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Diphtheria Antitoxin (Lilly)–Our readers' attention is called, elsewhere in this issue, to a recent announcement of considerable importance to the profession having to do with Diphtheria Antitoxin, Lilly. Despite government regulations there is pos. sible a wide range of difference in antitoxins, and distribution and packages differ as well. Diphtheria Antitoxin, Lilly, is now supplied in one type of package and at an attractive price. It is a purified, highly concentrated product, only the globulins containing the antitoxic bodies being used. Diphtheria Antitoxin, Lilly, is . easy to secure through the drug trade from stocks kept under proper storage conditions.

until hay fever victims will again seek relief from their suffering. Unfortunately, the endless variety of drugs and local treatments that have been applied for this ailment have been so unsatisfactory that most hay fever victims have abandoned consulting doctors and simply tolerate the disease as best they can until the season is over with. This does not apply, however, to those who have given the vaccine treatment a trial. Hayfever victims find that this treatment either prevents or aborts the attack or gives such relief that they come back for the same treatment when the season again approaches. The writer has made some special efforts to obtain reliable information concerning the comparative virtues of pollen and bacterial vaccines in the treatment of hay fever and has found that bacterial vaccines give by far the best results. This shows that pollen irritation is not the only etiologic factor in hay fever and that irritation from pathogenic organ isms also plays an important part in the disease. In fact, are common in irritated tissues, no difference what the source of the irritation is and, conse quently, aggravate and prolong the irritation. That is what undoubtedly happens in hay fever. Pollen and the dry dust-laden air irritate the respiratory mucus membrane. After this irritation is started, pyogenic organisms normally present find conditions suitable for growth and multiplication with a resulting increased irritation. The germs usually responsible for this irritation are the streptococcus, pneumococcus, staphylococcus and micrococcus catarrhalis, the same organisms that are responsible for most of our colds. For this reason the same vaccine usually employed in the treatment of colds (Sherman's No. 40) is also successfully employed in the treatment of hay fever. Treatment should be started by giving the vaccine a few weeks before the usual onset of symptoms. By this means the attack will often be entirely avoided. The vaccine should be given at four or five day intervals, starting with .5 mil. and increasing the dose to 1 mil. In some cases that have received this preliminary treatment, hay fever will set in with the usual pronounced symptoms, but if the vaccine injections are continued at three or four day intervals in 1 mil. doses, the ved at th symptoms will soon subside or become much modified. Good results are also obtained after the hay fever has progressed for several weeks, but in such cases it is necessary to give 1 mil. doses at three or four day intervals until the acute symptoms are under control and at four to seven days after that. If marked improvement does not take place after three or four treatments, a bacterial examination should be made to determine the presence of unusual organisms and if present a corresponding vaccine be employed or an autogenous vaccine pre and given.

Sleep Without Bad After-Effects—The advantage of Pasadyne (Daniel) as a sleep-producing agent does not lie solely in its therapeutic power, but also in the fact that no bad effects follow its use. Thus, in marked insomnia Pasadyne (Daniel) may be given in full dosage and repeated without fear that disagreeable results will ensue. Pasadyne (Daniel) possesses in high degree the power to sedate the higher centres, a feature that makes it of the utmost value in all conditions marked by sleeplessness or nervous excitability. And the prescriber may feel sure that no habit will be caused by its administration, even when continued over long periods. A sample bottle of Pasadyne (Daniel) may be had by addressing the laboratory of John B. Daniel, Inc., Atlanta, Ga.

The Therapy of Neurotic States—The bromides have served no more useful purpose than in those unstable nervous states so frequently met with in women, and yet owing to this very instability their administration must be supervised with the greatest care if the patient is to be guarded from the disadvantages which accompany the use of these salts. The fact that Bromida (Battle) represents the therapeutic height of the bromides and is free from their disagreeable side effects, has made this bromide preparation a great favorite in the treatment of female neuroses. From it may be expected the full therapeutic effect of the bromides with the further advantage of freedom from the untoward effects of hastily prepared bromide mixtures. Gastric intolerance is obviated by the extreme care exercised in choosing the contained drugs in Bromida (Battle) and in compounding them.


Warrensburg, Mo. Now is the time to come to the Springs. Berries and all kinds of garden truck are at their best. Boating and bathing is fine. If you want a cottage you had better write today. We are booking our supply ahead and will not have enough to go around. We are giving you good hotel service, $2.50 per day; weekly rate, one person. $16; couples, $15 each.

The Vaccine Treatment of Hay Fever-(By G. H. Sherman, M. D., Detroit, Mich.) It will not be long


(Rational Procedure

For Infants
of any age

(Summer Diarrhea) Mellin's Food

4 level tablespoonfuls
Water (boiled, then cooled)

16 fluidounces
Give one to three ounces every hour or two, according to the age of
the baby, continuing until stools lessen in number and improve in character.

Milk, preferably skimmed, may then be substituted for water - one
ounce each day - until regular proportions of milk and water, adapted to
the age of the baby, are reached.

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Dressings in Suppurating Wounds—The healing of suppurating wounds may be expediated in a marked degree by the use of Ecthol (Battle). In addition to a germicidal influence it adds to cellular resistance, as a result of which the luxuriant germ growth becomes inhibited, until finally the purulent process becomes reduced to the point where the resistance of the involved tissues turns the tide toward healthy granulation. Where such wounds are of more than ordinary size or severity, the internal administration of Ecthol has proven a most useful adjunct to the local treatmert.

properties of their products. For preparing milk to take on a journey of several days this method is especially excellent. The addition of Dioxogen does not alter the flavor of the milk and in no way is jures any of its valuable food properties. There one point that has always to be considered and tha is the fact that after the Dioxogen has been adde the milk must be carefully and thoroughly agitated It took a long series of experiments to prove that agitation was an absolute essential.

The Disinfection of Milk-Milk is one of the most unclean of all the foods that appear on the average table, says a writer in Good Health (May, 1918). In many cases, every drop contains a million germs, or more. Water containing one-tenth as many would be promptly rejected as absolutely unfit for use. Even "certified" milk is permitted to contain 10,000 germs to the cubic centimeter, perhaps a thousand to each drop. These germs are the cause of diarrheas in young infants and are responsible for tens of thousands of untimely deaths each and every year. Evidently milk needs disinfection, but how can this be done safely? Boiling destroys the precious vitamines and so is out of the question. Pasteurizing is scercaly safe. The fortunate discovery has been made that that remarkable oxygen compound, the peroxide of hydrogen (H202) which contains two atoms of oxygen in each molecule, double the amount contained in water (H20), may be safely used for this purpose. It has been found that when this wonderful compound is added to warm milk the extra oxygen atom escapes and destroys the germs. But this only occurs if the milk has not been boiled. It is necessary that the living enzymes of the milk should be present. This process was first used in Sweden ,where it is extensively employed in preparing milk for shipment to other countries. In experiments made in the bacteriological laboratory of the Battle Creek Sanitarium it was found that milk treated by this process could be kept in a room, at ordinary temperature, without souring, for more than a week. The process is exceedingly simple. The milk is heated to about one hundred and twenty degrees. One to four drams of Oioxogen is then added for each pound of milk and the temperature maintained for about fiftten minutes. The milk is then cooled and kept on ice or in a cool place. Should there be a need for keeping it several weeks, three or four drams of Dioxogen should be used instead of one. This plan of disinfecting milk has been in use for several years in the Children's Department of one of the largest hospitals in Chicago, and with the very best results. Many cream eries are already using it to improve the keeping

Armour and Company Announce New Product Thromboplastin Solution — Thromboplastin Solution (Armour) is a specific hemostatic, made exclusively from brain tissue of cattle. In the usual routine of the abattoir, the animals are stunned by a blow ou the head which produces immediate unconsciousness, This process, however, causes considerable injuries to the brain tissues, with consequent severe cerebral hemorrhage and formation of blood clots which are difficult to remove. This procedure, therefore, ren ders the commercial cattle brains undesirable for the manufacture of thromboplastin in preparations The material employed in Armour's Thromboplastin Solution is selected from cattle slaughtered without injury to the brains. The brain tissues are removed immediately after the brains are bled, and carefully trimmed, washed and cleaned. From this raw material an isotonic solution is made containing the hemostatic principles in active and stable form. The solution is standardized physiologically on oxalated blood plasma and guaranteed to be of full therapeutic strength if used within the time limit stamped on each package. Thromboplastin Solution is useful when applied locally in the treatment of hemorrhage and especially hemorrhage from oozing surfaces, scar tissue, and nose, and in surgery of the bones, glands, nose and throat. It has proved of value in checking gastric as well as rectal hemorrhage Thromboplastin Solution is considered an excellest hemostatic in true hemophilia. In certain cases of dental surgery when direct application does not check the hemorrhage, the Thromboplastin Solutid may be boiled and injected into the site of the bleed ing. Thromboplastin Solution should be stored i a cool dark place. Thromboplastin Solution may be sprayed on the bleeding surface or applied directly by means of gauze or cotton.

in Working Order Doctor—Madam, your husband wants me to find out what is the matter with you. Please let me look at your tongue.

Husband-Don't waste any time, doctor. There's nothing the matter with that.—Medical Standard.

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lications. sites, Thosis, phritis,

" results remarkable, even beyond my expectations. ANEDEMIN 18
truly a Medicinal Trocar in Dropsy from any cause.”—From member State
Board of Examiners.

" gave tablets as last resort to man 78 years of age dying with a very
weak, irregular heart, general oedema, dyspnea, etc., and he made com-
plete recovery.”—From member State Board of Health.

asarca or OPSIES from cause.

"_ physicians can push ANEDEMIN without fear if the patient can
stand the loss of effusion quickly, and it is equally as valuable in the
cause, as in dropsical effusion."—From prominent Kentucky physician.

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"- Anedemin tablets did everything you claimed for them. Seventeen
days after I began using them I was able to leave the hospital where I
had been for seven months. I am about ready to resume my practice."-
From a California physician.

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Each physician may test it for himself. Clinical data, literature with exact formula,

and samples sent on request.

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A SUMMER DAWN roused me with the sun; the bough tops stirred,

Touched by the tender fingers of the breeze, nd from a grove I heard a hidden bird Salute the dawn with golden melodies.

The stricken, tainted soil shall be

Again a flowery paradise-
Pure with the memory of the dead
And purer for their sacrifice.

-Eric Chapman in Poetry, London.

Dere was no other sound save chanticleer

With his sharp clarion note, although I know
cross the garden paths, in whispers clear,
The roses might be talking of the dew.

O perfect harmony ushered in the day,

And yet my spirit would not be at peace, ensing demonic echoes far away, Mad murmurs of red conflict without cease

Where shall I fall upon my battle ground

There may I rest-nor carry me away.
What holier hills could in these days be found

Than hills of France to hold a soldier's clay?
Nor need ye place a cross of wooden stuff

Over my head to mark my age and name;
This very ground is monument enough!

'Tis all I wish of show or outward fame.
Deep in the hearts of fellow countrymen

My fast immortal sepulcher shall be,
Greater than all the tombs of ancient kings.
What matter where my dust shall scatter then?

I shall have served my country overseas
And loved her-dying with a heart that sings.

--Ray Gauger in the Montreal Star.

me interminable roar of black-mouthed guns Voere brave men faced the onset of the Huns.

-Clinton Scollard in the New York Sun.

Don't wait. Do it now. Buy War Savings Stamps.

The Medical Herald

the limit of increase, the Sanmetto to be administered in teaspoonful doses four times daily throughout the treatment.

Incorporating the kansas City Medical inder-Lancet

Subscription, $1.00 a year, in advance, including postage to any part of the United States, Alaska, the Philippines, Cuba and Mexico. Canada, 25 cents additional. Postage to foreign countries in the Universal Postal Union, includ. ing Newfoundland, 50 cents a year additional.

Another “Over the Top" A negro sergeant, home on furlough, was the cynosure of all eyes-whatever that may meanin his neighborhood. The Birmingham darkies couldn't ask him enough questions. Finally one said to him: "Sergeant, dey's one thing Ah been layin' off to ax yo' an' dat is, whut does dey mean when dey says, 'Ovah de Top?' Dat 'spreshun sho' is got me pestered." And the sergeant replied: "Well, nigger, 'Ovah de Top's' jes' de same as sayin' "Good Mawnin' St. Peter.'”-Woof Woof.

The Medical Herald aims to reflect the progress in the sciences of medicine and surgery, especially throughout the Missouri Valley and Southwest, the territory of its greatest distribution.

Concise and practical articles, news and reports of interesting cases invited, and should be typewritten.

The privilege of rejecting any communication is reserved, and all papers accepted must be for exclusive publication in this magazine, unless otherwise arranged.

To contributors of original articles a liberal number of copies of the Herald will be given (or mailed free of expenge if addresses are furnished) and the publishers will furnish reprints at printers' cost, application for same to be made when proof is returned.

The editors are not responsible for the utterances of contributors or correspondents.

Illustrations will be furnished at reasonable rates, if drawings or photos are furnished.

Address all remittances, correspondence, articles for publication, books for review and exchanges to the Managing Editor.

Subscribers changing their addresses will please notify 08 promptly, as magazines cannot be forwarded without adding postage.

Advertising forms close on the 20th of each month. Time should be allowed for correction of proof.

Electrotypes and changes in advertising copy should be addressed to the Medical Herald. St. Joseph, Mo.

Advertising rates on application to the Managing Editor.

Poetic Reprints-Do not mutilate your Medical Herald by tearing out any piece of poetry that may strike your fancy. Write to the Managing Editor, and he will send you a reprint. Reprints are made of all verse appearing in this magazine.



CAUTION!-Whenever the true merit of a preparation is authoritatively established, imitation is sure to make its pernicious appearance. To counteract the injurious results of another of these fraudulent proceedings—in this instance affecting firm name and reputation-Sander & Sons have been compelled to appeal to law, and in the action tried before the Supreme Court of Victoria, the testimony of a sworn witness revealed the fact that this witness suffered intense irritation from the application to u ulcer of the defendant's product, which was palmed off as “just as good as Sander's Eucalyptol.” Sander & Sons had the satisfaction to obtain a verdict with costs against this imitator, who is perpetually restrained from continuing his malpractice. Dr. Owen, in a report to the Medical Society of Vic. toria. and Dr. J. Benjamin, in the Lancet, London, both denounced, as others did be fore, on the strength of negative results, the application of unspecified eucalyptus products.

This forms convincing proof that only an authoritatively sanctioned article can be relied on. SANDER & SONS' EUCALYPTOL

(Ecalypti Extract) 1. Has stood the test of Government investigation.

2. It was proved at the Supreme Court of Victoria by experts to be an absolutely pure and scientifically standardized preparation,

3. It is honored by royal patronage.

4. It always produces definite therapeutic results.

Therefore, to safegaurd the physicians' interest and to protect their patients, we carnestly request you to specify “Sander's Eucalyptol” when prescribing eucalyptus..

The Meyer Bros. Drug Co., St. Louis, Mo., agents, will forward one original pack age (1 oz.) on receipt on One Dollar.

Gonorrhea in Women-The application of an aqueous solution of iodine in connection with the administration of Sanmetto is recommended in the treatment of gonorrhea in women on account of its ability to penetrate the subepithelial structures and deeper glands. It is also a stimulant, a counterirritant, and an alterative. The aqueous solution (liquor iodi compositus) is used because of the pain caused by alcoholic tincture. The gonococci disappear early from the secretions, intrapelvic extension is far less frequent, and there is little pain. The entire course of treatment is comparatively short and causes but little trouble to either patient or physician. In acute and sub-acute cases, where vaginitis or vulvitis is present, the patient should be directed to use one teaspoonful of the solution to two quarts of warm water as a douche twice daily. In the chronic and mildly inflammatory cases the strength should be gradually raised from one to two teaspoonfuls, or until the patient begins to experience a burning or smarting sensation indicating

A Pond's Extract

Sore Hands

Physicians who suffer from sore, chapped hands, due to frequent washing and the use of powerful antiseptics, will find that Pond's Extract, full strength, or diluted with glycerine, equal parts, is a most grateful lotion. It is mildly astringent and not only promotes rapid healing, but gives very prompt and satisfactory relief from the annoying pain and soreness, POND'S EXTRACT CO., New York and London

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