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DECREE for the Conversion and Consolidation (l'Unification ")

of Egyptian Debts.. .. Cairo, 7th May, 1876., 1016
instituting a Supreme Council of the Treasury.

Cairo, 11th May, 1876.. 1020
appointing Commissioners ( Commissaires-Directeurs ")
for the “ Caisse of the Public Debt.

Cairo, 22nd May, 1876.. 1024
respecting the Finances of Egypt (Appointment of
Controllers - General, &c.)

Cairo, 18th November, 1876.. 1024
respecting the Conversion of the Public Debt.

Cairo, 6th December, 1876.. 1032

RÈGLEMENTS concerning the Chamber of Deputies of Egypt.

November, 1866.. 1006


CORRESPONDENCE with Great Britain, relative to the Slave




DECREE respecting the Limitation of the Jurisdiction of German

Consuls in Egypt Berlin, 23rd December, 1875.. 1336

Law respecting the Union of Alsace and Lorraine with the

German Empire

Berlin, 9th June, 1871.. 1160

amending Article 28 of the Constitution of the Empire.

Berlin, 24th February, 1873.. 1161

amending Article 4 of the Constitution of the Empire.

Berlin, 3rd March, 1873.. 162

on the Introduction of the Constitution of the German

Empire into Alsace and Lorraine.

Babelsberg, 25th June, 1873.. 1162

relating to the Naturalization of Foreigners in the

German Service Berlin, 20th December, 1875.. 1287

PROPOSALS of Austria, Germany, and Russia, for the Pacifica-

tion of Bosnia and the Herzegovina.

Berlin, 13th May, 1876. 1230

REGULATION of the European Commission for the Navigation

and Police of the Lower Danube, with Tariff of

Dues to be levied at the Sulina Mouth.

Galatz, 10th November, 1875.. 639

SPEECII of the Emperor, on the Opening of the Prussian


Berlin, 16th January, 1876.. 1065

of the Emperor, on the Opening of the Reichstag.

Berlin, 30th October, 1876.. 1068

TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN Powers, viz. :—with

Costa Rica. Treaty. Commerce and Navigation.

San José, 18th May, 1875.. 1274

Do. Protocol. Marriages.

San José, 21st November, 1876.. 1286

Great Britain, &c. Arrangement. Admission of

India and French Colonies into the Postal


Berne, 27th January, 1876.. 549

Luxemburg. Treaty. E.ctradition.

Berlin, 9th March, 1876.. 207

Do. Ieclaration. Ratification of Extradi-

tion Convention of 9th March,


Berlin, 25th August, 1876..


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