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Attest, E F.

erect, build, set up, and finish, one house or messuage, at Raleigh, of the dimensions following, viz., [insert the description,] and build the same with such stone or brick, timber, and other materials, as the said A B shall find and provide for the same, and as the said A B shall furnish forthwith. In consideration whereof, the said A B does covenant and promise to and with the said C D, well and truly to pay, or cause to be paid unto the said C D, the sum of dollars, in the manner following, to wit: dollars when the work shall be commenced, dollars on the first day of January next, and the remaining dollars when the whole work shall be completely done and finished. And for the fulfilment of all the promises and covenants aforesaid by each of the parties, they respectively bind their legal representatives as well as themselves.

In testimony whereof the parties have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first herein written.

A B, [SEAL.]


Be it remembered that on this tenth day of July, in the year of our Lord 1852, it is agreed by and between A B of Raleigh, and C D of Oxford, in the manner and form following, to wit: The said C D for the consideration hereinafter mentioned, does covenant, promise and agree with the said A B that he the said C D shall and will within the time of nine months from and after the date hereof, in a good and workmanlike manner, and according to the best of his skill and judgment, at Raleigh well and substantially erect and finish one dwelling house, according to the draft or scheme hereunto annexed, of the form and dimensions following, to wit: [insert the description,] and that he will compose and form the same of such stone, brick, timber, lumber, and other materials, as the said A B shall find and provide therefor: in consideration whereof the said A B does covenant and promise to and th the said CD to pay him the sum of 5,000 dollars, at the times following to wit:-the sum of 1,000 dollars on, &c., [here name the several payments as the work progresses,] and the remainder of

the said sum of 5,000 dollars, as soon as the said house shall be completely finished and completed according to this contract. And it is agreed that the said A B shall, at his own expense, provide all the materials of which said house shall be built, and deliver them to the said C D, on the spot where the house shall be built, as soon and as fast as he the said C D shall desire to use the same. And for the faithful performance of all the covenants, promises and conditions herein contained, the parties hereto respectively bind their respective executors, administrators, and assigns, as well as themselves.

In witness whereof, &c.


Memorandum. It is agreed between A B, of the one part, and C D, of the other part: That the said A B shall, on or before the first day of December next, make and execute a good title unto, and by good and sufficient conveyances in law, convey and assure unto the said C D and his heirs, free from all incumbrances whatsoever, ALL that freehold messuage or tenement with the appurtenances, in Hillsborough street in the city of Raleigh, now or late let for dollars a year, together with the polices of insurance from fire of the said premises; and all locks, bolts, bars, cocks, cisterns, and other fixtures therein, belonging to the said A B. And that the said CD shall receive the rents of the said premises from the day of last And the said A B shall pay all arrears of taxes, and the annuity to the poor, up to that time: In consideration whereof, the said CD doth hereby agree to pay to the said A B the sum of five thousand dollars on executing such conveyances as aforesaid: And it is hereby further agreed between the said parties, that the said CD shall be at the charge of the deeds for conveving to him the said premises ·

In witness whereof, the said A B and C D have hereunto set their hands and seals, the fifth day of July, 1852.

A B, [SEAL.]
C D. [SEAL.]

Attest, E F.



I, A B, do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and that I do absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign Prince, Potentate or Sovereignty whatever, and particularly to-[here recite the King or Government, &c. of the country from which the applicant emigrated, &c.]



Know all men by these present, that I, A B, of the city of Raleigh, in the State of North Carolina, planter divers good causes and considerations me thereunto moving, have committed and disposed of, and by these presents I do commit and dispose of the custody, tuition, superintendence and education of my son, C B, to Y Z, of said city, merchant, from and immediately after my decease, until my said son shall attain the full age of twenty-one years. And if it shall so happen that the said Y Z shall die before me, or before my said son shall arrive at the full age of twenty-one years, then and in such case


Note. Till the age of twenty-one, the empire of a father over his child continues, even after his death; for he may, by deed or will, appoint a guardian to any of his children, unmarried and under age, to continue till such child attains the full age of twenty-one years, or for a less time.*

In some of the States, statute provisions supersede this mode of appointment, or otherwise provide for it.

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This indenture made on the first day of July, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two, between A B and C B his son, of the county of Wake, and State of N. C., on the one part, D E, house-carpenter, of the county and State aforesaid on the other part witnesseth, that the said A B for, and in consideration of the covenants herein after contained, hath put, placed and bound out, and by these presents doth put, place and bind out, the said C B his son, and the said C B doth put, place and bind out himself as an apprentice to the said D E, to learn the art, trade or mystery of a house-carpenter. The said CB is, after the manner of an apprentice, to live with and serve the said D E from the day of the date hereof until the 1st day of May, which will be A. D. one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six at which time the said apprentice, should he be living, will be twenty-one years of age. During all which time or term, the said apprentice shall well and faithfully serve his said master; keep his secrets, and every where at all times readily obey his lawful covenants; he shall do no damage to his said master nor wilfully suffer any to be done by others; and if any to his knowledge be intended, he shall give his said master reasonable notice thereof. He shall not in any wise waste the goods or property of his said master, nor lend them unlawfully to any; he shall not play at cards, dice or any other unlawful game; he shall not contract matrimony during the said term; he shall not haunt or frequent taverns, tippling

* Blackstone's Commentaries, 462, Note 3.

houses or places of gaming; he shall not absent himself from the service of his said master; but in all things, and at all times he shall carry, behave and demean himself as a good and faithful apprentice ought, during the whole term or time aforesaid.

And the said D E on his part, hath covenanted, and by these presents doth covenant, promise and agree, to teach and instruct the said apprentice or cause him to be taught and instructed, to read and write, and cypher as far as [&c.] provided he be capable of learning; he shall well and faithfully teach and instruct him in the art, trade or mystery of a house-carpenter, to the best of his skill and ability; he shall constantly provide for his said apprentice good and sufficient meat, clothing, lodging and all other necessaries fit, suitable and convenient for such an apprentice, during the time or term aforesaid; and finally, at the expiration of the said term, shall give unto the said apprentice one good and full set of carpenter's tools reasonably worth dollars, and also two good suits of wearing apparel. In testimony whereof, the parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands and seals, the date first above written. Signed, sealed, and interchangeably delivered in the presence of

A B,


C B,


D E.


G H,

J K.



This Indenture, made the third Monday of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two, between A B, chairman of the County Court of Wake, and State aforesaid, on behalf of the justices of said county and their successors of the one part, and C D, of the other part, witnesseth, that the said A B, in pursuance of an order of said County Court, made the tenth day of April, and, according to the direction of the act of Assembly in that case made and provided, doth put, place and bind unto the said C D, an orphan, named X Y, aged ten years, the third day of July,

State of North Carolina,
County of Wake.

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