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Because of the large size of the Ulster County inventory, it has been thought advisable to divide the work into two parts, and to publish each separately. Part I, which has not yet been published, includes the historical sketch of Ulster County and the essay on county governmental organization and records system. Since the notes on the housing and care of county records are more closely related to the inventory itself, this essay has been incorporated in Part II, along with the abbreviations, symbols, and explanatory notes. An appendix listing records in the Roswell Randall Hoes collection in Kingston is also included in Part II, as are brief essays on the courts whose records do not form a part of the county records, but which are related to county government as appellate bodies or as obsolete courts which have given place to those now in existence.

The various departments of county government are arranged in the inventory according to the functions of each in relation to other departments, insofar as possible. Thus, the administrative records of the board of supervisors appear first of all, to be followed by those of the county clerk, who is the registrar of real and personal property; then follow in order the agencies devoted to judicial administration, law enforcement, finance, public works, elections, public welfare and health, and the betterment of rural life. Under each office the inventory is arranged so that a logical picture of its functions is presented to the person using the volume. In the case of court records, the inventory traces through the various court procedures a logical pattern of the development of a case, from initial proceedings to the settlement.

Each entry describing a record follows a formula which has been standardized throughout the nation in all inventories prepared by the Survey. The essential information about the record is included to enable officials, lawyers, historians, and all other interested persons to locate facts about the records of any county from New York to California. In the explanatory notes on pages xxiii-xxiv, each separate part of the record entry is described and explained.

The Ulster County inventory is number 51 of the New York State series. This numbering corresponds to an alphabetical list of the New York county names; other county inventories prepared by the project are listed at the end of this volume. The publication of the volume was made possible by the board of supervisors of Ulster County and the interested and generous cooperation of James A. Simps on, formerly county clerk and now clerk of the board of supervisors. Without the wholehearted cooperation of the county officials, the inventory would have been a discouraging task, and grateful appreciation is expressed to all who assisted the project workers.

Like the other publications of the Historical Records Survey, copies of this volume are available for distribution to state and local public officials, libraries and historical societies in New York State, and to a limited number of libraries and governmental agencies outside of the state. Requests for information should be addressed to the Historical Records Survey, 39 Columbia Street, Albany, New York.

October 1, 1940

George W. Roach

State Supervisor
Historical Records Survey

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Tax Records: Tax Assessment; Tax Collections and Receipts;
Returned and Rejected Taxes; Tax Sales; Tax Apportionment.
Business Administration: Requisitions; Claims Against the
County; Receipts and Disbursements; Highways; Public Welfare;
Reports and Correspondence. Special Accounts: Bond Issues;
Court and Trust Funds; Armory and Military; Dog Damage Claims.
Surety Bonds. Railroad Bond Reports. Excise Matters. Emer-
gency Work Relief. Board of Supervisors. County Clerk.
Surrogate. District Attorney. Maps and Blueprints. Miscel
laneous Records.

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Nominations and Candidates'
Business Administration of

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