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[FORM No. 2.] Know all men by these presents, that I, [here insert the name of the warrantee,] of the County of and State of do hereby constitute and appoint lawful Attorney, for me and in my name, to locate Land warurant No. for acres of land, issued under the act of September, 1850. [Power of Substitution may be inserted if desired.]

[Warrantee's Signature.] -Signed in presence of

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in the year

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[Form No. 3.]
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personally apre insert name of warrantee,] and acknowledged the

w to be his act and deed, and I certify, know There insert the name of waraantee,] e is th

son who is described in the within 1 who

[Officer's Signature.]




ORM No. 4.]

day of

in the year

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fore me, [here insert the name of the the name of the warruntee ;] and the

of witness,] being well known to me, ind on his oath declared and said that vere insert the name of warrantee,] and person described in, and who executed ttorney, and his testimony was to me satnat fact, and the said [here insert the name bon acknowledged the said Power to be

[Officer's Signature.]

ATTACHMENTS, (continued)

form of a bond, 92
form of an attachment returnable before a Justice, 93
form of a garnishment, 94
form of officer's return, 94
form of judgment on garnishment, 94
form of conditional judgment on, 95
form of Justice's advertisement, 95
form of a final judgment, 95
form of the order of sale, 96
form of notice of garnishment from a justice, 96

practical obervations on the subject of, 97

fees of, 157
power of, to collect debts, &c., 149
power of, special, 150
power of, special, (second form) 151
power of, to receive dividend of stock, 152
power of, to receive a legacy, 152
power of, to convey lands, 152

power of, to acknowlege a deed, 153

form of, 99

BAIL BONDS, (See Bonds.)

certificate of deposite, 100
note in bank, 100
note to individuals negotiable in bank, 100
acceptance, 101

bank check, 101
Warrant to apprehend a single woman with child of a bas-

tard, 191
Examination of female before birth, 192
Warrant against the reputed father, 192

Recognizance of a reputed father, 193

of property in consideration of maintenance, 101
of a slave with warranty, 103

of a bail under Fi. Fa., 132

form of a common bond to pay money, 103
with conditions, 103
to make title to land, 104

BONDS, (continued)

arbitration, 105
common bail bond, by the defendant in a suit, to the Sheriff

for appearance at Court, 106
Sheriff's bond for appearance by a debtor arrested on a Ca.

Sa., 107
Ca. Sa. bond for constables, 108
Ca. Sa. bond, remarks on, 108
for the forthcoming of property levied on under execution, 109
to indemnify a constable for levying on disputed property, 110
penal bond, 110
deed of warranty from one person to another, 111
Sheriff's bond, 112
of Clerks of the County Court, 113
of a County Trustee, 114
of a Coroner, 115

of a County Surveyor, 116

of the Federal Court, 53
of the Superior Court, 54


form of a bond for constables, 108
remarks on Ca. Sa. bond, 108

Sheriff's bond for appearance, by a debtor arrested on, 107

of wife's privy examination, 124

oath of, 166

fees of, 61

fees of, 159

oath of, 159
of North Carolina, 11

amendments to the, 19

synopsis of the, 27
of the United States, 29

amendments to the, 43
adoption of the, 42

ratification of, by the States, 42

for sale of land, 148

indenture of, between three persons, 136
ditto, between merchants or traders, 139


duty of, 118
oath of, 117
oath of a witness at an inquest, 117
record of the examination of witnesses, 118
recognizance of a witness before a, 118
precept to summon witnesses before, 119

inquisition of murder, 119

allotting a year's provision, oath of, 166

dividing and allotting real estate, oath of, 166

oath of, 167

oath of, 167

oath of, 168


from cattle, hogs, &c., how recovered, 187

summons to freeholders to assess, 187

made by the Freemen of the State of North Carolina, 7

for land, passing the fee simple, 120
of Trust, 121
of conveyance by husband and wife for lands descended to the

wife, 122
certificate of wife's privy examination, 124
for lands sold under a trust, 125
of trust on real property, 126
quit claim deed, 128

do. (where the original is lost,) 128
for land sold under a Fi. Fa., 120
for land sold under a ven. ex., 131
bill of sale of a lease under a Fi. Fa., 132
for land sold for the taxes, 132
to the Governor when land is sold for the taxes, 133
to be executed by the sheriff's successor, 134
of conveyance to trustees of a religious society, 135

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DEED, (continued)

gift of personal estate, 142
general form of a lease, 143
short form of a lease, 144
form of a lease by an attorney, 145
mortgage where no other security is given, 146
common mortgage deed, to secure a bond, 147
mortgage of goods, 148
contract for sale of land, 148
power of attorney to collect debts, &c., 149
special power of attorney, 150
special power of attorney, (second form) 152
to receive dividend of stock, 152
to receive a legacy, 252
to convey land, 153
to acknowledge a deed, 153
general form of release from one to another, 154

of an equity of redemption, 154

Warrant against, 189

taken by two Justices, 155
in perpetuam, 155

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