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Page 1226. Assembly bill No. 1922, Rec. No. 612-The title should read "An act to incorporate the Niagara Frontier Bridge Company."

Page 1231. Senate bill No. 1053, Int. No. 817-The title should read "An act providing for the construction of an aqueduct under the Erie canal at Durhamville, and making an appropriation therefor."

Page 1237. Assembly bill No. 1426—Rec. No. “ 438 " should read "483".

Page 1246. In line twenty-three Mr. Fletcher" should read "Mr. Fechter".

Page 1304. In line eight, after the comma, insert "Int. No. 947 ". Page 1343. Assembly bill amending the Domestic Commerce Law" No. 1078" should read “No. 1232, Senate reprint No. 1078" and "Rec. No. 187" should read "Rec. No. 315".

Page 1376. Senate bill No. 1292-Int. No. "941" should read "947 ".

Page 1458. Assembly bill No. 239-Rec. No. “649” should read "469 ".

Page 1511. In line four, after the word "Martin" insert "Int. No. 998 ".

Page 1522. In line four, Rec. No. "109" should read “139 ". Page 1523. In line two, Rec. No. "266" should read "256 ". Page 1533. In line four, "Assembly bill" should read "Senate bill" and "Rec." should read "Int."

Page 1561. Assembly bill No. 2103-"(Int. No. 598)" should read "(Rec. No. 598)".

Page 1596. Senate bill No. 1367-Int. No. "780" should read "916".

Page 1678. Senate bill No. 1455-Int. No. "353" should read "323".

Page 1726. Senate bill No. 1302—“(Rec. No. 568)" should read "Int. No. 568)”. ̄

Page 1728. Assembly bill No. 1929-Rec. No. "500" should read "508".

Page 1760. Assembly bill No. 2138-Rec. No. “715" should read "714".

Page 1778. Assembly bill No. 1913-Rec. No. "618" should read "681".

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Page 1779. In line eleven the word referred should read "returned".

Page 1796. Assembly bill No. 1232, after the title (at end of third line of page) insert the words "(Rec. No. 315)".

Page 1810. Assembly bill No. 2231, Rec. No. 640-The title should read "An act to amend the Military Code, relative to pay and allowances."

Page 1811. Assembly bill No. 501-Rec. No. "110" should read "119 ".

Page 1833. In line one the word "Assembly " should read “Senate" and in line two the abbreviation "Rec." should read "Int.” Page 1918. Senate bill No. 1356-Int. No. "823" should read 66 822".





Pursuant to the sixth section of the tenth article of the Constitution of the State of New York, designating the first Wednesday in January of each year for the time of the meeting of the Legislature, the Senate convened, Hon. M. Linn Bruce, Lieutenant-Governor, presiding.

Prayer by Rev. William C. Doane.

The Clerk called the roll of the Senate, and the following Senators responded as present:

[blocks in formation]

The Secretary of State, Comptroller and Treasurer having formed a State Board of Canvassers, and having canvassed the whole number of votes cast for all the candidates for the office of Senator at a special election held in and for the Sixteenth and Twenty-fourth Senate districts of said State, on the seventh day of November, nineteen hundred and five, according to the certified statements of the said votes received by the Secretary of State in the manner directed by law, do hereby determine, declare and certify that the following persons by the greatest number of

votes given at the said election in said Senate districts were respectively and duly elected Senators of said State, to wit: John M. Quinn, Sixteenth Senate district.

Sanford W. Smith, Twenty-fourth Senate district.

Given under our hands at the office of Secretary of State at the Capitol in the city of Albany, this twenty-eighth day of December, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and five.

[blocks in formation]

I have compared the preceding copy of certificate of election with the original thereof on file in this office, and do hereby certify that the same is a correct transcript therefrom and of the whole thereof.

Given under my hand, and the seal of office of the Secretary of State, at the Capitol, in the city of Albany, [L. S.] this second day of January, in the year one thousand nine hundred and six.

Secretary of State.

The President addressed the Senate as follows:

In accordance with the provisions of law, the Senate is again convened. I congratulate you that it has been vouchsafed to so many to return to this chamber, and I trust that during the arduous session upon which we are entering each of us may be enabled to discharge his duty, in our several places and relation, to the best of his ability, to the end that we may have the approval of our conscience and the commendation of the people, whose servants we are and whom we serve.

Mr. Raines offered the following:

Whereas, Since the adjournment of the Senate, Albert B. Sackett, who was for many years the stenographer of this body, died at his home in Canandaigua, N. Y.; therefore,

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