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IV. No bill or resolve shall be introduced to the House without special leave, unless reported by a Committee ; and when thus introduced, such bill or resolve shall be committed, before it is ordered to a second reading. When any bill, resolve, petition, memorial or remonstrance, shall have been finally rejected, no other, substantially the same, shall be introduced by any Committee or Member during the same session.

V. No engrossed bill or resolve shall be sent to the Senate, without notice thereof being given by the Speaker.

VL. No private act or resolve, affecting the character or property of any individual, shall pass the House, unless such individual be first notified thereof.

VII. All bills and resolves in their third reading, shall be committed to the Standing Committee on bills in the third reading, to be by them examined, corrected, and so reported to the House.

VIII. All engrossed bills and resolves shall be committed to the Standing Committee on engrossed bills, to be strictly examined ; and is found by them to be truly and rightly engrossed, they shall so report to the House, and the same shall be passed to be enacted, without any further reading, unless, on motion of any Member, a majority of the House shall be in favor of reading the same as engrossed.

No engrossed bill or resolve shall be amended.

Bills and resolves in their third reading, shall be made the order of the day, for the day next succeeding that on which leave shall have been given to read them a third time; and all reports of Committees, not by bill or resolve, whether joint or of this House, shall be made the order of the day for the day next succeeding that on which they shall have been read in this House, unless the House shall otherwise direct by vote; and the Speaker shall order them accordingly; and after entering on the orders of the day, they shall be disposed of in course.

XI. All amendments, proposed by the Senate and sent back to the House for their concurrence, shall be committed to the Committee who reported the measure proposed to be amended.

Of Committees, their Powers and Duties.

I. The following Standing Committees shall be appointed at the commencement of the political year, viz:

A Committee on the Judiciary;
A Committee on Matters of Probate and Chan-

cery ;
A Committee on Finance;
A Committee on Elections ;
A Committee on Bills in the Third Reading;
A Committee on Engrossed Bills;
And each of these Committees shall consist of

Seven Members.

A Committee on County Estimates ;
A Committee on the Pay Roll:
A Committee on the Change of Names;
A Coinmittee on Leave of Absence;
A Committee on Public Buildings;
A Committee on Printing ;
And each of these Committees shall consist of
Five Members.

II. In all elections by ballot of the House, a time shall be assigned for such election, at least one day previous thereto.

III. In all elections of Committees of the House, by ballot, the person having the highest number of votes shall act as Chairman.

IV. All papers, relative to any business before the House, shall be left with the Clerk, by any Member, who may obtain leave of absence, and may have any such papers in his possession.

V. The Chairman of every Committee, except the Standing Committees, who shall have business referred to them, shall make report of their doings therein, within four days after such reference.

VI. All Committees may report by bill, resolve, or otherwise.

VII. The rules of proceeding in the House shall be observed in a Committee of the whole House, so far as they may be applicable, except the rule limiting

the times of speaking : but no Member shall speak twice upon any question, until every Member, choosing to speak, shall have spoken. A motion to rise, report progress, and ask leave to sit again, shall be always first in order, and shall be decided without debate.

[blocks in formation]


I. The following Joint Standing Committees shall be appointed at the commencement of the January session, viz:

A Committee on Accounts ;
A Committee on Education;
A Committee on Banks and Banking;
A Committee on Claims;
A Committee on Agriculture;
A Conimittee on the Fisheries ;
A Committee on the Library;
A Committee on Manufactures;
A Committee on Mercantile Affairs & Insurance;
A Committee on the Militia;
A Committee on Parishes and other Religious So-
A Committee on Prisons;
A Committee on Public Charitable Institutions,
A Committee

on Public Lands;
A Committee on Railways and Canals;
A Committee on Roads and Bridges; and

A Committee on Towns; And each of said Committees shall consist of two on the part of the Senate, and five on the part of the House

, except the Committee on the Library, which, by law, is to consist of three on the part of each House, and no Member of any Committee shall receive compensation for personal services on such Committee, during the Session of the Legislature. No member of either llouse shall act as counsel for any party before any Committee of the



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