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Hubbard, Henry, Agent of Mass. at N. Orleans, v. "Imprisonment

of Citizens, &c."
Huntington, Asahel, District Attorney for Northern District, Report of

Committee appointed to investigate charges against,
Husband and Wife, Bill additional concerning,
Impounding of Cattle, Bill relative to,
Imprisonment of Citizens of this Commonwealth in other States, Re-

port of H. Hubbard, Agent at New Orleans,
Order on subject of,
Report and Resolves in relation to Louisiana and South Car-

(v. also Senate Nos. 4 and 31.)
Inebriates, Memorial in favor of establishing an Asylum for,
Laws which may hereafter be repealed, Bill relative to,
Lexington and West Cambridge Rail-road Co., Bill to incorporate,
Liens and Remedies of Mechanics and others, Bill concerning, (v. also

No. 39)
Limited Partnerships, Bill concerning,
Louisiana and South Carolina, Resolves relating to, v. “Imprison-

ment of Citizens, &c.”
Lowell, City of, Bill to amend Charter of,

Bill concerning Juvenile Offenders in,
Marblehead Breakwater Co., Bill to incorporate,
Marshpee, District of, Annual Report of Commissioner of,
Massachusetts Bank, Resolve on the petition of,
Mechanics and Others, Bill giving, a lien on buildings, (v. also No. 30,)
Medicine, Bill concerning the Study of, (v. also No. 36 and Senate

No. 112)
New Bedford, City of, Bill to establish,
Normal Schools, Report and Resolve respecting, (v. Senate No. 24,)
Northampton and Springfield Rail-road Co., Bill authorizing, to

change their location,
Poor Debtors, Bill additional to an Act concerning,

Amendinent to above Bill,
Principals, Factors and Agents, Bill concerning, (v. also Senate No.

Public Schools, Bill concerning,
Rail-road Commissioners, Bills for the appointment of a Board of,
Rail-road Corporations, Annual Reports of,
Rail-roads and Common Roads, Bill relating to, (v. also Senate No.

Registers of Deeds, Bill concerning,
Representatives in Congress, Bill conce

ncerning the election of, Savings Institutions, Abstract of Returns of,


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No. 34


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School Districts, Bill relative to Taxation of Real Estate in,
Secretary of the Conmonwealth, Report of office expenses of,
Seduction, Bills to punish, (v. also Senate Nos. 79 and 96,)
Selectmen and Fire Engineers, Bill relating to the powers of,
South Carolina, v. "Imprisonment of Citizens, &c."
State Lunatic Hospital, Memorial of the Town of Carver, and Report

thereon, relative to James Shurtleff, an inmate of,
Stationary Steam Engines, Bill to regulate the use of,
Steam Engines and Furnaces, Bill to regulate the use of,
Suffolk Co. Register of Probate, Memorial of,

Bill to establish Salary of,
Tar of $75,000, Bill to apportion and assess,
Teras, Report and Resolves concerning Admission of, (v. also Sen-

ate No. 104,) -
Treasurer, Report of office expenses of,
Treasury, Annual Report of state of,
Trustees, Bill authorizing the Judge of Probate to appoint, in certain


Bill relative to the costs of,
Western Rail-road Corp., Bill concerning election of State Directors

in, (v. also Senate No. 19,)
Western Rail-road Stock Sinking Fund, Bill relative to,
Whitaker, Edgar K., and others, Memorial of, v. “Inebriates."
Willis, H. M., Register of Probate for Suffolk Co., Memorial, v. “Suf-

folk Co.”
Winsor, Henry, Assignee, Resolve on Petition of,


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16 53

8 15


Return of Banks.

Insurance Companies.
" Jails and Houses of Correction.
the Poor, &c.
Births, Deaths and Marriages.

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