Catalogue of the Columbian College in the District of Columbia

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Страница 32 - A unit represents a year's study in any subject in a secondary school, constituting approximately a quarter of a full year's work.
Страница 34 - A test on the books prescribed for study, which will consist of questions upon their content, form, and structure, and upon the meaning of such words, phrases, and allusions as may be necessary to an understanding of the works, and an appreciation of their salient qualities of style. General questions may also be asked concerning the lives of the authors, their other works, and the periods of literary history to which they belong.
Страница 37 - Quadratic equations, both numerical and literal. Simple cases of equations with one or more unknown quantities, that can be solved by the methods of linear or Quadratic equations. Problems depending on quadratic equations.
Страница 33 - In grammar and rhetoric, the candidate may be asked specific questions upon the practical essentials of these studies, such as the relation of the various parts of a sentence to one another, the construction of individual words in a sentence of reasonable difficulty, and those good usages of modern English which one should know in distinction from current errors.
Страница 38 - ... energy (very elementary); electrolysis. Chemical terms should be defined and explained, and the pupil should be able to illustrate and apply the ideas they embody. The theoretical topics are not intended to form separate subjects of study, but to be taught only so far as is necessary for the correlation and explanation of the experimental facts.
Страница 33 - The Coming of Arthur, The Holy Grail, and The Passing of Arthur; The selections from Wordsworth, Keats, and Shelley in Book IV of Palgrave's Golden Treasury (First Series). GROUP...
Страница 33 - ... from the candidate's other studies, and from his personal knowledge and experience quite apart from reading. For this purpose the examiner will provide several subjects, perhaps five or six, from which the candidate may make his own selections.
Страница 52 - The object of the oral examination shall also be to determine the candidate's alertness, general contemporary information, and natural fitness for the service, including mental, moral, and physical qualifications, character, address, and general education and good command of English.
Страница 17 - Governmental collections now existing or hereafter to be established in the city of Washington for the promotion of knowledge shall be accessible, under such rules and restrictions as the officers in charge of each collection may prescribe, subject to such authority as is now or may hereafter be permitted by law, to the scientific investigators and to students of any institution of higher education now incorporated or hereafter to be incorporated under the laws of Congress or of the District of Columbia,...
Страница 133 - A semester hour is the credit value of one-half year's work consisting of one lecture or recitation period per week, each period to be not less than fifty minutes net; at least two hours of laboratory work to be considered as the equivalent of one lecture or recitation period; and the year to be not less than thirty-three weeks of actual work.

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