The Iliad of Homer: according to the text of Wolf

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Leavitt & Allen, 1851 - 740 страница

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Страница 608 - Now storming fury rose, And clamor, such as heard in Heaven till now Was never; arms on armor clashing brayed Horrible discord, and the madding wheels Of brazen chariots raged ; dire was the noise Of conflict; overhead the dismal hiss Of fiery darts in flaming volleys flew, And, flying; vaulted either host with fire. So under fiery cope together...
Страница 654 - ... the subject of the infinitive is the same as that of the leading verb.
Страница 513 - The action expressed by the participle must often be conceived of as one with that of the verb following, and in such cases, may be frequently rendered by the English verb. Cf. Butt. § 144. N. 7.
Страница 567 - This chain of mountains has been located in Mysia, Lydia, Cilicia, and Syria ; since in the imagination of the poets, a giant inspired by Jupiter lies buried where there are earthquakes and volcanic fires.
Страница 645 - Nor can we conceive of any thing which might well be added, without appearing as an excrescence, marring the otherwise beautiful creation of the poet. There is a completeness of detail, which leaves the mind of the reader satisfied, and wishing for nothing more. The filling up, or...
Страница 697 - the earth and barren seaa,' and in him the opposition between the Olympian gods and the Titans is merely a local one ; the one being the dwellers of the brilliant Olympos, the other the inmates of the gloomy Tartarosb.
Страница 575 - Ектшр S' is a copulative. fLi&ov onoócrar. Verbs of hearing such as ixovia, vwainopiu, and their synonymes, take the accusative of the thing heard, and the genitive of the source.

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