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Date. Received. SUBJECT.

Page 1876. 1876. Consul Pakenham to the Earl Apr. 20 June 22 Attack on Thetis' boats. of Derby

Note to Government

364 June 2 Aug. 16 Attack on Thetis' boats.

Reply from Hova Go-
vernment on ................



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Mr. Taylour Thomson to the May 17 June 16 Abolition of Persian
Earl of Derby

Slave Trade Commis.

sioner at Bushire 367 The Earl of Derby to Mr. June 22

Commissioner in Gulf
Taylour Thomson

must be re-appointed
if necessary


PERSIA (Resht).

Consul Churchill to the Earl | Apr. 10 | May 19 Slave Trade through the of Derby





Mr. Jervoise to the Earl of Jan. 19 Jan. 28 | Correspondence withi

Portuguese Govern-
ment on slavery in

369 Jan. 19 Jan. 29 Conversation with Senhor

Corzo as to joint action of British and Portuguese Governments respecting Slave Trade in Mozambique.

371 Feb. 7 Feb. 16 Servile condition in Por

tuguese Islands of San
Thomé and Principe
abolished by Law of
February 3

374 Feb. 26 Mar. 2 Copy of note to Portu

guese Government re-
specting Mozambique
Slave Trade

375 Mr. Watson to the Earl of Mar. 10 Mar. 18 Copy of note to Portu

guese Government re-
specting Mozambique
Slave Trade

380 The Earl of Derby to Mr. Mar. 22

To call attention of PorWatson

tuguese Government to Slave Trade on East Coast of Africa. Her Majesty's Government offer their co-operation..........

381 (1875-76. LXVII.]



Date. Received. SUBJECT.

Page 1876. 1876. Mr. Morier to the Earl of Oct. 23 Nov. 3 Attitude of GovernorDerby

General towards Mo. zambique Slave Trade. 382

PORTUGAL (Loanda).

Acting Consul Carnegie to Aug. 24 | Oct. 13 | Abolition of slavery in the Earl of Derby

Portuguese Possessions

West Coast of



PORTUGAL (Mozambique).

1875. 1876.
Consul Elton to the Earl of Dec. 11 Feb. 7 Inefficient means taken

by Portuguese to cap-
ture a known slave.

Feb. 3 Mar. 6 Royal Decree of April

29, 1875, respecting
abolition, published in

386 Jan. 5 Mar. 26 Monopoly of Zambesi

and Shiré navigation.

Copy of Concession ... 387 Mar. 30 May 8 Slave Trade under French flag.....

391 ... June 10 Aug. i Sultan of Zanzibar's Pro

clamation prohibiting
Slave Trade published
in “Mozambique Ga-

393 Aug. 17 Sept. 23 Visit to Tugulu district,

and general Report. Slave · holding by British Indians.......... 393


Lord A. Loftus to the Earl of June 13 June 19 Note to Russian Govern.

ment respecting pas-
sage of slaves through
Russian territory on
way from Constanti.
nople to Persia ............ 402


Sir J. Walsham to the Earl | Aug. 17 | Aug. 24 | Note to Spanish Governof Derby

ment respecting emancipados in Cuba 403

SPAIN (Havana).

Date. Received. SUBJECT.

Page 1876. 1876. Aeting Consul-General Craw. Mar. 4 Apr. 1 Venezuelan Government ford to the Earl of Derby

will not permit expor

tation of Indians 405 Mar. 4 Apr. 1 General Jovellar's Edict

as to emancipados 405 Mar. 11 Mar. 29 Has called General Jovel.

lar's attention to un-' satisfactory nature of Edict.

407 May 22 June 23 Decree of General Jovel

lar clearing up Article
4 of his former Decree
as to emancipados....... 407

SPAIN (Puerto Rico), Consul Pauli to the Earl of Apr. 26 May 20 | Termination of contract Derby 1 of libertos



Mr. Bourke to Consul-General Feb. 1

Slave Trade through F. Drummond-Hay

Ghadames, To send
Report on ..........

410 Consul-General F. Drummond- Feb. 22 Mar. 16 Sends Report as desired 411

Hay to the Earl of Derby

TRIPOLI (Bengazi).

1875. Consul Henderson to the Earl | Dec. 24 Jan. 24 Report on Slave Trade at of Derby


412 1876. Mr. Lister to Consul Hender- Mar. 23

Slave Trade through Tri

poli. Does Govern-
ment try to stop it at

416 Consul Henderson to the Earl June 20 July 3 Slave Trade by sea interof Derby





Sir H. Elliot to the Earl of Feb. 21 | Mar. 10 | Jalo Slave Trade. Has

called attention to 417 The Earl of Derby to Sir H. June 13

Slave Trade through

Malta. Correspon-
dence on system of in.

spection by females .... 417


Date. Received. SUBJECT.

1876. 1876.
Sir H. Elliot to the Earl of July 29 Aug. 11 Jeddah Slave Trade. Has

made strong remon.
strance about Jeddah

421 ,

Aug. 1 Aug. 11 Thanks of Government

for correspondence
sent on 13th June 422

TURKEY (Jeddah).
Consul Beyts to the Earl of Mar. 17 | Mar. 25 Annie Smith. Report

422 May 30 June 19 Increasing and open Slave Trade


on case

TURKEY (Smyrna).
Consul Cumberbatch to the Feb. 11 Feb. 21 Slaves on Austrian and
Earl of Derby

Russian steam-ships.... 423
Feb. 12 Feb. 21 Slaves on British steam-

ship Annie Smith... ... 424 Acting Consul Joly to the July 14 July 21 Has emancipated female Earl of Derby




Sir E. Thornton to the Earl June 5 June 19 On transport of slaves beof Derby

tween Brazilian ports. 424 The Earl of Derby to Mr. Oct. 24

Mr. Stanley's proceed.

ings in Central Africa.
Calls attention of
United States' Govern-
ment to

426 Mr. Pierrepont to the Earl of Oct. 26 Oct. 27 Receipt of above 426




1875. 1876.
Dr. Kirk to the Earl of Derby Nov. 29 Jan. 10 Visit to Benadir. Sultan

prevailed on to emanci.
pate slaves........

430 Dec. 9 Jan. 10 | Attack boats of

London, near Tanga, punished. Destruction of villages

426 Dec. 15 Jan. 10 Abolition of slavery in

northern provinces of Zanzibar

433 1876. The Earl of Derby to Dr. Kirk Jan. 14 Abolition of slavery in

Bepadir. Satisfaction at

434 Jan. 14

Attack on London's boats.

Action approved 434


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Date. Received. SUBJECT.

Page 1876. 1876. Dr. Kirk to the Earl of Derby Feb. 2 Mar. 7 Proclamation of abolition

of slavery at Kismayo. Departure of Egyptians

435 Mr. Lister to Dr. Kirk Mar. 10

Satisfaction at publica

tion of Proclamation
at Kismayo

438 Dr. Kirk to the Earl of Derby Feb. 21 Apr. 10 Arabcrew of slave-vessel

flogged by order of

438 Feb. 29 Apr. 10 As to slavery in Islands

of Pemba Channel 440 Feb. 29 May 1 Capture of native vessel.

Slaves alleged to be

441 Mar. 7 Apr. 11 Remarks Thetis.

Slave-dealers released
by Portuguese authori-

ties at Mozambique ... 444 Mr. Lister to Dr. Kirk Apr. 20

Flogging of Arabs. Her

Majesty's Government
will support Sultan
generally in measures

against Slave Trade 445 Dr. Kirk to the Earl of Derby Apr. 15 June 6 Has assured Sultan of

our sympathy and sup-

445 Apr. 20 June 6 On extent of, and mea

sures taken to stop,
land Slave Trade

446 Apr. 26 June 6 Sultan has freed all his

household slaves 453 Apr. 28 June 6 Copies of Proclamations

prohibiting land Slave

454 May 4 June 6 Assault on German sub

ject by a Somali. Steps
taken in concert with

German Consul........... 456 Mr. Lister to Dr. Kirk June 15

Congratulate Sultan on

emancipation of his

household slaves 457 July 6

German Government

with steps
taken by him in case
of assault on German

458 Dr. Kirk to the Earl of Derby May 18 July 13 Slave-dhow seized by

Sultan before sailing
for Arabia. Escape of
dhow sailing under
French flag

458 June 1 July 13 Disturbances at Kilwa

quieted by his arrival
and the large powers
given him by the

459 Mr. Lister to Dr. Kirk July 13

Abuse of French tlag.

Fresh instructions
sent out by French
Government to pre-




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