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II. The Joint Committees of the two Houses may report by bill, resolve, or otherwise, to either House, at their discretion; and all bills and resolves reported by them, shall be written in a fair round hand, without interlineation, on not less than a sheet of paper, with suitable margins, and spaces between the several sections or resolves.

III. All papers, while on their passage

between the two Houses, may be under the signature of the respective Clerks, except Bills and Resolves, in their

last stage.

IV. After Bills shall have passed both Houses to be engrossed, they shall be in the charge of the Clerks of the two Houses, who shall deliver the same to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, to be engrossed in the manner prescribed by law; and when engrossed, the said Clerks shall forthwith deliver the same to the Committee of the House of Representatives on Engrossed Bills; and when the same shall have passed to be enacted in that House, they shall, in like manner, be delivered to the Committee of the Senate on Engrossed Bills.

V. After Bills shall have passed both Houses to be enacted, the Clerk of the Senate shall cause them to be laid before the Governor for his approbation, an indorsement being first made thereon, by the Clerk of the House, in which the same originated, certifying in which House the same originated, which indorsement shall be entered on the Jour. nals by the Clerks respectively, and the Clerk of the Senate shall enter on the Journal of the Senate the day on which the same were laid before the Governor.

VI. All resolves and other papers, which are to be presented to the Governor of the Commonwealth, shall be presented for his approbation, in the same manner as is prescribed in the case of Bills.

VII. All resolves proposing amendments of the Con. stitution, shall have three several readings in each House, and the question upon the third reading shall be taken by yeas and nays, as provided by the

VIII. The President of the Senate shall preside in conventions of the two branches; and such conventions shall be holden in the Representatives' chamber.

IX. When an agreement has been made by the two branches to go into convention, such agreement shall not be altered or annulled, except by concur


rent vote.

X. No business shall be entered on in convention, except by unanimous consent, other than that which may be agreed on before the convention is formed.

XI. In all elections by joint ballot, a time shall be assigned therefor at least one day previous to such


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OF CONCORD, Treasurer & Receiver General of the Commonwealth.

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