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Great, generous acts thy ductile paffions move,

And smilingly thou weep'st with joy and love.
Mild is thy mind to cover shame,
Averse to envy, flow to blame,

Bursting to praise, yet still sincere and free

From flatt'ry's fawning tongue, and bending knee. Extensive, as from west to eaft, Thy love descends from man to beast,

Nought is excluded, little, or infirm,

Thou canst with greatness floop to save a worm. Come, goddesș, come with all thy charms, For oh! I love thee, to my arms All,-all

my actions guide, my fancy feed, So shall existence then be life indeed.

OFFSPRING of folly and .of pride,

To all that's odious, all that's base ally’d;
Nurs’d up by vice, by pravity milled,
By pedant affectation taught and bred:

Away! thou hideous hell-born spright,
Go, with thy looks of dark design,
Sullen, four, and saturnine;

Fly to some gloomy shade, nor blot the goodly light.
Thy planet was remote when I was born;
"Twas Mercury that rul’d my natal morn,
What time the fun exerts his genial ray,
And ripens for enjoyment every growing day:
When to exist is but to love and hing,
And sprightly Aries smiles upon the spring.

There, in yon loathsome heath, Which Flora, or Sylvanus never knew, Where never vegetable drank the dew,

Or beast, or fowl attempts to breathe; Where nature's pencil has no colours laid; But all is blank, and universal shade;

Contrast to figure, motion, life and light,
There may'st thou vent thy spite,
For ever cursing, and for ever curs’d,
Of all th' infernal crew the worst;
The worst in genius, measure, and degree;
For envy, hatred, malice, are but parts of thee.
Or would'st thou change the scene, and quit the

Where spleen, by vapours dense begot and bred,
Hardness of heart, and heaviness of head,
Have rais’d their darksome walls, and plac'd their

thorny bed; There may’lt thou all thy bitterness unload, There may'st thou croak’in concert with the toad, With thee the hollow howling winds Thall join,

Nor shall the bittern her base throat deny; The quer’lous frogs shall mix their note with thine, Th’ear-piercing hern, the plover screaming high,

Millions of humming gnats fit æstrum shall supply: Away!-away!-behold an hideous band, An herd of all thy minions are at hand, SUSPICION first with jealous caution stalks, And ever looks around her as the walks, With bib’lous ear imperfect founds to catch, And proud to listen at her neighbour's latch: Next SCANDAL'S meagre fade,

Foe to the virgin's and the poet's fame, A wither'd time-deflower'd old maid,

That ne'er enjoy'd love's ever-sacred flame:
HYPOCRISY succeeds with faint-like look,
And elevates her hands and plods upon her book :
Next comes illib'ral scrambling AVARICE,

See, the falutes her shadow with a bow,
As in short Gallic trips the minces by,
Starting ANTIPATHY is in her eye,
And Iqueamishly she knits her scornful brow,

To thee, ILL-NATURE, all the numerous group
With lowly rev’rence stoop-
They wait thy call, and mourn thy long delay,
Away!-thou art infectious—hase-away!

FLUSH'D by the spirit of the genial year,

Now from the virgin's cheek a fresher bloom
Shoots, less and less, the live carnation round;
Her lips blush deeper sweets; she breathes of youth;
The shining moisture swells into her eyes
In brighter flow; her wishing borom heaves
With palpitations wild: kind tumults seize
Her veins, and all her yielding foul is Love.
From the keen gaze her lover turns away,
Full of the dear ecstatic pow'r, and sick
With fighing languishment. Ah, then, ye fair!
Be greatly cautious of your sliding hearts:
Dare not th’infectious figh! the pleading look,
Down-cast and low, in meek submission drest,
But full of guile. Let not the fervent tongue,
Prompt to deceive, with adulation fmooth,
Gain on your purpos’d will. Nor in the bow'r,
Where woodbines flaunt, and roses shed a couch,
While evening draws her crimfon curtains round,
Trust your foft minutes with betraying man.

And let th' aspiring youth beware of LOVE, Of the smooth glance beware; for 'tis too late, When on his heart the torrent-foftness pours. Then wisdom prostrate lies, and fading fame Diffolves in air away; while the fond soul,

visions of unreal bliss, Still paints th' illusive form; the kindling grace; Th’inticing smile ; the modest seeming eye, Beneath whose beaut’ous beams, belying heav'n, Lurk searchless cunning, cruelty, and death : And still false-warbling in his cheated ear

in gay


Her fyren-voice, enchanting, draws him on
To guileful fores, and meads of fatal joy.

Ev’n present, in the very lap of Love
Inglorious laid; while music flows around;
Perfumes, and oils, and wine, and wanton hours;
Amid the roses fierce repentance rears
Her snaky creft: a quick-returning pang
Shoots thro' the conscious heart where honour still,
And great design, against th' oppressive load
Of luxury, by fits, impatient heave.

But absent, what fantastic woes, arous’d, Rage in each thought, by restless inuting fed, Chill the warm cheek, and blast the bloom of life? Neglected fortune flies; and sliding swift, Prone into ruin, fall his scorn'd affairs. 'Tis nought but gloom around: The darken’d fun Loses his light. The rosy bosom'd spring To weeping fancy pines; and yon bright arch, Contracted, bends into a dusky vault. All nature fades extinct; and she alone Heard, felt, and feen, poffeffes ev'ry thought, Fills ev'ry sense, and pants in ev'ry vein. Books are but formal dulness, tedious friends; And fad amid the social band he fits, Lonely and unattentive. From his tongue Th’unfinish'd period falls; while, borne away On swelling thought, his wafted fpirit flies To the vain bofom of his distant fair; And leaves the femblance of a lover, fix'd In melancholy site, with head declin'd, And love-dejected eyes. Sudden he starts, Shook from his tender trance, and restless runs To glimm'ring fhades and sympathetic glooms; Where the dun umbrage o'er the falling stream, Romantic, hangs; there thro’ the pentive dulk Strays in heart-thrilling meditation loft, Indulging all to love: or, on the bank, Thrown amid drooping lilies, swells the breeze With fighs unceasing, and the brook with tears. Thus in loft anguish he consumes the day:

Nor quits his deep retirement, till the moon
Peeps through the chambers of the fleecy east,
Enlighten'd by degrees, and in her train
Leads on the gentle hours; then forth he walks,
Beneath the trembling languish of her beam,
With soften’d foul, and wooes the bird of eve,
To mingle woes with his; or, while the world,
And all the sons of care lie hush'd in sleep,
Affociates with the midnight shadows drear;
And, fighing to the lonely taper, pours
His idly-tortur'd heart into the page
Meant for the moving messenger of love;
Where rapture burns on rapture, ev'ry line
With rising frenzy fir’d. But if on bed
Delit’ous flung, sleep from his pillow flies;
All night he toffes, nor the balmy pow'r
In any posture finds; till the grey morn
Lifts her pale luftre on the paler wretch,
Exanimate by love: and then, perhaps,
Exhausted nature finks awhile to rest;
Still interrupted by distracted dreams,
That o’er the fick imagination rise,
And in black colours paint the mimic scene.
Oft with th' enchantress of his foul he talks;
Sometimes in crowds diftress’d; or if retir'd
To secret winding flow'r-enwoven bow'rs,
Far from the dull' impertinence of man,
Just as he, credulous, his endless cares
Begins to lose in blind obliv'ous Love,
Snatch'd from her yielding hand, he knows not how,
Thro’ forests huge, and long untravell’d heaths
With defolation brown, he wanders waste,
In night and tempest wrapt; or shrinks aghaft,
Back, from the bending precipice; or wades
The turbid stream below, and Itrives to reach
The farther Thore; where fuccourless, and fad,
She with extended arms his aid implores;
But strives in vain: borne by th’ outrageous flood
To distance down, he rides the ridgy wave,
Or whelm'd beneath the boiling eddy finks.

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