having received its second reading, the Doctor was duly elected to membership by vote of 29 to 1; 29 in favor, 1 opposed.

Application of Dr. J. E. Ruhl having received its second reading, was duly acted upon and the Doctor unanimously elected to membership.

The application of Dr. Wm. H. Bailey was deferred for further investigation.

The following bills were received and warrant ordered drawn on the treasurer to pay same.

Secretary, for postage on Bulletins and

other expenses ....................$10.72 Lon. Hardman......

..... 7.45 Mitchell & Quentin, Florists

..5.00 The bill of $186.00 for moving picture machine was referred to the executive committee.

On motion of Dr. Spencer, seconded by Dr. Farber, the following resolution was passed:

"Resolved: That this society unanimously request the President and House of Delegates of the Missouri State Medical Association to appoint Dr. C. R. Woodson to act as Counselor during the absence of Dr. O. C. Gebhart.

The remainder of the evening was taken up with an exhibition of films on the moving picture machine.

The following names have been added to the paid.
up list of Medical Herald subscribers:

Dr. A. E. Johnson, Frankfort, Ind.
Dr. Wm. Bowen, Mombasa, British Africa.
Dr. Troy C. Sexton, Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Dr. Clarence A. Johnson, Los Angeles, Cal.
Dr. John H. Hunt, Glendive, Mont.
Dr. J. A. Martin, Cushing, Okla.
Dr. Jas. S. Sanders, So. Royalston, Mass.
Dr. T. W. Clark, Alliance, Ohio.
Dr. H. H. Deck, Kodiak Alaska.
Dr. P. H. Proff, Dutton, Mont.
Dr. E. R. Walker, Sedalia, Mo.
Dr. Camille Simard, Quebec, Canada.
Dr. Philip L. McBreen, New Kensington, Pa.
Dr. H. E. Pace, Pontiac, Mo.
Dr. T. P. Scott, St. Joseph, Mo.
Dr. F. G. Thompson, St. Joseph, Mo.
Dr. H. H. Francis, St. Joseph, Mo.
Dr. P. E. Williams, St. Joseph, Mo.
Dr. F. G. Weary, St. Joseph, Mo.
Dr. W. F. Carroll, St. Joseph, Mo.
Dr. J. E. Ruhl, St. Joseph, Mo.
Dr. Chris Sampson, St. Joseph, Mo.
Dr. G. E. Stanley, St. Joseph, Mo.
Dr. Wm. Gilbert, Tyro, Miss.
Dr. G. W. Green, Cranbrook, B. C.
Dr. J. E. Harrell, Olney, Texas.
Dr. Elizabeth M. Ferbert, St. Joseph, Mo.
Dr. Richard Sullivan, Kearney, Neb.
Dr. Edward A. Secoy, Darbyville, Ohio.
Dr. A. Willard, Cyril, Okla.
Dr. J. J. Link, Russell, Kansas.
Dr. A. A. Daniel, Effie, La.
Dr. C. C. Herren, Charter Oak, Iowa.
Dr. B. B. Ralph, Kansas City, Mo.

Regular meeting of the Buchanan County Medical Society held in the assembly rooms of the Public Library building, Wednesday evening, May 15th. Thirty-nine members present. Dr. L. J. Dandurant in the chair.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Application of Dr. J. T. Stamey for membership in our society received its first reading and referred to the Board of Censors for their investigation.

The Special Committee appointed to draw up a set of resolutions regarding the death of Dr. Herbert Lee, made their report through Dr. P. I. Leonard, chairman, who read the resolutions, which were ordered spread upon the minutes and the secretary instructed to send a copy of these resolutions to the widow.

The program of the evening consisted of a symposium on Transfusion of Blood, and papers were

The Value of a Doctor Germany estimates that one doctor in the army equals 500 soldiers. This accounts for the German habit of bombing the hospitals and dressing stations.

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comm . G minnimpiantunitionatnam) Intratturin g na Ten Hospitals at Riley—Ten new hospital

barracks, nearing completion at the 89th DivisNews of the Month

ion's base hospital capacity at Fort Riley, will

bring the total capacity up to 2,500. The new mummmmmg pamumuhurimmimang Commitment hospitals are being built in two sets. Between

them will be the Red Cross hall, connected to War Bandage Moss-A large quantity of each hospital barracks by covered corridors. sphagnum moss has been discovered at Kitsap Hospital facilities are now adequate for all reaLake, four miles from Bremerton, by Prof. E. sonable demands, according to Lieut. Col. J. C. W. Riggs of Washington University, and the Sheppard, division surgeon. local Red Cross will probably take up the work

To Proctect Army's Health—The campaign of sorting it shortly for surgical dressings.

being inaugurated today by the army medical About fifty sacks will be obtainable from Kitsap Lake, and it is reported that there is a great deal

corps against promiscuous coughing, spitting

and sneezing, will be successful only through the of the moss in other parts of the country.

closest and widest possible co-operation. Its suc

cess will mean a lower death rate for our solMoths in a Closet-Get a wide mouthed 3

diers and for the public generally, as well as ounce bottle and fill with oil of mirbane. Leave

better health for everybody. The health of our the stopper out of the bottle and place it in the

soldiers depends to a great extent upon the health trunk or closet in such a position that it will of the .civil po

of the civil population, since soldiers contract not tip over. The fumes are very poisonous to

contagious diseases in their homes and elsewhere insects. For a very large closet use a larger and carry them to the camps. We cannot make amount of the oil. Renew the oil when it has this campaign a success without the fullest coevaporated. Sprinkle heavy blankets, quilts, etc., operation of the united press and its members in with the oil of mirbane before packing away. keeping constantly before our soldiers and the

public the menace which promiscous coughing, Water-Bed Pavilion at Vienna—The Neder- sneezing and spitting offers. landsch Tijdschrift mentions that the Allegemeines Hospital at Vienna has equipped one pavilion with water-beds. There are fourteen Williams contravenes the view of Warthin rooms, each with from two to four water-beds, and Wilson that syphilis is a frequent cause of 100 water cushions, and 300 air cushions. It diabetes mellitus. If Williams is correct, it is is said that many of the wounded and other pa- not likely that mercury will aid in the treatment tients who could find no relief before have been of diabetes materially benefited by these water contrivances.

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Women Start Hospital—A national movement has been started by the homeopathic women physicians and surgeons of the United States to establish a hospital back of the lines in France to be known as the Women's Homeopathic hospital unit. Dr. Florence M. Ward, of San Francisco, is chairman of the unit. Among the members of the executive committee are Dr. Julia C. Strawn, of Chicago; Dr. Cora Smith King, of Washington; Dr. Margaret Hassler of Reading, Pa., and Dr. Sarah M. Hobson, of Chicago.

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American Med. Association...... Chicago, June 10-14
American Med. Editors' Assn..... Chicago, June 10-11
Am. Opthalmological Assn.. New London, Conn., July
Southern Medical Assn.... Asheville, N. C., Nov. 11-14
American Protologic Assn (no meeting this year)
American Public Health Assn....Chicago, Oct. 14-17
American Urological Assn. (no meeting this year)
Clinical Congress of the American Congress of

Surgeons, New York City.........Oct. 21-26, 1918
Med. Society Missouri Valley......Omaha, Sept. 19-20
Med. Association Southwest....... Dallas, Tex.
Southern Medical Assn.... Asheville, N. C., Nov. 11-14
Mississippi Val. Med. Assn...... Louisville, Ky.
Southern Surgical Assn........ Baltimore, Md.

Venereal Disease Organization-Dr. Robert A. Weston, Des Moines, has been placed in charge of the newly organized venereal disease unit at Des Moines. He has working with him one male and one female nurse, two social service nurses and four policemen. The clinic is housed in three rooms in the basement of the new city hospital, and is open between 12:30 and 2:30 daily. Eventually an internment will be established, where all persons found to be suffering from venereal diseases will be placed.


Oregon ........................Portland, June 27-29
Idaho .................Boise City (date not decided)

Secretaries of societies are requested to send us dates of their meetings.



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Groommmmmmmmmmmmmma Gom p ered "I want my boy,” but she wakens with

smiles and ardor for her boy, eagerly waiting The Monthly Song Sermon

for the postman and the newsboy.

Her waking will, her intellect, holds her heart in leash, only when slumber has stilled the throb

bing brain, does the heart record its natural TRIUMPHANT MOTHERHOOD

protest, she has risen to know that the blighting Dr. G. Henri Bogart, Shelbyville, Illinois. ulcer of militarism must be cut out of the body

of the race, ere motherhood will be safe to Motherhood's magical, mystical lore, Caught from the Cosmos, before there was Time,

cherish her sons, and with rarely beautiful surPlasmic, creative, instinctive, sublime

render to duty, she sends her boy to make the Mere man may blunder,

world safer for the uncounted future. Swagger and wonder,

All honor to the myriad army of loyal, lovNe'er may he know the divinity swells

ing mothers who triumph over selfish or perSurging the soul with maternity's spells.

sonal desire for the good of all. Motherhood's hymned from the Infinite score, Sung, without words, in low lullaby croon, Won thru stirred soul deeps, ere words were a boon Biological Service—The importance of proper Woman, primeval,

storage conditions for biological products is well Loved, free from evil,

known. In sections of the country where there That the full current of life run its race

is a limited demand for biological items, the Woman of now lives like impulse of grace.

problem of securing potent products has had a Motherhood's true immortality's door,

deterring influence on the use of indicated vacMore than creeds reach, or priests preach, or scribes

cines or serums. Not infrequently the use of teach,

improperly stored or out-dated biologicals has Mothers are godlike, in healing death's breach, Motherhood, lowly,

resulted in a condemnation of the manufacturer's Bridges, keeps holy,

label and a mental resolve not to specify any Futures uncounted, Eternity's span;

more of that particular maker's product. The Motherhood pledges the Infinite plan.

complete distribution of Lilly Biologicals

through wholesale depots enables the retail drug Motherhood, loving as fierce, still must pour 'Passions libations, as rivers in flood,

trade to keep a minimum stock of Lilly BiologiTender or tiger, shed tears or life blood,

cal products and to replenish that stock freSelf all forgotten

quently by making use of the service facilities For her begotten

offered by the wholesalers, who carry the comWoman but dormant 'less motherhood take her, Send her heart hunger, glad, glorious, to wake her. plete Lilly line in refrigerator storage. In speci

fying Lilly Biologicals, therefore, the physician Never before has the share of motherhood

has every assurance that, whatever his needs, assumed so great a burden as in the struggle there is reason to believe that the particular between brotherhood of the race, which we call product he desires will reach him in the best democracy, and the rule of the few who have condition. It is the idea of quality, service and grasped control and at once proclaimed their

satisfaction, so long associated with this well "God-given right” to drive the sons of mothers known manufacturer's label, that has brought its as cattle are driven.

biological line to the fore and resulted in con[ More than two million American mothers

stantly increasing specifications for biologicals have made the supreme sacrifice, they have sent bearing the Redit

bearing the Red Lilly mark. The season of tythe babes that fed at their breasts so short time phoid and para-typhoid fevers is at hand; physiago, to bare their breasts to shell and shrapnel, cians will be administering this vaccine exto sleep amid the filth and vermin in the trenches, tensively. The attention to divert the entire channel of life for the good to the excellence of the Lilly products, their pf the race, and it were well to know that moth

availability and potency and to the fact that ers are giving MOST.

Typhoid Mixed Vaccine is to be preferred orThere must be sacrifice for aught worth dinarily, because of the immunity it confers having, even the Divine Plan of Attonement

against the para-typhoid as well as the typhoid must have the supreme sacrifice of Calvary.

infection. I have in mind a mother who smilingly gave her boy, her baby, who urged him to do his plity, who fondly stands on the lawn and gloats Mortality in Cities of U. S.-According to pver the service flag displayed at the doorway, the Government Bulletin, the three cities having Itho gives of her time and efforts to do some- the lowest death rate for week ending May 18. thing for "our boys” and vet the father assures are Seattle, 8.1; Spokane, 7.3, and Omaha, 8.7 mne that she has wakened him in the silence of per 1000. Kansas City, Mo., ranks the highest pight, with sobbing in her sleep, with a whis- in the U. S. with 26.9 per 1000!

of Sur readers is called

The Kaiser said, "Now, listen,

And I will try to tell The way that I am running

On earth a modern Hell.

Poems the Doctor Should Know

"I've saved for this for many years,

And I've started out to kill, That it will be a modern job,

You leave it to Kaiser Bill.


"My army went through Belgium,

Shooting women and children down, We tore up all her country

And blew up all her towns.

Dogged if I don't believe I'm gettin' old or lazy, don't

know which; But when the violets start to bloomin' on the moun

tain, and the rich Sap o' springtime leaks out o' the old white maple 'n

trickles down the bark, 'Pears to me I want to join the robin 'n' the catbird

'n' the lark, And just fly away somewhere so's I can find a quiet

spot and rest, And worship nature, bathe in her warm sunshine and

be her honored guest.

“My Zepps dropped bombs on cities

Killing both old and young, And those the Zeppelins didn't get

Were taken out and hung.

"I started out for Paris,

With the aid of poisonous gas The Belgians, darn 'em, stopped us,

And would not let us pass.

This thing o' workin' all the time, and toilin' with no

reward 'cept money, Ain't no kind of pay; what a feller really needs is a

sniff of bees and honey, And a little freedom; get out whar you can have elbow

room and run 'n' holler, And enjoy yourself like the blue jay, and stop thinkin'

'bout the dollar That you have to work so hard for, and the grocer

bills 'n' things you have to pay; Just forget it, run away somewhere and let nature

entertain you for one day.

“My submarines are Devils,

Why, you should see them fight, They go sneaking through the sea,

And sink a ship at sight.

"I was running things to suit me,

'Till a year or so ago, When a man called Woodrow Wilson

Wrote me to go more slow.

"He said to me, 'Dear William,

We don't want to make you sore, So be sure to tell your U boats • To sink our ships no more.

That's the kind of medicine that a feller needs and

really ought to have in spring! Been shet up all winter and grindin' and a toilin' and

that sort of thing; Beats all the sassafras tea and tonics and the things

you see in almanacs; Ain't nothin' in them pills and powders or them plas

ters for our backs; Just get away from the whole durned business 'n'

take a romp among the daisies, And then, by jinks, when you come back you'll feel

like new and work like blazes. -Eugene Holt Eastman, M. D., in Medical Pickwick.

“We have told you for the last time,

So, Dear Bill, it's up to you, And if you do not stop it,

You have got to fight us, too.'

“I did not listen to him,

And he's coming after me, With a million Yankee soldiers

From their homes across the sea.

[blocks in formation]



Unsolicited Praise of ANEDEMIN from Doctors

“_ results remarkable, even beyond my expectations. ANEDEMIN is
truly a Medicinal Trocar in Dropsy from any cause."-From member State
Board of Examiners.

Anasarca or
any cause.

"--gave tablets as last resort to man 78 years of age dying with a very
weak, irregular heart, general oedema, dyspnea, etc., and be made com-
plete recovery.”—From member State Board of Health.

" physicians can push ANEDEMIN without fear if the patient can
stand the loss of effusion quickly, and it is equally as valuable in the
cause, as in dropsical effusion.”—From prominent Kentucky physician.

[blocks in formation]

“_ Anedemin tablets did everything you claimed for them. Seventeen
days after I began using them I was able to leave the hospital where I
had been for seven months. I am about ready to resume my practice."-
From a California physician.

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Each physician may test it for himself. Clinical data, literature with exact formula,

and samples sent on request.

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His Opportunity

1 Neiswanger urges zinc cataphoresis for epithelioma Now is the time for Wizard Burbank to push his and lupus.-Chi. Med. Rec. edible cactus. Likewise the non-puckering persim

| Il physostigmine is used after mydriatics the danmon.

ger of glaucoma developing is prevented.-Gifford,

J. A. M. A. Unnecessary Profanity "Shame on you!” chided the rooster, addressing Studying relapsing fever in Serbia, Hagler conthe parrot. “What are you swearing for? You are cludes that the bedbug is the most common agent of not good to eat."

its transmission.-Milit. Surgeon.

| Untoward incidents probably follow the injection Consolation

treatment of hemorrhoids no oftener than other operA German farmer in Australia had a rather deli

ations.-Russell, Med. World. cate wife who worked herself to death in a few years. After the funeral a neighbor was condoning | Shock after abdominal operations is greatly shortwith him on his great loss. “Yah,” said August, "she ened by an enema of 8 oz. hot sterile water.—Waldo, vas a good woman--but a bit too light for my work.” Int. J. Surg.

| We have in adrenalin a direct activator of the antiGrateful to the Doctor

toxic function of the blood in the central nervous sysA Chinaman was asked if there were good doctors tem.-N. Y. M. J. in China.

“Good doctors!” he exclaimed. “China have best Vitamine has a direct affinity for alcresta, which doctors in world. Hang Chang one good doctor; he can thus be used in a most economic, practical and great; save life, to me."

highly satisfactory manner.-Ellingwood. "You don't say so! How was that?"

“Me velly bad,” he said. “Me callee Doctor Han Narcomania--The mind loses much of its force Kon. Give some medicine. Get velly, velly ill. Me and activity. Clear thinking, correct judging and callee Doctor San Sing. Give more medicine. Me prompt willing are replaced by aimless reveries, disglow worse-go die. Blimeby callee Doctor Hang torted conclusions and vacillating purposes. --Stuver, Chang. He got no time; no come. Save life."

West. Med. Times.

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