Voyage to South America: Performed by Order of the American Government, in the Years 1817 and 1818, in the Frigate Congress, Том 2

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author, John D. Toy, printer, 1819

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Страница 356 - If these men, to whom he owed so much, thus received death, were doomed to perpetual imprisonment or to base slavery, for no other crime than that of having framed a constitution, what might we not expect to be reserved for us? To hope for a benign treatment from him and from his bloody Ministers would have been to seek among tigers for the mildness of the dove. Then, indeed, would have been repeated towards us the ensanguined scenes of...
Страница 353 - They have chased our vessels, sacked our sea-coasts, murdered defenceless inhabitants,without sparing clergymen, and those in extreme old age ; by the order of General Pezuela, they burnt the town of Puno, and meeting with no others, they put to the sword old men, women, and children. They have excited atrocious conspiracies among the Spaniards residing in the midst of us, imposing upon us the painful necessity of putting to death the fathers of numerous families. They...
Страница 351 - Antesana to be shot, and, observing with complacency, from the balcony of his house, this iniquitous assassination, ferociously cried out to his troops not to shoot the victim in the head, as it was wanted to be stuck upon a pike. When it was severed from the body, by his command the headless trunk was dragged through the streets, while at the same time the brutal soldiers were barbarously permitted to dispose at pleasure of the lives and property of the inhabitants during many successive days.
Страница 348 - ... but we did not seize it; on the contrary, we exerted ourselves in her defence, arming in her cause alone, and with a view of maintaining our connexion with her. Without having any concern in her differences with European nations, we have embarked in her wars ; we have suffered the devastations ; we have borne, without a murmur, all the privations to which we were exposed by her nullity on the ocean, one of which was the interruption of the usual communication with her. In the year 1806 our country...
Страница 349 - Gallicia, pretended to the same right, and sent us a viceroy, with the indecent menace, that thirty thousand men should also be sent if necessary. The junta central next erected itself: we immediately obeyed it, without having had the slightest share in its formation, zealously and efficaciously complying with all its decrees. We sent succours of money, voluntary donations, and supplies of every kind, to prove that our fidelity would stand any trial to which it could be subjected. We had been tempted...
Страница 355 - Bourbon that the heads of patriot officers, prisoners, are fixed up in the highways, that they beat and stoned to death a commandant of light troops, and that, after having killed Colonel...
Страница 355 - He sent his generals with decrees of pardon, which they caused to be published with no view but to deceive the simple and ignorant, in order to facilitate their entrance into cities and towns ; but giving at the same time private instructions, authorizing and commanding them, after having thus obtained possession, to hang, burn, sack, confiscate, assassinate, and to inflict every possible suffering, on those who had availed themselves of such supposititious pardons.
Страница 92 - The sentiments I entertain with regard to that object, have been long since in your knowledge, but I could personally have no participation in it, unless patronized by the government of this country. It was my wish that matters had been ripened for a co-operation in the course of this fall on the part of this country. But this can now scarcely be the case.
Страница 348 - It was by no means our duty to be indifferent to the state of degradation in which we had so long existed. If at any time victory authorizes the conqueror to be the arbiter of his own destinies, we might justly then have fixed ours; we were, with arms in our hands, triumphant, and there was not a single Spanish regiment to oppose us; and if neither victory nor force can give right, ours was still greater no longer to tolerate the domination of Spain. We had nothing to apprehend from the forces of...
Страница 355 - ... afflictions, such as these, that we have been compelled to take the only course that remained to us. We reflected deeply on our situation, and future fate, and turning our eyes to every quarter, we were unable to see any thing but the three elements, of which it must necessarily be composed, opprobrium, ruin, and abject submission.

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