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oath of, 73
notice of, 73
inventory of, 73
account of, 75

form of refunding bond to be taken by, 76

for building a House, 76
for building a House according to a plan annexed, 77

for the sale of an estate, 78

oath of, 79

to the constitution of North Carolina, 19

to the constitution of the United States, 42

of a guardian, by a father for his son, 79

of Justices of the Peace, 68
form of an indenture of, 80

by chairman of county court, 81

form of bond, 106 *
of a bond

where the assignor is liable, 82

where the assignor is not liable, 82
of a bond and mortgage after judgment and execution, and

part of debt paid, 83
of a bond as collateral security, 88
of dower by the heir, 85
of money due upon account, 85
of a judgment rendered on a verdict, 86

of a debt with power of attorney, 87

explanation of, 91
form of affidavit to obtain, 92

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ve, and all the provisions on hand at the time of my death.

Item--I give and bequeath to my eldest daughter, , vife of the sum of three hundred and sixty dollars, to

e paid by my Executor, within two years from the time of my Leath, out of any monies belonging to my estate, not othervise disposed of, (which sum, together with the advancement be had from me at the time of her marriage, and sundry small dvancements since that time, will make her a fair and equita

le portion according to the value of my personal estate) to be iers and at her disposal absolutely, forever. ;

Item-I give and bequeath to my eldest son , the um of three hundred and sixty dollars, as his right and property, forever, to be paid by my Executor in the same manner Es the last bequest, and is made under the same views in reTerence to the former advancements

Item-I give and bequeath y daughter, , (single veman) one brown mare, no years old; one bridle and side saddle; one bed and e; one bureau she now claims; one set of china, gla ueen's ware, which it is Perstood in the family she n.

together with the st and and sixty do

her and her per

ngest son


to the
said wil
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in directe

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ventioned sed if the

ant of de


UNDER ACT OF CONGRESS, 28th Sept., 1850.


April 4th, 1850. S Numerous applications having been made to this office for information in relation to the manner in which Land Warrants, under the act of 28th of September, 1850, should be located, the following answers thereto have been prepared, to wit:

There are three modes by which these locations may be made: 's; 1st. By the Warrantee in person; 2d. By the Warrantee through the agency of this office; 3d. By an Agent or Attorney.

If the first or second mode is adopted, the application must be made in writing, specifying the tract, land district or section of country, in which the location is desired, and be accor nied by an affidavit according to the following form, No.

Where the third mode is adopted, a Power of Attorney be produced, executed by the war the in the presene witness, according to the followi No. 2, which of Attorney must be acknowled

oved, as the ca be, before some officer authorise

he acknowledg of deeds, according to form No. In all cases, the Patents will l

ted to the L fice where the location is made, u

ial direction contrary be given.




State of

County of Before me sa

T to take affidavits,] 1 warrantee,] who bei the identical [here in rant No. for 1850, was issued on now applies to locate t

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