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Speed-More Tablets
Fine for the doctor who drives an automobile.

Price 35 Cents
Guaranteed to remove carbon and save $1.00 in gasoline or money refunded.

Send 35 cents for trial box.


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ments. Ipecac is a drug that has long been favor-

favor ably known and highly regarded, but due to its nause. what may be said to be a renaissance in ipecac therapy has taken place. By means of these uncoated, rapidly disintegrating tablets it is possible to administer, orally, large doses of ipecac without nausea. Each tablet represents the alkaloids from ten grains of the drug and the nature of the compound with hydrated aluminum silicate is such that the alkaloids are not liberated in the acid secretions of the stomach, but are promptly released on coming in contact with the alkaline intestinal secretions. Those physicians who, on account of its nauseating properties, have not been prescribing liberal doses of ipecac in such ailments as aucte tonsilitis, acute bronchitis, bronchial asthma, intestinal stasis and other intestinal infections now find the means at hand in alcresto tablets of ipecac.

Every Doctor in the United States should be interested in encouraging American manufacture of typically American medical products. Let us, by enthusiastic patronage of all-American manufacturers, so firmly establish the American supremacy in this field that there will never be the slightest danger of

of its passing back to Germany. One typically American invention is the new wax-impregnated open-mesh lace dressing for wounds, burns, bruises, etc., which bids

which bids fair to revolutionize the present-day dressing methods. Careful tests in large industrial hospitals show that by using this lace-mesh 50% to 75% of the gauze, absorbent cotton, and roller bandages may be saved, as well as hours of the time of surgeons and nurses, not to mention the saving of agony to the patient experienced in the removal of the old sticking, secretion stiffened pad of dressings, for this remarkable dressing does not stick. Just by way of introduction, the Abbott Laboratories, Chicago, Ill., who make this parresined Lace-Mesh Surgical Dressing offer a spe cial outfit containing a box of six envelopes of the Lace-Mesh, an ounce of Dakin's Dichloramine-T, and four ounces of Chlorocosane-the solvent for Dichloramine-T-prepaid to any point in the United States for only $2.50. They include, without charge, in the shipment, a trial bottle of Chlorazene, Dakin's watersoluble, stable antiseptic, and one of Digipoten, a typically American digitalis preparation, which leaves no excuse for using the German. Send for this package today, doctor. It has the Abbott guarantee of purity and accuracy.

A Physiologic Hemostatic-By supplying to shed blood one of the necessary physiological constituents to the formation of a clot it is possible to hasten blood coagulation. Hemagulen, a product of the Lilly Laboratories, contains this necessary thrombo-plastic substance from fresh brain tissue. It is sterile and is suspended in a physiological saline solution and preserved with a 0.3 per cent cresol; it is tested physiologically and standardized. Hemagulen is indicated in persistent hemorrhages from capillaries and small vessels where it can be applied to the bleeding surface. It is also given orally in doses of two to eight drams, diluted with water, in cases of hemorrhages from gastric and duodenal ulcers. The drug trade supplies Hemagulen in ounce bottles.

Seasonable Note on Ipecac-Physicians generally, recognize the value of ipecac in many winter aile ating properties its field of usefulness has been restricted. With the advent of alcresta tablets of ipecac, made by Eli Lilly & Company of Indianapolis,

lodine in Syphilis-While the extraordinary worth of iodine in late syphilis easily places it among the indispensable therapeutic agents made use of by modern medicine, yet it is due to the skill of the pharmaceutical chemist that iodine has been enabled to hold its high rank as a drug agent. Iodine as such, of course, is out of the question, and even the popular iodide of potash oftentimes occasions such distress as to neutralize its potential value. But, in Iodia (Bat


To secure 100% efficiency Iodide of Iron, Data on request

specify the name BLANCARD'S. It is the

original and the leader among Iodide of George J. Wallau, Inc 6 CIII st., Now York.

Iron products—others are followers.


Support the Natural Defences

For patients who are suffering from overwork and anxiety incident
to war-time conditions

Gray's Glycerine Tonic Comp.

(Formula Dr. John P. Gray)

has no superior as a safe and reliable aid. The use of Gray's Tonic
promotes the efficiency of every bodily function, improves the nutri-
tion, tones the nervous system and overcomes general debility.

Prepared in 6 and 16 ounce bottles

The Purduo Froderick Company

135 Christopher Street

New York City

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Influenza Vaccine No. 38

Will abort Colds, Grippe, Influenza and Pneumonia.


Influenza B. strains from present epidemic and others 200,000,000
Streptococci, many haemolytic and other types

Pneumococci, type 1, 2, 3 and 4, in proper proportions 100,000,000
Micrococcus Catarrhalis, leading members of the group 200,000,000
Staphylococcus Albus, many strains

Staphylococcus Aureus, many strains


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This Vaccine is also used with success in the prophylaxis of these diseases.


on 300,000 INOCULATIONS of INFLUENZA VACCINE in the recent epidemic.

G. H. SHERMAN, M. D., Detroit, Mich.

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When Writing to Our Advertisers, Please Mention The Medical Herald.


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HE WILLOWS MATERNITY SANITARIUM is a modern and up-to-date Sanitarium and
Hospital devoted to the seclusion and care of unfortunate young women. It offers to the

medical fraternity an ethical and Christian solution to one of the difficult problems of the profession. The Sanitarium extends to these young women protection and seclusion in congenial and home-like surroundings before confinement, as well as providing efficient medica and hospital care during delivery and convalescence.

The Willows has been located, planned and especially equipped for seclusion maternity work. It is strictly modern, having steam heat, electric lights, gas and baths with lot and cold water. The patients' rooms are light, airy and furnished for home-like comfort as well as hospital convenience. The dining service has been especially planned for the work and wholesome, nourishing and well cooked meals are served.

The Hospital equipment is complete and modern, having been installed for this particular work. It includes two specially fitted Confinement Chambers, sterilizing rooms, massage room, diet kitchen and necessary drug and linen rooms.

The Sanitarium is open to any reputable physician to handle his own high-grade cases in it. When the physician is not accessible to The Willows or finds it otherwise impractical to care for his case, Dr. John W. Kepner, House Obstetrician, will handle it. The mothers and babies are attended by a corps of efficient, specially trained nurses.

Entering early in gestation is important for preparing the patient for accouchement through systematic, hygienic methods and massage. Patients may enter as early as they desire. A special system of abdominal and perineal massage has been devised and has proven very successful in the prevention of Striae Gravidarum and as an aid to labor.

The care of the babies is one of the important features of The Willows' work. The Nursery is modernly equipped and no reasonable expense is spared in the babies' care. When sueh arrangements are made the institution assumes the entire responsibility of the child, keeping it until a good home can be found where the child will be legally adopted.

The Willows Maternity Sanitarium has accommodations meeting the requirements of the most fastidious as well as others for those patients whose means are limited. But, notwithtanding the many advantages of its services, the charges are reasonable.

Send for new 80-page booklet.

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Acites, Anasarca,
Cirrhosis, Nephritis,
Bright's Disease and

Valvular Diseases.

From practically any cause, in any age or stage requires control of cardiac action, overcoming of circulatory stasis and the securing of free diuresis.

To accomplish this and restore and maintain balance between the arterial and venous systems and increase the power of the heart, liver and kidneys to perform their function, more than seventy-five thousand physicians are employing

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ANEDEMIN is the active principles of APOCYNUM, STROPHANTHUS, SQUILLS, and SAMBUCUS (formula with every package) so treated as to eliminate all untoward effects and safely produce the desired results.

It acts upon the circulation, accelerates the flow into the thoracic duct, rapidly returning the serum to the blood by the lymphatic channels as well as by resorption into the blood by healthy arterial tone, from whence it is removed by diuresis and purgation.

In confidential letters physicians praise ANEDEMIN saying: “Patient tapped eight times, ANEDEMIN restored him to former health.”

“—gave ANEDEMIN as last resort to man 78 years old dying with a very weak, irregular heart, general oedema, dyspepsia, etc., and he made complete recovery."

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tle) the physician has an iodine product of distinct usefulness and particularly in the later manifestations of syphilis, for not only does it provide a means of introducing iodine into the system but furthermore it is free from the irritating qualities of the plain iodide. Its therapeutic effects are further enhanced by the addition of certain of the vegetable alteratives which have been clinically shown to exert an influence on the syphilitic processes. Whenever iodine is indicated, Iodia (Battle) may be exhibited with decided benefit.

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The Withdrawal of Whiskey — In withdrawing liquor from men long accustomed to its use, the need for furnishing some support to the nervous system must be taken into consideration. The extreme nervousness following the sudden withdrawal of whiskey must be taken care of until the system has adjusted itself to its loss of alcoholic stimulation, and for that purpose Pasadyne (Daniel) has proven itself of the greatest service. Its administration quiets the disturbed nervous centers, and enables the patient to secure needed sleep. An advantage posssssed by Pasadyne (Daniel) is that no habit is formed and no depression follows its use. Pasadyne (Daniel) is






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The following meetings have been postponed until 1919, either on account of the war or the epidemic of influenza. Clinical Congress of the American College of

Surgeons, New York City.............No meeting Mississippi Valley Med. Assn............No meeting Southern Medical Assn.......

cal ASS..................No meeting

COMING MEETINGS American Public Health Assn., Chicago.....Dec. 9-12 Southern Surgical Assn.... Baltimore, Mr., Dec. 17-19

Secretaries of societies are requested to send us dates of their meetings.



An Improved French Arsenical Agent

A very active destroyer of many kinds of spirilla and trypanosomes

A summaryof the latest medical data will be mailed on request GEORGE J. WALLAU, Inc., 6 CLIFF STREET, NEW YORK

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