The Juvenile Edition of Shakspeare: Adapted to the Capacities of Youth

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C. Chapple, 1828 - 359 страница

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Страница 171 - That Christendom shall ever speak his virtue. His overthrow heap'd happiness upon him ; For then, and not till then, he felt himself, And found the blessedness of being little : And, to add greater honours to his age Than man could give him, he died, fearing God.
Страница 275 - o'God's name, let it go : I'll give my jewels, for a set of beads ; My gorgeous palace, for a hermitage ; My gay apparel, for an alms-man's gown ; My figur'd goblets, for a dish of wood ; •My sceptre, for a palmer's walking-staff; My subjects, for a pair of carved saints; And my large kingdom for a little grave.
Страница 50 - I'll example you with thievery The sun's a thief, and with his great attraction Robs the vast sea : the moon's an arrant thief, And her pale fire she snatches from the sun : The sea's a thief, whose liquid surge resolves The moon into salt tears : The earth's a thief, That feeds and breeds by a composture stolen From general
Страница 271 - rebels wound thee with their horses' hoofs: As a long parted mother with her child Plays fondly with her tears, and smiles in meeting; So, weeping, smiling, greet I thee, my earth, And do thee favour with my royal hands. Feed not thy sovereign's foe, my gentle earth, Nor with thy sweets comfort his
Страница 120 - No grave upon the earth shall clip in it A pair so famous. High events as these Strike those that make them; and their story is No less in pity, than his glory, which '• Brought them to be lamented. Our army shall, In solemn shew, attend this funeral : And then to
Страница 270 - prophets whisper fearful change ; Rich men look sad, and ruffians dance and leap,— The one, in fear to lose what they enjoy, The other, to enjoy by rage and war: These signs forerun the death or fall of kings.— Farewell; our countrymen are gone and fled, As well assur'd, Richard their king is dead.
Страница 101 - on the rudest hedge ;••;.. Yea, like the stag, when snow the pasture sheets, The bark of trees thou browsed'st; on the Alps It is reported, thou did'st eat strange flesh, Which some did die to look on. And all this (It wounds thine honour, that I speak it now,) Was borne so like a soldier, that thy
Страница 210 - crawl toward death. Our son of Cornwall, And you, our no less loving son of Albany, We have this hour a constant will to publish Our daughters several dowers, that future strife May be prevented now. The princes, France and Burgundy, Great rivals in our youngest daughter's lore, Long in our court have made their amorous sojourn,
Страница 268 - If that my cousin king, be king of England, It must be granted, I am duke of Lancaster. You have a son, Aumerle, my noble kinsman ; Had you first died, and he been thus trod down. He should have found his uncle Gaunt a father, To rouse his wrongs, and chase them to the bay.
Страница 264 - Presuming on an ague's privilege, Dar'st with thy frozen admonition Make pale our cheek ; chasing the royal blood, With fury, from his native residence. Now by my seat's right royal majesty, Wert thou not brother to great Edward's son, This tongue that runs so roundly in thy head, Should run thy head from thy unreverend shoulders.

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