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you think the world is blind to your motives ; it is not, 'The public papers of the United States having an. long since the state of Gcorgia had a slice of Indian ounced the disapprobation of the hostile conduct of lands, and the tever is aguin at its height. Is your general Mathews and conimodore Campbell, 1 fata excellency altogether pure--does not the name of cred myself that the United States troops would GUNBy bring a blush upon your cheek? Does it not hive been withdrawn ere now:-until that takes place, remind you that your character is in the power of all I can hold no treaty, and in the mean time, proiest

, the persons privy to the bargain?

is I have verbally informed colonel Cuuibert, against Governor, I now take my leave of you ; what I whatever may happen, as I do not acknowledge any have said is more for the purpose of unmasking your other authority on this side of the dividing line, apparent patriotism, than from any expectation of marked out by both nations, in their treaty of frieni. its intiucricing the determination of Congress.- ship, limits and navigation, dated 27th Oct. 1795. Whatever assurances you may have received from the God preserve you many years. president, of his solicitude to "act with decision;" 9th May, 1812. if authorised by that body, we flatter ourselves, that (Signed.) JUAN JOSE DE ESTRADA. it possesies too much virtue, to permit an act of in- Governor Jlitchell, State of Georgia. justice, which must stamp the American name with infany. The nomination of gen. Pinckney is an assurrance to the contrary, as we are convinced, that

Our Naval Victories. he never will lend his name to authorise an action To relieve the sombre complexion of the REGISTER, that might disgrace his fair character.

loaded with political matter, we gladly devole a I remain, your excellency's, very obedient ser part of this number to the highly interesting and

amusing details of the late fetes at New-York, in BENIGNO GARZIA.

honor of our invaluable tars--IMPRESSMENT AUST Governor Mitchell, State of Georgia.

New-YORK, January 4, 1813. Copy of a letter from Governor Mitchell to the Go. In addition to the other testimonials of approbation vernor of St. Augustine.

and joy for our late naval victories, that hare so Šr. May's, 4.th May, 1812. wull comported with the dignity and opulence of our Sir The President of the United States has com- city, we are proud to record the particulars of a fete prissioned me to communicate with you on the trans- which reflects honor upon the taste of the designing actions which have recently taken place in East-Flo- artist, upon the cxertions and arrangements of the rida, and in which the forces of the United States managers, and likewise upon the public spirit and have been used, and I am authorised to assure you, liberality of the citizens. 'On Thursday evening last that these transactions were not authorised by the a ball was given to the cominanders and officers of government.

our victorious frigates, which for splendor of deci. I hasten to make this communication under the rations and brilliancy of company has never been fullest confidence that it will be received as evio equalled in this country on any public occasion. The dence of the friendly disposition of the government city assembly room was ornamented with transparenof the United States to that of Spain, and of their cies, and be a profission of colors displayed in a desire to ma ntain and preserve, uninterrupted, the most beautiful and tasteful manner. At one end of the harmony which has so long subsisted between the room was a large transparent painting divided into two nations.

three compartinents; the left represented the Grer. I send my aid de camp, colonel Cuthbert, to you riere on fire, and the Constitution majestically sailing with this letter, who will, if you desire it, wait for, from hier; the centre was appropriated to the capture and bring me your answer, which I have to request of the placedoniun, and the Briton was scen, with in writing. In the mean time, if you are disposed to his topmasts gone, about to confess the superiority make any verbal communications to him, with thc of American tars; the right exhibited the most gal

. view of conveying lo me your sentiments (in that lant action of the three; the IFax;, having lost het was) on any point regarding the business upon topmast, dealing her destructive tire upon the Frolic, which he is sent, you may have reliance upon his ho. just before (having lost her masts by inc bozrul) the uor in executing voll wishes in that respect. latter struck l an inferior force. The opposite end

I am, sir, with high consideration, your very was a transparency representing the bald eagle, sup: obedient servint,

porting, by ribbands passed through his beak and (Signel.)

D. B MITCHELL. over his extending wings, three civic chaplets: in To the governor of Eust. Floridu, in St. Augustine. the centre chaplet was described Jiull and the Grters

riere,” in the left "Decutur and the.bacedonian," and Trivisłation of the Governor of St. Augustine's an in the rightJones and the Frolic.” The triumphant river to the foregoing.

emblems of Simerica's power and irajesty, was a prů• Most FXCELLENT Sin-This day I received by your duction of Mr. Holland's happiest genius; crer ere aille camp, colonel Cuthbert, your letter died in that beheld it confessed that the artist had felt the S. Mary's, Georgia, 4th instant, by which you are grandeur of his subject, and that his mind had well pleased to inform me, that you are commissioned seconded the powers of his pencil. The large side by the president of the United States to communi- window was occupied by an opaque picture of an cate with me on the subject of the transactions that leagle supporting a label inscribed "sur children are are tak.ng place in this country, in consequence of the property of our country."

This inscription is a the active part t.iken by the regulars of ile United toast of com. Decatur's venerable parent, at a dimic Siates, which proceedings have been disapproved given by the citizens of Philadelphia, in commemos by the government, as it is desirous of maintaining Pation of the buming of the frigate Philadelphia by the good underst:nding that las subsisted so long his son and gilliint comrades in the Intrepid. The between the two nations,

figs of all nations were attached to masts which Spain has always endeavored to give proofs of her were placed round the room, and formed a line :: good tith by a scrupulous fulfilment of her treaties; the centre between the chandeliers, where we re she therefore never could have imagined thut herinarked some beautiful Portuguese colors, whose province of East Floridil

, under my chargo, vrould white grounds and superb centrul ornan:ents most have been exposed to the insults she has suffered. babpili" relieved the datket fagy on the sides. The

The supper

mists were covered with laurel and ever-greens, and through Wall-street to the City Hotel in Broadway festoonş ot' laurels, and American pendents CONIKC- where they partuok of a very excellent dimer in the ed the whole. The Hag-staves reached the ceil- ussembly room, which was decorated in the same ing, and wherever the eve was directed it encoun- manner is at the grand naval linner given on Tues. tered the ensign of some nation. The appearance day the 23ih ult. We understand that the boat. of we whole was highly picturesque and animated, swain of the irigate United State's presided, and did and the adjustment of the ornements was a favorable the honors of the day very respeciably evidence of the artist's skillnd taste.

The corporatio: and the gentlemen who composed Tel. His intended to appear like the cabin of a ship the commitice oi the lie grand naval dimmer dined w Wit, every part of the walls being covered by a together in the sea room. for or a tranep rency. At the "pper end wis a During the process on the American colors were Lar e trasparency representing columbia, in armed displaye), il con.pleic balid of nusic atievidel, the feana's, extending the hand of encouragement to two eis were crowled with citizens, and loud bursts hat. ked boys, viio were bauling to shore a ship vi upplause to the gallant defenders of the country of w.r, on the top-nast of which a scroll was entwin. were echived and re-echoed from every quarter. ext, inscribed “suilers rights ;” and Fame, with vie. After the procession had entered the assembly lighi, proclaiming to the world the new constellation roon, the following address was delivered to John of'r publican valor, Hul, Jone's and Decatur."

Vanderbilt, jun. esq. a member of thc corporation. Ai the lower end, another transparency exhibited an intant Hercules roused from his slumber by the

Brare American Turs, hostile approches of two serpents, and crushing

The corporation of the city of New-York, lase then to death with hands that had not vet learned ordered you this entertainment.-- It is given as a tri. their full use. At the upper end on the left side, wits

bute to your valor displayed in the capture of the not er (ransparency of an eagle resting on a sword,

British frigate the Macedonian. to wuch was suspended the resolution of congress

“Beholl von er miniature of your gallant achieve. p. sent to "lieutenant Decatur a sword, and to the ment. Sic yourselves entwined in wreaths of liiliolicers an i crew of the ketch Intrepid, iiro nionths rels, with the brzve livill, and Jones, :v) their rulit pay, in consideration of their having burnt a Tripo.

crews. Emblems of our gratitudi-iokens of lionor litin frigate of 44 guns,” Lower down on the saine

which alone belong to the brive, side, was a large iransparency of an eagle rejoicing

“The bust of applause which rescunds from over a scroll, inscribe i "Philadelphia frigate, J Georgia to Maine, and the shont of your victory, pica cedonian frigate.” Opposite was anoiher of "Jones claimed in the castle and the cottage, causes us to and the Frolic,” in a kriot of a cable with a rudder, mingle our emotions of joy with the roice of every anchor, canon od other navalcmllems: higher up

true diferican; and hail you here as welcome guests. aul opposite the resolution, was a sixth, of Jl.?! and

“ The mistress of the ocear!, boasting of her porthe Guerriere," similarly included, er:d supported by er, ch:llenging to single combat and contident of her simil.rand different emblems. In the centre of die superiority, has thrice been vanquished. mom ras a naval pillar, supporting the four colors

* You are taught her a lesson, that coming in that extended to the corners, and one immense stand-contact with the hearts of Vinkée ok, they were and which formed a canopy over the guests table, not encountering the vassals of an European iyraní. At each corner was a similar pillar, and from these, rocked in Freedom's cradle; enlisicd voluntarils

“Remember then, ye valant T:.15, that you were Hags, pendents and ever-greens were carried in ere. my direction, and on each side of all the pillars was

under your country's bangers. attached the painting of a stern of a ship, wlicli de

“Xot torn by il merciless press ganz from your cided their char.ctcr. On no occasion in iis coun. wives and chuldren, and dear connections-hut, fired. try has so large a number of bcatitiful and elegantly

with an ardent ze::l for glory, and to assert the rights dressed females been seen; nearly 300 ladies sat of our injured country, and punish the haughty foc, down to supper, all of whom were splendidly ciress. "to dare arrogate to themselves, rights interent to ed. The supper was plentiful and elegant, but ow.

us, by the laws of nations, the laws of nature, and o: ing to the smallness of the room no gentlemen (ex-nature's food. cepting guests and the managers) were permitted to

“You have nöbly vindicated your country's honor eriter whilst the ladies supped, so that the coup d'eil on the ocean-you have added new laurels to her Was beautiful beyond description. Among the guests

fime, and your country receives it as a pledge that were commodore and Mrs. Decatur, captain Tull,ou are resolved to support hier nights; and that her lieutenant Nicholson and general and Vis.. Irmstrong: Nag shall never be turished by cowardice, noe The expectation of a fair wind that evening, pre

struck, whilst there is a shot in thic locker. vented the officers of the United States frigate from

“The laurels thus obtained by your bravery, shall honoring the company with their presence, which, ever be green in the remembrance of every true as well as the absence of captain Jones and his offi-| American, and whilst under the command or a De. cers, was much regretted. This splendid intertair.catur, whose triedl valor arci skill are manifist, (not ment w.is conducted with remarkable regulari'y, and only in the late glorious condict, but also, who made too much credit cannot be given to the managers and the bloody Turk douse liis colors in disgrace,) you their assist ints, while vir. Holland, the artist, de- will always be sure of victory. serves every expression of praise and admiration for

“Go on then as you have begun, in the path of vahis decorations; nor must Mr. Gibson and Mrs. lor and duty. Your country's reward it at land, Knight be passed over in silence.

and may every American Tur, animated by your ex[ National Advocate. ample and success, go and ció likewise."

To which the Boatswain replicd nearly in the folSailon's DixXEN.

lowing words: January 8.-Yesterdv about 2 o'clock, P. M. the "In behalf of my shipipates I return bur sincere Kallent seamen belonging to the frigate United thanks to the corporation of thic city of New-York, St.ites, were landed at the New Slip, about four hun for the honor which they have this day do seus; rest dresl, very nestly dressed in sailors habit ; and pre. assured that it will be always or vish to deserve oded by a committee of the corporation, marched in tlic guod opinion of our countryrr.en.” When the procession Marsugis berlatrecato il true', un 'beatsvaiddiind ti ished his op his ehij wete's, in

token of their approbation, made the room ring with airs, playing in a manner that would have done credit three hearty clicers.

to any professional orchestra. At the sight of the At this moment the transparent paintings exhibit-transparencies representing the three navzel viču). ing our three glorious naval victories, were suddenly ries, which burst upon their view at the sudden un. displayel by the dropping of the canvas, whici bifurling of the inain sails, their joy was extacy, and fore had concealed them. It is in.possible for pen to repeated huzzas accompanied by the shrill Thuistdescribe the effect which it had upon the minds of ling's of the boatswain's call, made the room ring our astonished sailors ; their armiration was ex- again. Directly afierwards the word was given to pressed by repeated huzzas, and en:husiastic accla- fall to! and for one hour the most obstin:ete unbia inations. Silence was in a few minutes restored by liever in perpetual motion, would have been com. the boatswain's whistle, when the whole crew, to pletely gravellrd. Soon afier dinner, the boatswan the number of 400 and upwarıls, commenced their piped all hands to silener, ud the gunner informed attack upon an excellent dinner, which was soon them by his speaking trumpet, that the commodore demolished, and in such a m:immer as left no room to vas in the house and would shortly appear, when doubt "that they could have done much more, if more nine cheers would be expected. He entered and rock nad been required.".

bis stand at the west end of the room under the trane After dinner the boatswain piped for silence, when sparencies, when the cheers were giren, every man the president gave the following toast :

standing on tiptoe and flourishing his glazed hat American ships all over the occan.- cheers. over his head in a manner peculiar to the true sailor.

Corn. Decatur shortly afterwards entered the room Many an appropriate and many a hearty toast was accompanied by his first lieut. Mr. Allen, and was given, and some of them in language that could not received by the seamen in a manner that evinced the be mistaken by the dullest present. On the whole, affection and delight with which they beheld their every thing went ofi extremely well, and at the probrave commander-after remaining a few minutes, per hour most of them pushed off for the theatre, the commodore gave as a toast,

where the manugers Jadi liberally appropriated to sFree trade and no impressment."-9 cheers. them the whole pit.

By Mr. Allen.-"Captains Jones and Hull and their The arcnues to the honse were almost literally brave crews."-9 cheers.

blocked up, so that admittance was scarcely practiAfier the commodore retired, the president gave, cal. Every body seemed desirous to see how such a Commodore Decatur and Mr. Allen. 9 cheers. bod; of sailors, coming directly from a jolly dinner,

A variety of volunteer toasts were given by differ- would behave. The house was filled to overflowing ent seamen in true nautical style.

in every part of itapot a nook or corner but what At 6 o'clock, at the request of the managers of lad its occupunt. The pit was not quite so full as the theatre, the jolly tar; proceeded in a body to the rest of the house, owiną, we presume, to some of that pii ce of amusement, in good order, where the them having got a little bewildered when they left pit had been exclusively devoted to their accommo- the hotel, so that they could not very readily find dation. The front of the theatre was illuminated, their way to the park, and some having got so far and exhibited a transparency of the engagement bc- north into the Gulf Stream that they could not aler tire on the United States and Macedonian. The en their course in time to get back to the theatre before tertainments consisted of "Fraternal Discord," a the fall of the curtain. There were, perhaps, two. patriotic sketch, called "America, Commerce and thirds of thein in the pit, the gunner, with his speak. Freedom ;” and “Sprigs of Laurel."

ing trumpet, took liis stand in the centre of the mid. We do not recollect ever seeing the theatre socle bench to command silence when necessary, and crowded. The pit was entirely occupied by the gal- the faithful boatswain stood beside him with his sil. lant crew of the frigate United States, who behaved vercall to second his commands; on each side and with the utmost decorum.

Mer. 1d. in front, the Amer can tiag wared in proud triump).

They were much elated at Yankee Doodle, and three

hearty cheers testified their approbation of Mr. PerJan. 8. Yesterday being the day on which thc rossier's efforts. After some time their commodore corporation gave their public dinner to ihe crew of the entered and look bis scat in the third box from the United States, they landed at the New Slip at about istuge, between general Armstrong and lieutenant half past 2 o'clock, and accompanied with their own Allen_on sight of inim. the crew rose and gave 12 band of music, proceeded in pairs through Pearl-st.hearty cheers, with all their might. up Wall-street to Gibson's hotel, where an excellent At length the play, instead of being a spectacle dinner was prepared for the occasion. The streets began, but they paid little or rather no attention to were lined with ladies and gentlemen to witness the it, for they could not understand it without a much appearance of men who had so nobly fought and tri- greater exertion of intellect than they were disposed uniphed in their country's cause. But when they ar- to make. The boatswain once or twice rouset their proached within a hundred yards of their plače of spirits, which seemed about to flag, by an inspiring destination, it was with difficulty they coull make blast ofhis whistle, rather inopportunely as respectany further progress, so great was the concourse ed the play, but not so as respected his comrades, wiich the occasion had drawn together. Carriages who always rose and gave three hearty cheers. But of erery description, carts and waggons, had col- when Mrs. Darley entered as Julia Bertram, there jected in tl« streets and were covered with people, was at first : dead silence, at length several voices till they re sembled a hive of bees before swarruing. were heard from different parts of the pit. "Ok! The band at the door continued playing until the zhat a pretty, pretty girl!" " How I should love her.com whole crew, about 400, had entered, and bad been "How 1 do loze her. But as soon as she went off, introduced to their seats in the same elegant room they fill talking among themselves and huzzaing at tvhere their officers had dined before, and fitted up the boatswain's whistle. Towards the end of the in the same fanciful and appropriate manner. On piece their attention was caught by Jack and the this occasion, the gentlemen composing the excellent Captain, and they applauded several scenes with band of the 11th regiment, volunteered their ser-judgment and great glee. After the play their bigha vices, withi gen. Washington's old trumpeter :imong est gratification began. The view of the sea, of them; and they were not irackward in greeting the transparency of tl.c engagement between the there to their hearts content with our best nation: United States and placedonian, of tlic descending


Svents of the Par.


genius of America, of the temple of naval glory rising out of the ocean, excited lively sensations and were highly applauded. --The letter dance by the

MILITARY. three children, who surprised them by their agility, and the neatness and dexterity of their steps, (rew from the Pennsylvania and Virginia lines, arrived at

On the 8th ult. gen. Ilarrison with detachments forth still louder applauses; but when they again Upper Sandusky. The following munitions of war appeared bearing in their hands separate letters, from Pittsburg have also arrived at Upper Sandusky which being joined, produced in transparency; HULL, -viz. Five 18 pounders ; eight 12 pounders; six and on a second JONES, and on a third DECATUR, 6 pounders; two 5 1-2 inch howitzers. The residue their sensations were unbounded, their huz2ius al- of the Virginia troops under the command of gen. most endless, and the boatswain stunned the liouse Leftwich, will leave Delaware for Sandusky in a few with his call which he played as skilfully as luud.

dars. After this, Mr. M'Fariand came out in the character

General Harrison arrived at Chilicothe about this of a clown and sung the following song:

26th ult. to consult with governor Jeiss, it is stat-

ed, on business of importance. The Sciota Gazette No more of your blathering nonsense, Bont the 'Nelsons of old Jonny Bull;

informs us that he will not accept the commission I'll sing you a song, 'pon my conscience,

of a brigadier-general in the United States army, Bout Jones, and Dreatur, aud Hulle

but continue the campaign as major-general of the Dad Neptunc haud long, with vexation, Beheld with wlist insolent pride,

Kentucky quota, after which it is his intention to reThe turbulent, billow waslı'd nation,

tire into private life. He has resigned the governHad aimed to control his salt tide.

ment of the Indiana Territory, in a very handsome Sing lather array jonteel and airy, By my soul, at the game hobor-nob,

letter to the secretary of state. We trust the serIn a very Jew minutes we'll plase ye,

vices of this beloved man, uniting in limself, the Because we take work by the job,

entire confidence of the western people; whose pruThere was Dacres, at vaupting and boasting, His equal you'll seldom come near;,

dence, patience and perseverance, has given security But Huli, betwixt smoaking and roasting,

to the frontiers, threatened by the most formidabic Dispatch'd his proud frigate Guerriere!

combinations of zohite and red savages that ever were Such a treatment, to bim, was a wonder, Which serv'd his proud spirit to choak;

known, will not be lost to his country. And, when to the bottom our thunder

One hundred waggon loads of provisions have Had sent her, we laugh'd at the joke.

been sent from Erie to meet Harrison's army at the Sing lather uncay junteel and aisy, Brave Hull, at the game hub-or-nob,

rapids of the Miami. We see nothing in the west Is the bay that will surely amaze yt,

like going into winter quarters. So well he can finish the job.

We have the pleasure to learn that the patriotism T'other day, worse than gout, fit, or cholic,

of the western volunteers is steady, continued and The Wasp, with Rolgers, Biddle and Jones, So terribly stung the poor Frolic !

invincible. They cheerfully bear their privations As left her-but hare skin and bones.

without a murmur, and always reachy in season and She struck, what could she do better?

out of season to perform any duty required. They For time, there was none to delay, Indeed, it must terribly fret her

have 10 "constitutional objections” against proceedTo see she could not run away:

ing to Canuua, but all pant for the time to arrive Sing lather away jonteeland oisy,

when hunnbied Julden shall atone for surrendered
Brave Jones at the game ibor-nod,
Is the lad that will surely amaze i,

So well he can work by the joč.

The recruiting service goes on with great activity, Now, to augment our brave little navy,

in general. A new spirit pertades the countri in And add to the strength of each state, Decatur, without salise or gravy,

Baltimore, several able men are daily added to tlie Has dress'd Alexander the Great ! .

ranks. By my soul, to prevent further trouble,

The Democratic Press states that general Idull is And save a disgraceful downfall, Since they find all resistance a bubble,

to be tried by a court martial at Philadelphia, to open Tley'll strike without fighting at all.

on the 1st of February.
Sing lather away jonteel and aisy,

A regiment of volunteers is raising in Nerr-York
Decatur to play hobornob,
Willin seventeen minutes mize yra

for the defence of that city. At a late parade they Iluzza ! 'twas a quick finished job,

urned out 1006 men, enlisted for one vear, under We leave the reader to guieșs the effect. Cries of the command of col. Sricher, all well clothed, with encore! were incessant ; nothing else could be heard; anns and accoutrements in complete order. The no further proceedings permitted, until he returned recruiting continues, and it is intended to complete to repeat the song, which he did in a few minutes the number of 1600. in a sailor's dress, amidst the loudest shouts of ap AY ANYT LIST.-complete army list has beca plause. In the meantime, a naval column rose froin desired by many of the readers of the Register. lo the stage, surmounted with the full length likeness yet, though exertions have been made for the pur. of commodore Decatur, and the names of the three posc, it has not been obtained. It will not be necommanders engraven in capitals on its base ; which glected. enabled him to add to the effort of the songMr.

It appears that the whole country on the borders Darley then sung Poll of Plymouth, in an excellent of the lakes has been incommonly kinhealthy during style, and Mr. M'Farland concluded the whole with the latter end of the last autumn; and that, in com. 2 sailor's hornpipe ; which, making clue allowance mon with others, some of the soldiers have died.com for bulk and weight, was very well executed.

The mortality among the troops, as the custom is, N. Y. E. Poss. was prodigiously magnified and industriously pro

pagated, to check the recruiting service, and palsy

the exertions of government. We are so well vised The jail of Columbia. New-York, was. about the middle of lase to these things, that, by looking at the quarter they ess. This euunty, by the census of 1810, contained 32,390 inhas come from, wc at once know their worth-but sercbitants. There is no parallel for this in any country but the u. ral of the surgeons of the army, less callous than States; and the mere mention of the naked fact is worth a vowe to such tales, have condescended to refute the Jume of speculations.

falsehoods published, and to state the general atten• The Macedonian

tion and ample supplies that have been paid to the


Soldiery in their afflictions; and that they are now

OFFICIAL DESPATCH. as healthy as could be hoped tor.

(copr.) The various movements towards and about the capital of East-Florida indicate decisive measures:

Camp on Mississinewa, two miles above Silver Stelle

December 12, 1812. Our forces in the neighborhood of St. Augustine is constantly augmenting, and the army is very respect.

DEAŃ GENERAL-After a fatiguing march of three able.

days and one night froin Greenville, I arrived with

the detaclıment inder my comrad at a town oti A late Halifax paper says, that considerable quan- the Mississinewa, thought by the spics to lie Silver tities of canno!), powder, gun-locks, &c. have been lice's town; but proved in be a lou'll settled by a seized in that town and its vicinity, which, there mixture of Delaware and Miami Indians. was reason to suppose, were intended for exportu

About 8 o'clock on the morning of the 17th, upi. tion to the United States.

discovered, a charge was made upon the town, when Io the Editor of the Buffaloe Gazette. many fled over the river, others surrendered-those S18-In the account which I gave, last week, offwho fled made resistance after crossing, by firing the proceedings of the 1st of December, I find I was across the river. Thirty-seven prisoners are taken, un er a misiake in stating that colonel Winder's regi- whom I shall bring in with me, including men, woment embaiked tiiree quarters of an hour before any men and childrens-seren warriors were killed. After other of the regular infantry:

disposing of the prisoners, I marched a part of the I saw one regiment only, which I understood to detachment down the river, and Lurned three vilbi coloaei Winder's, enter their bouts at the navy lages without resistance ; I then returned and enyurl. There lay adjoining a large number, and as I camped on the ground where stood the first village supposed, the whole of the other boats intended for attacked. the regular troops, and which were unoccupied for This morning about day light, or a little before, about three fourths of an hour. Thave since learnt my camp was attacked by a party of Indians (the that ihe bouts for one regiment had been taken a lit. number unknown, but supposed to be between 180 tle distance up the creek, and that colonel Parker's and three hundred) on my right line occupied by regiment (then commanded by licutenant-colonel major Ball's sqnadion, who gallantly resisted them, Cs,) and colonel Winder's regineni embarked for about three quarters of an hour, when the inabout the same timene at the navy yard, and the dians retreated, after being most gallantly charged other in tre boats up the creek. It was a “muistake by capt. Trotter at the he:d of his troop of cavalry. of the night,” which in justice to colonel Coles' re- We lost in the first action one killed and one wound8.02nt, I most clieerfully correct. Yours,

ed, (by accident the last)-in the action of this Docen.ber 21.

P. B. PORTER. morning, we have eight killed, and about twenty

five or thirty wounded; not having yet gotten a reHowever insignifioant my signature may appear port, I am unable to state the number exactly. The when put in competition with the nanies of sir Geo. Indians have lost about forty killed, from ihe dis. Prevost and gen. Brock, yet I cannot silently see coveries now made; the spies are out at present asfalschools iold by one and given currency to by the certaining the number. i bave sent to Greenville other, y'enerally received, without raising any voice for a reinforcement, and send you this lasty sketch. in contradiction. In the oficial dispäiclics of those A detailed report shall bereafier be made known to Cenerals relating to the surrender of betroit, and you, noticing particul:rly those companies and indi. the prior transactions, it is stried that, in several viduals, who have distinguished themselves signally. aitempis to get possession of the post at Wie river I anticipa'e another attack before I reach Green. Cunard, (ilie Americans) were uniformis repulsed ville, but rest assured, my dear general, they shall with loss; this assertion, which I aflirma io be totally be warnıly received. I have a detachment composed filse, I shall put down by a short but plain state of the bravest follows, both officers and sukliers, in sient of facts, which do not rest entirely on my evi. the world. Our return will be commenced this cence, but can be corroborateıl by il::l of many otfi- morning Among our killed I hare to deplore the Corsvi responsibility, who were present.

loss of the brave capt. Pierce--lieut. Waltz, of capt. Biit one aitempt was made by the Americans to Warkle': troop of cavalry is also mortally wounded, Dec py that post; and in that they were successful. Their gallant conduct shall be noticed hereafter. A vieruchment consisting of one company of militia

Yours with the greatest respect and esteem, intantry, one of rifleinen and 50 of the 4th United (Signed)

JOHN B. CAMPBELL, States reg. m ist, under col. Miller, attacked the Bri

Lt. col. 19th reg. U. S. Infantry. i sh guard at that place and completely rouel Gen. 1V. H. Harrison, com. N. IV. arnny. th m. The British were com:uled by the gallini

OHIO VOLUNTEERS. cptain Claymore of the 41st, an officer distinguish Gorernor Neigs has transmitted to colonels JA... call his polite and gentlemanly behaviour to gen. thur, Findley and Cars, each, the following communica Hillaf ur the surrender; who never attempted to tion

CHILICOTHE, Dec. 2811, 1312. make a stand wiihin six hundred yards after being Sin-in compliance with a request of the general dov in from the bridge, and although he had two assembly of the state of Pinio, I transmit you tlie picces of artillery, totally forgot to use them. Seve- enclosed resolution. ral othcr recon:oiterins parties were detached from This act I perform with much satisfaction, becalise the American camp, but in no instance were they or the principles expressed in the resolution, I com dered to occupy the bridge, nor did they ever retreat correct,--and know that the applause bestowel ras before the enemy, except in one instance, when a truly merited by the Volunteers of Ohion which, party of militin, under mujor Dennie were defeated thorigh unfortunate, were brave and have exhbited by the Indians avd at that iine, and in that only did a laudable example of promptitude, courage und they suffer loss, (seven men being killed and wound-zeal, worthy the imitation of the whole militia of ed.) At every other they came oti' without the loss of the state. a man. Wretcherl indeed inust be the cause when To the approbation of the gorional assembly, per: such men as sir George Prevost and gen. Brock can mit me, sir, to add my sincere coinmendation of the descend to falschood in support of it.

soldierly deportment of the corps under your com In Oficer of the ich U.S. Rey'r. murid.

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