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Lewis county, judge and surrogate..

Loan commissioners for county of:



Lunacy Commissioner

Morrisville Agricultural School, Trustee..
Onondaga Indian agent....

Palisades Park Commissioners

Palisades Park extension, correspondence..
Palisades Park, map of...

Penal institutions and reformatories.

Managers, boards of:

Albion House of Refuge.
Bedford Reformatory
Industry Agricultural School
Reformatories, general board.
Training School for Girls.

Port Wardens, New York city.
Prisons, Commissioners of.

Public Service Commissioners

Saratoga Springs Reservation Commission.

Sullivan county, judge and surrogate...
Tax Commissioner..

Uniform Legislation Commission.

United States:

Constitutional amendment, proposed...
Congress, joint resolution, income tax.

Washington's Headquarters, Trustee of..
Water Supply Commissioner

Witherbee, Sherman & Company gift, letter.

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Page 371. At top of page insert the following: "The Assembly returned the Senate bill (No. 487, Int. No. 406), entitled “An act to amend chapter one hundred and forty-nine of the laws of nineteen hundred and eight, entitled 'An act to provide for the celebration of the tercentenary of the discovery of Lake Champlain, the appointment of a commission, prescribing its powers and duties and making an appropriation therefor', in relation to the power of the commission and extending the time for making its report to the legislature," with a message that they have concurred in the passage of the same. Ordered: that the Clerk deliver said bill to the Governor."

Page 555.

Page 556.

Page 558.

Page 690.

Page 803.
Page 859.

Page 1007.

Page 1036.

Page 1098.

Page 1117.

Page 1157.

Page 1365.

Page 1550.

Page 1701.

Page 1750.

Page 1828.

Page 1895.
Page 1900.

Assembly bill No. 805, Rec. No. 290: In title, instead of "Utica " read " Ithaca ".

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In line 3: Instead of Rec. No. 282 " read "Rec. No. 222."
Assembly bill Rec. No. 131: In title, instead of "Oneida read

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In title, instead of "General Business law" read "Insurance law". Senate bill Int. No. 895. In title, instead of "Civil Code " read "Criminal Code ".

Senate bill No. 165:
"Prison law".

In title, instead of "Penal law" read

Assembly bill Rec. No. 578: In title, instead of "Business law" read "General Municipal law".

Assembly bill No. 1244: Instead of "Int." read "Rec.".

Senate bill Int. No. 973: In title, instead of " Civil Code" read "Criminal Code.".

Assembly bill Rec. No. 643:
read "Johnstown ".
Assembly bill Rec. No. 46:

In title, instead of "Jamestown "

In title, instead of "State Finance

law" read "Public Health law".

Assembly bill Rec. No. 837: In title, instead of "Jamestown " read Johnstown".


Assembly bill Rec. No. 645: In title, instead of "Election law" read" Education law ".

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Assembly bill No. 2047: Instead of "Int. No. 484" read Rec.
No. 484 ".

In record of return by the Assembly of concurrent resolution
relative to appointment of extra stenographers and employees,
instead of the words "to remain thirty days after final ad-
journment," read "to serve during the recess of the legisla-

Page 1930. In notice by Mr. McManus of motion to suspend rules, upon bill in relation to monopolies, instead of "Senate bill Int. No. 602," read "Assembly bill Rec. No. 602".

Pages 1976 and 1977.

By mistake in arrangement of the pages in putting together the original journal of Friday, May 27th, there appears upon these two pages the record of the return from the Assembly, with message of concurrence in Senate amendments, of several Assembly bills, including Rec. Nos. 485, 602 and 56, while the report of same bills from Committee on Engrossed bills and the record of their final passage appear upon pages 1981, 1985, 1986, 1988 and other subsequent pages. To make the records consecutive and chronologically correct these several entries appearing upon pages 1976 and 1977 should be transferred to, and read at the bottom of page 2006.

Page 2003, In line 24, instead of "passed "read "lost": the motion having been to reconsider the vote by which the bill was lost.

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