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successive yearly terms, unless he shall be re-elected by a vote of threefourths of the ballots cast at the election ; and the same vote shall be necessary for each succeeding re-election of the same person to the same office thereafter.



The regular meetings of the Chamber for the transaction of business shall be held in the Hall of the Chamber on the first Thursday in each month, (the summer vacation only excepted,) at half-past twelve o'clock, P. M. When the first Thursday in any month shall fall on a legal holiday, the regular monthly meeting shall be held on the Thursday following, unless otherwise ordered by a vote of the · Chamber.

Special meetings may be held at such other places, and at such other times as the President, or, in his absence, one of the Vice-Presidents, according to seniority, may designate, upon the written requisition of · ten members; provided that one day's notice of the time, place and

object of the meeting shall have been publicly given ; and also provided, that no other business except that designated in such call and notice shall be acted upon.



No persons shall be admitted members of this Corporation but merchants or others resident of this or contiguous States engaged in trade or commerce, or in pursuits directly connected therewith.

All nominations for membership of the Chamber must be made in writing, signed by one member, seconded by another member, together with a statement of the occupation and qualification of the candidate, and be addressed to the Executive Committee for consideration.

If the Executive Committee approve the nomination, they shall report the same to the Chamber at the first regular meeting thereafter. The candidate shall be then balloted for; and if five or more negative ballots appear, he cannot be admitted a member, nor be again proposed until after the expiration of a year from the time of such rejection.

The Chamber may expel any member for dishonorable conduct or dealings, but only after a hearing of such member at a regular meeting, and by a two-thirds vote of the members present. Provided, that

the Executive Committee shall have recommended such expulsion, and that due notice be given by the Secretary of the Chamber, both to the accused member and to the Chamber at large, of the day when such hearing may be had; and also provided, that if the accused member do not appear for such hearing, in person or by proxy, the vote may be taken on his expulsion as though he had appeared.

The Secretary of the Chamber shall furnish to each member who may apply therefor, and who shall have paid his admission or annual fees, an engraved certificate of membership, duly signed and authenticated.

There shall be two classes of members, Resident, who reside or do business in the City of New York; all others shall be classed as nonresident.

When the number of the former shall have reached fifteen hundred, (exclusive of Honorary members,) and that of the latter two hundred and fifty, no more shall thereafter be admitted, except to fill vacancies.



Honorary members may be elected at any meeting of the Chamber, whether regular or special, on the nomination of the Executive Committee, and without ballot, unless called for. They shall be entitled to all the privileges of regular members, and be exempt from payment of any fees whatever.

The Secretary shall furnish each honorary member, thus elected, with a certificate of membership, duly signed and authenticated.



Each member elected to the Chamber shalı pay a fee of fifty dollars, which shall be in full for all dues until the first of January next succeeding his election, and thereafter shall pay an annual fee of fifty dollars on the first of January in each year. For members not residing or doing business in the City of New York the fee shall be onehalf the above amounts, payable in like manner.

Every new member shall pay upon election an initiation fee of fifty dollars.

The Executive Committee may, in its discretion, for reasons satisfactory to itself, remit the annual dues of any member; and it may accept the resignation of any member, at any time, if the annual fees of such member, to the date of such resignation, shall have been paid or remitted.

If the fees of any member remain unpaid for a term of two years, the name of such defaulting member may be stricken from the rolls of the Chamber by order of the Executive Committee.


DUTIES OF OFFICERS. Of the President.The President shall exercise a general supervision of the affairs and interests of the Chamber. He shall preside at all meetings of the Chamber, regular and special, and all motions of business and adjournment shall be addressed to him. He shall appoint all Special Committees, except where the Chamber shall otherwise order. He shall sign all official documents of the Chamber. He shall countersign the annual accounts of the Treasurer, when duly audited. He shall call special meetings of the Chamber, on the written requisition of not less than ten members, stating the object thereof, and shall designate the time and place at which such special meeting may be held, and direct the due notification thereof.

Of the Vice-Presidents. —The Vice-Presidents, in the order of seniority, shall, in the absence of the President, have the same power and authority as the President.

Of the Treasurer.—The Treasurer shall have the charge of all moneys collected or received for the use of the Chamber, except money arising from or in any way connected with its real estate, or appropriated for, or received to acquire or improve the same. He shall disburse the same whenever not otherwise provided for by these by-laws, only upon the written warrants of the Executive Committee. He shall keep books of account of all receipts and disbursements, and the vouchers therefor, in the usual form, and shall produce a copy of the same, fairly stated, for the inspection of the members, at each annual meeting. Such a copy of accounts shall be duly audited by auditors appointed for the purpose by the Chamber, and be signed by them and countersigned by the President, on or before the Tuesday next preceding the annual meeting. The Treasurer shall deliver over to his successor the cash remaining in his hands, as also any certificates of stock or other securities, the property of this Chamber, together with the books of account, chest and key, and may require a receipt therefor. In the absence of the Treasurer-elect, the same shall be delivered to the President.

Of the Secretary.—The Secretary shall devote himself entirely to the affairs of the Chamber. He shall be the custodian of the Hall

and other rooms, and other property of the Chamber, except its real estate, and shall have the general care of the furniture, library, pictures, portraits, and of all documents and correspondence belonging to the Corporation. He shall keep such property insured against fire. He shall attend all meetings, and keep a fair and correct register of all proceedings, rules and regulations of the Chamber, which shall be regularly entered in the book of minutes, after the ancient usage. He shall also attend upon and keep minutes of the proceedings of the Executive and other Standing Committees, and shall assist the Special Committees as far as in his power. He shall, under direction of the President, conduct the correspondence of the Chamber. He shall duly notify members of their election, sign all documents jointly with the President, and have the custody of the seal of the Chamber for their proper authentication. He shall give due notice of all meetings, both regular and special. When neither the President, nor any of the Vice-Presidents is present at any meeting regularly called, the Secretary shall, after reasonable delay, adjourn the meeting sine die.

He shall see to the collection of all dues from members, and regularly return the same to the Treasurer, and shall render him all required assistance in the clerical part of his duties. He shall prepare the Annual Report of the Chamber, under the general guidance of the Executive Committee.

An Assistant Secretary may be appointed by the Executive Committee. He shall assist the Secretary in the performance of his duties, and in the Secretary's absence act in his place. He shall hold office during the pleasure of the Committee.


BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE REAL ESTATE. Election.—At each annual meeting of the Chamber there shall be elected from among the members two trustees for a term of three years, to fill the vacancies of those whose term of office will then expire. The six trustees so elected shall, with the President, constitute a Board, and have charge and control of the real estate of the Corporation. Any vacancies in said Board otherwise occurring shall be filled at the next regular or any subsequent meeting of the Chamber.

Powers and Duties.—The President of the Chamber shall be the Chairman of the Board of Trustees ex officio, and said Board may elect a Treasurer and a Secretary, and appoint such other assistants as it may require. The Board of Trustees shall have the custody, control and management of all real estate of the Corporation, and of all funds and other property appropriated or received for the pur

chase, improvement, or any other purpose affecting real estate, and shall have full power in the name of the Chamber to contract for and acquire such real estate as it may deem wise, and to improve the same by demolition, alteration or erection of buildings or otherwise, adopt plans, modify the same from time to time, and make all appropriate contracts therefor and for the management of said real estate. The Board may provide for such compensation to its appointees and assistants as it may deem wise, and pay the same from any funds in its control. No sale or mortgage of the real estate shall be made, except by authority of the Chamber by resolution adopted at a regular meeting or special meeting called for that purpose. All conveyances, mortgages, leases or contracts of, or affecting the real estate of the Chamber, shall be authorized by said Board and the President, or a majority thereof, and shall, when so authorized, be executed under the seal of the Corporation, attested by the signatures of the President and Secretary of the Chamber.

The Hall shall be used exclusively for meetings of the Chamber, unless consent for other temporary use be given by a two-thirds vote of the Board or Trustees of the Real Estate and President of the Chamber at a regular meeting or special meeting called for that purpose.

The Board shall annually, and from time to time as it deems wise, make reports to the Chamber.

The Board is authorized and empowered in the name of the Chamber to execute, issue and deliver certificates of indebtedness for subscriptions to the building fund received under letter of the Building Committee of May 7th, 1897, or under any other plan for providing funds to erect a building for the use of the Chamber, which certificates shall be of such form and contain such provisions as the Board may from time to time prescribe.

The Board is authorized and empowered to receive from the Treasurer of the Chamber all gifts and bequests of money or securities given to the Chamber in Trust in the way of endowment or otherwise, for any object connected with the operations of the Chamber, except the Charity Fund, and to invest, control, manage and disburse the same as provided by the donors thereof.

Duties of Officers.—The President shall preside at the meetings of the Board of Trustees when present, and shall perform the usual duties of that office. The Secretary shall keep true and careful minutes of the meetings, and perform such other duties as shall be

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