History and Description of the Parish of Clerkenwell

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Longman, 1828 - 448 страница

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Страница 184 - Tomb he found, His Pen hath built it new out of the Ground. 'Twixt Earth and him this Interchange we find. She hath to him, he been to her like kind : She was his Mother, he (a grateful Child) Made her his Theme, in a large Work compil'd Of Funeral Relicks, and brave Structures rear'd On such as seem'd unto her most indear'd. Alternately a Grave to him she lent. O'er which his Book remains a Monument.
Страница 275 - And for myself, besides my yearly allowance, I would have twenty gowns of apparel, six of them excellent good ones, eight of them for the country, and six other of them very excellent good ones.
Страница 224 - When the publique theatres were shut up, and the actors forbidden to present us with any of their tragedies, because we had enough of that in earnest; and comedies, because the vices of the age were too lively and smartly represented ; then all that we could divert ourselves with were these humours and pieces of plays, which, passing under the name of a merry conceited fellow called Bottom the Weaver, Simpleton the Smith, John Swabber, or some such title, were only allowed us, and that but by stealth...
Страница 137 - ... the proprietors of the rival Magazines would meanly have submitted. He was a friend rather easy and constant, than zealous and active; yet many instances might be given where both his money and his diligence were employed liberally for others. His enmity was in like manner cool and deliberate; but though cool, it was not insidious, and though deliberate, not pertinacious. His mental faculties were slow. He saw little at a time, but that little he saw with great exactness. He was long in finding...
Страница 136 - He continued to improve his Magazine, and had the satisfaction of seeing its success proportionate to his diligence, till in 1751, his wife died of an asthma. He seemed not at first much affected by her death, but in a few days...
Страница 159 - Some Passages of the Life and Death of John Earl of Rochester ;" which the critic ought to read for its elegance, the philosopher for its arguments, and the saint for its piety.
Страница 195 - Has suffer'd now in the most tender part. Long did he live the honour of the bow, And his long life to that alone did owe.
Страница 430 - Here lies the coal-heaver, who departed this life July I, 1813, in the 69th year of his age, beloved of his God, but abhorred of men. The omniscient Judge, at the grand assize, shall ratify and confirm this, to the confusion of many thousands ; for England and its metropolis shall know that there hath been a prophet among them.
Страница 18 - Whereas the Great and Excessive Number of Houses, Edifices, Out-houses and Cottages erected and new built in and about the Suburbs of the City of London, and the parts thereunto adjoyning, is found to be very mischievous and inconvenient, and a great Annoyance and Nuisance to the Commonwealth. . . . And whereas by the Law the said Houses and Nuisances ought to be abated, and the Builders, Occupiers, Continuers and Tenats thereof ought to make fines for the same.
Страница 275 - Also, I will have all my houses furnished, and my lodging chambers to be suited with all such furniture as is fit ; as beds, stools, chairs, suitable cushions, carpets, silver warmingpans, cupboards of plate, fair hangings, and such like. So for my drawing-chamber in all houses, I will have them delicately furnished, both with hangings, couch, canopy, glass, carpet, chairs, cushions, and all things thereunto belonging.

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