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Notes on Reliable Remedies

The Pain of Acute Cystitis—In the relief of the pain and frequency of desire to urinate in acute cystitis, Papine (Battle) will be found an effective and trustworthy agent. Possessing marked analgesic

properties, and yet subjecting the patient to a miniThe Facts About the Origin of Malted Milk-In mum of disagreeable after-effects Papine (Battle) is a 1883, Horlick of Racine, Wis., discovered the process preparation entitled to the physician's most careful for reducing whole milk to a powder form, combined consideration. Its analgesic properties depend upon with the soluble extract of malted grain, and devised a uniform quantity of purified opium. In preparing the name Malted Milk. This discovery was of great it the utmost care has been used to insure uniformimportance to humanity, since for the first time milk ity, potency and reduced untoward effects. In all was reduced to a dry powder form, digestible, solu- pains in the genito-urinary tract the physician has in ble in water, and would keep in any climate. There Papine (Battle) an analgesic that can be depended was no malted milk in the world, other than Horlick's upon fully. for nearly twenty years—and during this time Hor Chronic Cardiac Disease—The patient with or. lick's shipped to Europe large quantities of their ganic heart disease needs constant attention to his product. When Horlick's had made Malted Milk a digestion and nutrition. A little falling off in the gensuccess, various imitations then appeared upon the eral vitality and the compensatory status of the heart market. Thousands of physicians know the above may be lost forever. At the first sign of nutritional facts, and are very careful always to prescribe the decline, therefore, Gray's Glycerine Tonic Comp. "Original."

should be given. This dependable tonic braces a

wavering organism by reinforcing weakened funcThe Pneumonia Convalescent-In spite of all of

tions. Thus it not only directly contributes to carthe modern advances in scientific therapy, and the

diac power, but what is vastly more important, maimprovements in the general handling and manage.

terially reduces the stress under which a feeble heart ment of acute infectious diseases, acute lobar pneu

constantly has to labor. In other words, while inmonia still deserves the title ascribed to it by Osler: creasing the carrying power of the heart, it also de"The Captain of the Men of Death." There are, how

creases the burden. ever, especially during the Fall and Winter months, many cases of the lobular or irregular pneumonia that

Nervous Control After Drug Withdrawal-One of so often complicates or follows la grippe. When this the serious problems presenting after the withdrawal condition supervenes it is more than likely to follow

of a habit-forming drug, is the marked nervous unà subacute or chronic course and convalescence is

chronic course and convalescence is rest. Control of this condition often taxes the mediirequently long delayed. Under such circumstances,

cal man to the utmost. He wants to choose a sedative in conjunction with treatment designed to hasten

that will control the nervous symptoms and yet which resolution a general blood tonic and vitalizing agent will not subject the patient to depression of the helps materially to shorten the convalescent period. various vital processes or lead him into a habit alPepto-Mangan (Gude) is of much value in this field,

most as bad as the one which he is endeavoring to because it not only increases the solid elements of

quit. Pasadyne (Daniel) is of the highest service in the blood, but also acts as a true tono-stimulant to the

this class of cases. It possesses pronounced sedative organism generally. As Pepto-Mangan is free from

properties, without causing a subsequent depression, irritant properties and constipating action, it is espe

and will not produce a new habit. Pasadyne (Daniel) cally serviceable in the reconstructive treatment of

is simply a pure concentrated tincture of passiflora the devitalizing following the pneumonia of the aged.

incarnata. It may be relied upon whenever a potent

and safe sedative is needed. Samples may be had by American Veronal-In the Trading with the En- addressing the laboratory of John B. Daniel, Inc., emy Act recently passed by Congress, provision was Atlanta, Ga. made for the licensing of American manufacturers by The Most Effective Therapeutic Remedy for Nerv. the Federal Trade Commission to produce articles ous Diseases—In the treatment of many nervous disand substances patented in this country by enemy eases it not infrequently happens that the after-efallens. Already a number of chemical manufacturers

fects, or sequelae of the remedy are worse than the have taken advantage of this provision, among them

disease. This statement applies in particular to the The Abbott Laboratories of Chicago, which has ap

bromides in the forms commonly employed. Valuable plied for and secured a license for the maunfacture and effective as they are whenever a sedative or of Veronal, which, however, will be known hereafter

anti-spasmodic is needed, they must be prescribed by the name Barbital. This is the official name given with the utmost care and discretion, else the results, it by the Federal Trade Commission, and this name to put it mildly, may be unfortunate in the extreme. must be used as the principal title by every firm The physician therefore, cannot be too critical and manufacturing it under license from our government. cautious in selecting the preparation of the bromides The Abbott Laboratories have already begun the he uses, especially if it must be given for any con-. manufacture of Barbital (formerly known as Ve

siderable period. Many men know the advantages of lobal), and we understand that in short time it ex

Peacock's Bromides but to those who do not it should pects to have an abundant supply of this well known be pointed out that this high grade product easily hypnotic, and that it will be made generally available stands at the head of available bromide preparations through the trade. The quality of the product is not only in freedom from objectionable effects but guaranteed. Indeed, before a license is granted for also in therapeutic efficiency. Extended clinical exthe manufacture of any of these patented synthetics perience has shown that owing to the purity and in the United Sattes, the product must be submitted quality of the constituent salts, this combinatin does to rigid investigation at the hands of a chemist desig- not upset the organs of digestion nor give rise to the sated by the Federal Trade Commission. In this way highly disagreeable condition known as bromism. Americans are assured of supplies of the American Physicians who use Peacock's Bromides know the made products at reasonable prices, and the manufac- satisfaction of accomplishing not only the results they ture of fine American chemicals is given the stimulus seek, but without creating any disagreeable and an. which it requires. Those interested are urged to com noying conditions which call for explanation and Eunicate with The Abbott Laboratories, Chicago.




istically simple words the only position proper for us

to adopt: “Je ne vois en therapeutique que deux Many months ago, writes Leonard Williams in the

choses: le medicament applique a l'organisme, et le Practitioner," London, a friend said to me, "How

resultat eloigne de cette application. Quant aux do you treat pneumonia ?" Having never completely

phenomenes intermediares, ils nous echappent, et divested myself of my truculent mid-Victorian train

nous echapperont probablement toujours." Who can ing, I replied, “With Faith, Hope and Charity. Faith,

explain the process by which digitalis works its wonin the medicatrix naturae, Hope for the absence of

ders; and what advantageth him who can? complications, and Charity with those who differ from

Doctor, Protect Your Bank Account-Following is “You don't give digitalis?" "No."

a description of the “acid" method of "raising" a "Nor calcium ?” “Neither.”

check, employed by clever forgers: After securing “Not even thyroid ?” “Animal farceur!”

a genuine check the raiser employs bleaching acids, "And you make no local applications to the chest readily purchased at any stationery store, and against wall?” “Never.”

sale of which there is no law, to remove figures, “Then you are wrong. Listen."

written amount, date, number and anything else that And, being a willing listener, I listened. Some is an obstacle to his successful operation. If the twenty years ago he had seen much hospital work in check happens to be expensive safety paper (with a Paris. At that time in the treatment of pneumonia lithographed design) he removes the design and rethe practice of many of the French physicians was stores it by careful "tinting,” after the amount has to blister the affected side, and he had satisfied him been altered. He fills up perforations if necessary self that the cases thus treated did better than those He goes to any lengths to "land the money." Check in which the blistering was omitted, and he adopted raisers are extremely clever in imitating handwritthe practice in England. After a time, however, ing. Moreover, the writing on the amount line need largely on account of the objections urged by the pa- not correspond to the writing of the signature. And, tients and their friends to the pain and discomfort note carefully-he keeps the signature intact. Guard produced by the blisters, he rather reluctantly ceased against this by using the “Dimunette" check proto apply them and reverted to the "expectant" method tector; small, simple and cheap. See card in this in which he had been nutured. Time went by, and issue. one day he received an advertisement of a preparation known as antiphlogistine, for which it was

Stearosan: Santal Oil in improved Form-After claimed that when applied to the affected side in

a comparatively short course of treatment with santal pneumonia, either lobar or catarrhal, it had the effect

oil the stomach sometimes rebels, and the patient of reducing the temperature, slowing the pulse-rate

suffers from such symptoms as gastric distress, and promoting sleep without any additional treat

anusea, disagreeable eructations and loss of appetite. ment. With the memory of his blistering days full

This necessitates a discontinuance of the medicaupon him, he decided to give it a trial. His experi

ment and means an annoyance to the physician and a ences were such as to give him encouragement, and

loss to the patient. It was to obviate this—to secure to bring him near to believing that not all men, not

the therapeutic virtue of oil of santal without its even all American advertisers, were necessarily liars.

deleterious effects--that Stearosan was evolved. ... I decided to turn my attention to the claims of

Stearosan is santalyl stearate - santol combined antiphlogistine, which up to that time I confess to

with stearic acid-a true chemical compound, equivahaving regarded merely in the light of a convenient

lent to about 50 per cent of santal oil. It is supplied form of poultice, locally dehydrating, decongestion by Parke. Davis & Co. in 10-minim elastic gelatin ing and comforting, but probably innocent of any globules, in boxes of 25 and 100. The average dose effect upon pulse rates and temperatures. Here is one globule immediately after each meal. to be inagain, one case in the history of my conversion must creased to two or three as indicated. Stearosan does suffice. In November of last year a young Belgian of

not tend to irritate the gastric mucosa, as it is solu20 years was admitted into the French hospital with

ble only in the alkaline medium of the intestinal a temperature of 104 deg., a quick bounding pulse,

tract. The therapeutic indications for it are the slight cough and severe pain in the left side. On

same as those for oil of santal-notably, chronic gonadmission physical examination was negative. The

orrhea, cystitis, urethritis, bronchitis, bronchorrhea, following day his nose bled, but neither I nor the

etc. Psoriasis, urticaria and other skin disorders are resident an experienced Belgian doctor-could de

also amenable to the influence of Stearosan. A comtect 'any signs in the chest. That night he was de

plimentary package of Stearosan will be sent to any lirious and coughed a great deal. On the following

physician who wishes to test the therapeutic efficacy day he voided some sticky sputum which was typi- of the product. Requests should be addressed to cally rusty, and developed labial herpes. Physical Parke. Davis & Co., at their home offices and laboraexamination now revealed the classical dullness and tubular breathing over the lower lobe of the left Huxley's Cream-The last few years have witlung for which I had been looking. His temperature nessed the increasing popularity of preparations of was 105 deg. At about 4 p. m. a gamgee jacket an analgesic character for the relief of pain and irrithickly spread with antiphlogistine was applied over tation. There have been placed upon the market a the whole chest. The following morning his tem- number of such products, and possibly the best of perature was normal. Now, I do not pretend to ex- these is supplied in the form of Huxley's Cream. plain these happenings, for the benefit of the open- This preparation is not only pleasant and agreeable minded, I content myself with recording them. The to use, but prompt and effective in action. It does clinician must protect himself against the sneers of not soil, can be easily removed, and can be used ad the laboratorist. That we are unable to follow the libitum. The ingredients of Huxley's Cream have processes by which a healing measure produces its been carefully chosen, properly combined, placed in effect is a sorry reason for discarding it. The search a satisfactory medium, and Huxley's Cream offers for a scientific explanation is a laudable and, academ- therefore, an important aid to the busy physician ically, an interesting adventure, but in practice it is Samples and literature regarding this product may but a sleeveless errand. Trosseau, probably the great- be obtained by addressing E. Fougera & Co., Inc., est clinician of any time, has expressed in character- 90 Beekman Street, New York City.


In every step in the manufacture of Mellin's Food there is constantly
in view the ultimate object of making a product of definite composition

to Accomplish a Definite Purpose.
This purpose is to furnish certain food elements which, when added to
cow's milk, make it a suitable food for an infant. The food elements in
Mellin's Food-carbohydrates (maltose and dextrins), proteins and salts

—when dissolved in water and added to cow's milk so change the balance
of nutrition in cow's milk that the resulting modification presents fat,
proteins, carbohydrates and salts in the proportion needed

for the Development of Infantile Life.
The success of Mellin's Food, therefore, depends not upon any one of
the food elements of which it is made up, but upon the definite composition
of “Mellin's Food as a whole" as a means to enable the physician to
modify cow's milk to meet the requirements of infant feeding

in a Scientific, Rational and Efficient Manner.

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When writing to Our Advertisers, Please Mention The Medical Herald

other modern conveniences. Any physician having a spare hour in Kansas City would find it interesting to pay The Willows a visit of inspection, and would find a cordial welcome.

Casing Not Easily Obtained-One of the serious handicaps now experienced by oil men, in conducting operations, is a meager supply of well casing and pipe of all kinds. The demand for such material has been very strong for many months and the metalworking plants throughout the country have been unable to keep up with their orders for pipe. Some have had munition contracts to fill. As a result, many wells are on the waiting list, pending an increased supply of casing. Fortunately The Munger Securities Company, New York Life Bldg., this city, now has an ample supply and operations will begin as quickly as a rig can be obtained. An investment of only $25 to $125, payable $2.50 or $5 monthly un. der their plan, assures one an attractive and profitable country home as well as a splendid chance, according to Geologist Hatch, for striking oil in for. tune making quantities. See announcements in the advertising pages.

The Roman Sign—The Romans, in signifying their approval, turned their thumbs up, or their disapproval by thumbs down. Physicians signify their approval of the medicinal value of a product also by signs. For instance, Rx Hayden's Viburnum Compound zi t. i. d. or as required. administered in hot water. This is the invariable sign of those physicians who are familiar with the therapeutic efficiency of Hay. den's Viburnum Compound in Dysmenorrhea and other conditions where an antispasmodic is required. For over fifty years this product has been before the profession, which is the best sign of its approval, and this approval has only been gained through its dependable value wherever the original product is administered. It is not a narcotic, and the New York. Pharmaceutical Co., Bedford Springs, Bedford, Mass., would be glad to send you literature and samples for clinical purposes.

A Sanitarium Grows—We are just in receipt of the very attractive catalogue of The Willows Ma

a ternity Sanitarium, of Kansas City, Missouri. The remarkable growth of this institution is worthy of comment. It had its beginning in a seven room house in 1905. It has grown steadily until now the sanitarium has a total of ninety-two rooms. The last addition of twenty-five rooms has recently been completed. The work of The Willows in caring for the better class of unfortunate young women and affording them another chance in life, is worthy of commendation. The care and personal interest shown by the executives of the sanitarium in placing the babies in desirable homes is an important feature of the work of The Willows. The success and growth of the sanitarium is largely due to its method of secaring patients. Ethical physicians are conversant Tith the work of The Willows and recommend it as the solution of the problem for the unfortunate young woman. The management frankly credits the success of the sanitarium to the co-operation of the ethical nembers of the medical fraternity. The Willows Vaternity Sanitarium is operated on a strictly ethical basis. The confinement chambers, sterilizing rooms, massage and examination, isolation and service rooms, drug closets, nurseries and refrigerator room are equipped with modern apparatus to meet the special needs of this work. A unique feature of the sanitarium plant is the roof garden nursery. This bursery is on the top of the new addition and is espetially constructed to meet the extremes of winter and summer. Any desired temperature can be maintained icring the coldest days of winter. In the summer, the windows can be opened full length thus providing an open air nursery. The roof garden nursery contains built-in tables, cabinets, linen closets, drug and apparatus closets, special porcelain bath slabs and

Treatment of Focal Infections—While it is the accepted treatment today to surgically remove foci of chronic infection by pus formers, this treatment alone is not always productive of the best results. It is granted that in an appreciable number of cases the amount of sepsis and toxemia present is not great and the resisting powers of the individual are on a high plane. However, in many cases the patient has been so exhausted by the chronic toxic states present that some additional treatment is necessary. Echtisia raises the opsonic index, overcomes the toxic and septic states present in the blood and tissues by increasing elimination of waste and its destructive powers on streptococci, staphylococci and other pus formers. The blood picture can at times be more rapidly improved by giving Echtisia than by giving iron. Echtisia stops the destruction of red cells and hemoglobin and so gives the blood-forming organs an opportunity to repair losses. Formula, further data and sample may be had from the Wm. S. Merrell Chemical Company, Cincinnati.

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