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A course of Cystogen-Lithta is indicated
in ambulatory patients.

Wherever Uric Acid is a possible Etiological Factor.
is an effervescent tablet containing Cystogen and Lithium Tar-
trate, each grs. 3. Dose, one or two tablets, three or four times
a day, dissolved in a glass of water.

Samples and Literature on Request


• ST. LOUIS, U. S. A.


By DR. W. J. ROBINSON (unless otherwise stated).

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Index to Volume XXXVII—1918


Abortive Treatment of Syphilis, The—Lau 34

Causes and Treatment of Headache, The—Robin-

son 25

Comments on Methods of Suspension and Trac-
tion in the Treatment of the Long Bone—Orr.. 62

Clay County Medical Society—Gaines 64

Complexion in Cancer, The—Perdue 314

Correspondence—Roman 97

Fractures of the Long Bones—Hill 61

Few Principles of Harelip and Cleft Palate, The

—Shearer 79

Fatigue Neuroses—Throckmorton 235

Gun-Shot Wounds of the Brain—Ruth 106

Importance of Focal Infection in Diseases of Ob-

scure Etiology—Major 159

Infective Exhaustive Psychoses, The—Singer 237

Indications for Blood Transfusion—Forgrave 263

Joint Fractures—Pearse 61

Keep Gorgas on Outpost Duty—Bogart 267

Kansas City Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Club—
Its Objects and Aims—Foster 290

Limitations of Local Anesthesia in Surgical Oper-
ations, The—Watson/ 105

Treatment of Skin Diseases With the Ultra Violet

Ray, The—Paul 211

Tres Palacios Club-Vale, The—Waugh 215

Transfusion of Blood—Byrne 264

Treatment of Pneumonia, The—Cox 289

Vesical Calculus Following Herniotomy—Ken-
nedy Ill

War and the Eye—Leonard 89

Why Cesarean Section?—Somers 285

War News—Leonard 94-143


Another Triumph for Kansas City's Politicians.. 66

Army Surgeon's Path Is Not a Rosy One, The 90

Advances in Electrotherapy 90

•Atlantic City Rendezvous 113

American Medical Editors' Association 139

American Creed, The 169

Are You a Real Patriot? Attend the Omaha Meet-

ing 216

Actual Benefit to Surgery Derived From the Pres-
ent War 216

Another Hearst Canard 216

America's Answer to "In Flanders Fields" 243

Annual Meeting Medical Society of the Missouri

Valley 269

Base Hospital Number 28 a Red Cross Unit 90

Buchanan County Medical Society at Savannah. 113

Buchanan County Medical Society Lunch 317

"Breathes There the Man" 139

Boycott on German Drugs and Instruments 191

Pathology of Traumatic Wounds—Morrison 19

Perthes Disease—Francisco 24

Percy Cautery in Carcinoma of the Cervix, The—

Potter 29

Pathology of Intestinal Obstruction—Morrison.. 109

Pyorrhea and Its Treatment—Hutton 131

Postnatal Dimples—Drueck 267

Present Status of the Tuberculosis Problem, The

—Pottenger 307

Retroversion and Retroflexion of the Uterus—

Boldt 57

Reaction of the Semi-Circular Canal to Stimulate

Diagnostic Significance—Potts 240

Serum Treatment of Pneumonia—Sophian 59

State Societies for Mental Hygiene—Hill 185

Song Sermons—Bogart 242-70-98-121-151-203

Transplantation of Bone, The—Robinson 63

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