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Abbreviations: Ann. sc. pol., Annales des sciences politiques, Paris; Arch. dipl., Archives Diplomatiques, Paris; B., boletin, bulletin, bolletino; P. A. U., bulletin of the Pan-American Union, Washington; Cd., Great Britain, Parliamentary Papers; Clunet, J. de Dr. Int. Privė, Paris; Current History-Current History-A Monthly Magazine of the New York Times; Doc. dipl., France, Docu. ments diplomatiques; B. Rel. Ewt., Boletin de Relaciones Exteriores; Dr., droit, diritto, derecho; D. 0., Diario Oficial; For, rel., Foreign Relations of the United States; Ga., gazette, gaceta, gazzetta; Int., international, internacional, inter. nazionale; J., journal; J. O., Journal Officiel, Paris; L., Law; V., Magazine; Mém. dipl., Mémorial diplomatique, Paris; Monit., Belgium, Moniteur belge; Martens, Nouveau recueil général de traités, Leipzig; Official Bulletin, Official Bulletin of the United States; Q., Quarterly; Q. dip., Questions diplomatiques et coloniales; R., review, revista, revue, rivista; Reichs G., Reichs-Gesetzblatt, Berlin; Staats, Staatsblad, Netherlands; State Papers, British and Foreign State Papers, London; Stat, at L., United States Statutes at Large; Times, The Times (London).



January, 1919. 30 RUSSIA. All Russian government under Admiral Kolchak an

nounced ministry. Personnel: Current History, 10 (Pt.

1):485. February, 1919. 8 PANAMA—UNITED STATES. Commercial Travelers Convention

signed. Congressional Record, June 4, 1919; P. A. U., 49:99. March, 1919. 1 KOREA. Declaration of independence made. A constitution was

proclaimed on April 27th. Texts: Current History, 10 (Pt.

2):132. 7 PHILIPPINES. Philippine legislature passed a Declaration of pur

poses. Text: Current History, 10 (Pt. 2): 129. 15 AUSTRIA. Personnel of cabinet announced with Dr. Karl Renner

as Chancellor. Current History, 10 (Pt. 1):470.

28 CHILE–GREAT BRITAIN. A referendum treaty signed for estab

lishment of a peace commission. Summary of text: P. A. U.,

48: 716. April, 1919. 1 ITALY. Announced that Italy had raised Adriatic blockade.

London Times, April 1, 1919. 1 BLOCKADE. Announced blockade would be raised as regards

Poland, Esthonia, German-Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Czecho-
Slovakia and new territories of Roumania and Serbia. London

Times, April 1, 1919; London Gazette, April 4, 1919. 4 LITHUANIA. Republic formally declared and A. Smatma elected

president. Current History, 10 (Pt. 2): 494. 8 FRANCE—SWITZERLAND. New economic convention with France

ratified by Swiss Federal Council. London Times, April 11,

1919; Le Temps, April 10, 1919. 9 SPAIN—GREAT BRITAIN. Announced that a new commercial ar

rangement is about to be signed. London Times, April 9, 1919. 11 PEACE CONFERENCE. International labor program presented.

Text: Current History, 10 (Pt. 1): 516. 11 CROATIA. Asks independence and protests against union with

Serbia. Washington Post, April 11, 1919. 15 POLAND. Hugh Gibson appointed American minister to Poland.

New York Times, April 16, 1919. 17 CZECHO-SLOVAKIA. Richard Crane appointed American Minister

to Czecho-Slovakia. New York Times, April 17, 1919. 17 SWITZERLAND-GERMANY. Swiss Federal Council announces that

the German Government will be recognized. London Times,

April 19, 1919. 17 ALBANIA. Albania asked Peace Conference for full independence.

New York Herald, April 17, 1919. 18 GREECE-JUGOSLAVIA. Announced that treaty of alliance had

been concluded. Current History, 10 (Pt. 1): 428. 19 GERMANY-JAPAN. Publication of text of alleged treaty. New

York Times, April 19, 1919. 20 CZECHO-SLOVAKIA-POLAND. Reported a secret treaty has been

signed. New York Herald, April 20, 1919.

21 GERMANY. Allied conditions respecting Peace Conference ac

cepted by Germany. Personnel of German delegation. Cur

rent History, 10 (Pt. 1): 382. 21 Ex-KAISER WILHELM. Belgian delegation to the Peace Confer

ence announced that Belgium would refuse to prosecute Kaiser Wilhelm, on the ground (1) that there is no tribunal competent to hear the charges against the Kaiser, (2) no provision in international law covering such cases, (3) that such action taken would be retroactive, (4) persons guilty of acts punishable under criminal codes in any of belligerents should be tried in the ordinary way. Current History, 10 (Pt. 1): 420; New

York Times, April 17, 1919. 21 Walloons of Prussia. Ask to be disannexed from Prussia. New

York Times, April 22, 1919.

April 22-August 27.

ROUMANIA-HUNGARY. On April 22 Hungary declared a war

of defense against Roumania. On April 25th, Hungary asked an armistice, but refused terms offered on May 8th. Negotiations for armistice continued and a truce was established on May 10th. New York Times, April 22, May 2, 3, 9, 1919; Current History, 10 (Pt. 1): 433. Fighting continued, and on August 4th, Roumanian troops occupied Budapest. London Times, August 7, 1919. On August 7th, the United States sent ultimatum to Roumania demanding withdrawal of severe armistice terms on pain of cessation of shipment of food to Roumania. Washington Post, August 8, 1919. Between August 6th and August 31st notes were exchanged between the Peace Conference and Roumania, the latter still occupying Hungary. Texts of notes exchanged: London Times, August 11, 15, 16, 28, 1919; Washington Post, August 15, 1919;

Current History, 10 (Pt. 2): 480; Review of Reviews, 60:379. 22 EGYPT. United States recognized British protectorate. Current

History, 10 (Pt. 1): 427; New York Times, April 26, 1919;

London Times, April 25, 1919. 28 LEAGUE OF NATIONS. Created by the adoption of the revised

Covenant at the Fifth Plenary Session of the Peace Conference. Text: London Times, April 29, 1919; Supplement to this JOURNAL, April, 1919, p. 128. On May 5th provisional organization of League of Nations was announced. Stéphen Pichon, Foreign Minister of France, presided as chairman, and Sir Eric Drummond assumed duties as Secretary General. London Times, May 7, 1919. On July 5th the Senate of Argentine Republic ratified the League of Nations, La Prensa, July 5, 1919. On August 5th, Senate of Chile approved entrance of Chile into League of Nations. Washington Post, August 6, 1919. On August 17th, King of Spain signed law authorizing Spain to adhere to League Covenant. New York Sun, August 18, 1919. On July 11th it was announced that unless Switzerland adhered to the League within two months the seat of the League would be moved from Geneva. New

York Times, July 12, 1919. 22 Supreme Economic Council ends blacklisting and trade licensing.

Washington Post, April 23, 1919. 23 MEXICO-FRANCE. Mexican Minister to France recalled. New

York Times, April 24, 1919.

April 14-June 6.

FIUME. President Wilson issued memorandum on Fiume April

14th and a statement on April 23d. Reply of Premier Orlando, statement of Serbia to Great Britain and résumé of Italian claims. Current History, 10 (Pt. 1):405-415. Italian Premier announced that the Italian delegation would leave Paris April 24th. Washington Post, April 24, 1919. On May 4th the delegation was invited to return to conference. New York Times, May 5, 1919. On June 6th the city of Fiume sent protest to United States Senate accusing President Wilson of

hostility. Text: New York Times, June 7, 1919. 23 Committee on Responsibility for War published report. Among

others, ex-Kaiser, ex-King of Bulgaria, Admiral von Tirpitz, and General von Bissing are found subject to trial. New York Sun, April 25, 1919; Le Temps, April 24, 1919; London Times,

April 24, 1919. 25 ITALY_JUGOSLAVIA. Italy refuses to keep agreement made in

1918, which had been accepted by United States. Text: Washington Post, April 26, 1919.

26 CHINA. Concessions to Germans in Hu-Kuang cancelled. New

York Sun, April 27, 1919. 28 SWITZERLAND—CZECHO-SLOVAKIA. Announced that Switzerland

had recognized Czecho-Slovakia, subject to eventual delimita

tion of its frontiers. London Times, April 28, 1919. 28 BLOCKADE. Germany was notified of raising of blockade. New

York Times, April 29, 1919. 30 JAPAN-CHINA. Council of Three announced agreement by

which Shantung Peninsula and Kiao-Chau were transferred to Japan, to be eventually returned to China. London Times, May 1, 1919; New York Times, May 1, 1919. On May 1st both Houses of Chinese Parliament ask Peace Conference for restoration of Kiao-Chau restrictions. New York Tribune, May 2, 1919; New York Times, May 2, 1919. On May 4th Chinese delegates delivered protest to M. Clemenceau relative to Shantung. Text: Current History, 10 (Pt. 1):444; (Pt. 2): 203. On July 16th Japan denied any agreement to return Shantung to China. New York Times, July 17, 1919; Current

History, 10 (Pt. 2):539, 550. 30 AFGHANISTAN. The son of Siraj-ul-Millat-Waddin proclaimed

. Emir. Current History, 10 (Pt. 1): 424. 30 BAVARIA. Soviet government at Munich overthrown. Washing

ton Post, May 1, 1919. May, 1919. 1 HUNGARY. Czecho-Slovakia, Jugoslavia, and Roumania recog

nized Bela Kun. Text of notes: London Times, May 3, 1919. 2 HUNGARY. Provisional anti-bolshevist government formed under

Count Julius Karolyi with headquarters first at Arad and

later at Szegedin. Current History, 10 (Pt. 2): 79. 2. SPAIN. Señor Maura appointed Prime Minister. Personnel of

cabinet: Current History, 10 (Pt. 1): 433. 2–18 RUSSIA-ROUMANIA. Russian Soviet Government sent from

Moscow an ultimatum to Roumania, demanding evacuation of
Bessarabia, occupied since the signing of armistice. Current
History, 10 (Pt. 1): 433; London Times, May 3, 1919. On
May 18th, the Russian Soviet Government at Moscow declared
a state of war to exist between Red Russia and Roumania,

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