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any surplus moneys which may remain from funds contributed by the city of Brooklyn to the metropolitan police fund toward procuring such “office of inspector of metropolitan police” in Brooklyn.

$ 6. The metropolitan board of health, created by the act, Boaril of chapter seventy-four of the laws of eighteen hundred and pay license sixty-six, acting as the board of excise, as authorized by the fines to the act, chapter five hundred and seventy-eight, of the laws of chambereighteen hundred and sixty-six, is bereby authorized anıl directed, from and after the passage of this act, through the person acting as treasurer of the said board of excise to pay over, monthly, to the chamberlain of the city of New York, for the use of the commissioners of the sinking fund of said city, and to be applied by the said commissioners, as provided by law, for the redemption of the city debt, all license fees and fines which may be collected by the said board of excise in the county of New York, in pursuance of the act, chapter five hundred and seventy-eight, before mentioned, after deducting therefrom twelve per cent of all such moneys received since the first day of April, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, which are now provided by law to be paid annually to the commissioners of charities and correction, and also deducting ten per cent of all such moneys received prior to April first, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, which ten per cent shall be paid to the New York state inebriate asylum at Binghamton, which said ten per cent shall be paid to the said the New York state inebriate asylum, as now required by law. Provided, that the trustees of the said asylum shall within sixty days after the passage of this act, make and exe. cite a conveyance to the state of New York, by deed duly acknowledged and recorded, of all the real estate, with the buildings and improvements thereon, and appurtenances thereto, owned by said asylum, in the county of Broome, in said state; which conveyance the said trustees are hereby empowered to make; and also deducting the necessary expenses and salaries incurred in collecting said fees, as authorized by law; and no portion of license fees and fines, except as above provided, shall be paid over to any commission or corporation. The treasurer of the board of excise shall receive for bis compensation in collecting such license fees and fines, the sum of one thousand five hundred dollars per year. Ante, vol. 6,


674. S 7. The board of metropolitan police shall have authority to offer rewards to induce all classes of persons to give information which shall lead to the detection, arrest, and conviction of persons guilty of homicides, arsons, or receiving stolen goods, knowing them to be stolen ; and to pay such rewards to such persons as shall give such information. Such rewards shall be paid from “the metropolitan reward fund,” which fund shall be formed by investing from moneys deducted from

the pay of members of the metropolitan police force, on account of lost time, at a rate not exceeding fifty cents per month for each member respectively; to which shall be added all sums subscribed or contributed by insurance companies and other citizens. The commissioners of metropolitan police shall be the trustees of said fund, and shall invest and manage the same, and have the same powers in relation thereto as are conferred on them by law, in relatiou' to the police life insurance fund.

S 8. It shall be the duty of the board of metropolitan police, and said board is hereby empowered to provide, at the expense of the several cities, counties and towns of the metropolitan police district in which regular patrolmen are authorized to be appointed, all necessary accommodations for station houses, for the police force of each respectively; and for the lodging of vagrant and indigent persons, and prisons for the temporary detention of persons arrested for offenses; and, from time to time, to repair, furnish and supply the same; and for the above purposes, said board are authorized to make all needful purchases, contracts, leases and bargains, in the name of said board. But the title to all real property, purchased for the purposes aforesaid, shall vest in the cities, counties and towns respectively which contributed the money to purchase the same.

S 9. The house of detention of witnesses, established in Witnesses pursuance of chapter four hundred and three of the laws of Charge of eighteen hundred and sixty-four, at premises number two the police. hundred and three Mulberry street, New York city, shall be

in the exclusive charge of the board of metropolitan police, under such officers as they shall appoint; and therein shall be detained in custody all persons committed or ordered by any court to be detained as witnesses in criminal proceedings, until such persons shall be discharged by competent authority. The expenses of such house of detention of witnesses, its care, management and keeping, the furnishing and supplying the same, including the subsistence of all persons detained therein, shall be paid by the board of metropolitan police. The board of supervisors of the county of New York shall pay over to the treasurer of metropolitan police all money raised in said county for the expenses of witnesses detained in said house of detention. Said board of metropolitan police shall, in their annual estimates, estimate for such expenses; and the amount shall be charged in such estimate to the several cities, counties, towns and villages liable to contribute to the police fund, in proportion to the number of days witnesses

committed from each shall be detained. Quota of $ 10. The quota of patrolmen of the county of New York,

and whose services are to be paid for by the contribution of said county to the metropolitan police fund, shall be eighteen hundred, and such additional number as the board of metro

IIouse of detention or



politan police shall, from time to time, by resolution, determine, not exceeding two thousand in the aggregate. The board of metropolitan police may appoint, for the city and county of New York, as many captains as there are precincts, and sergeants not exceeding four to each precinct. But the increase of the force above provided for shall require the unanimous vote of the board, taken by yeas and nays, and recorded, all the members being present. The board of metropolitan police is hereby authorized to pay special patrolmen at and after the same rate per diem as is paid to regular members of the force.

S 11. In the performance of police service in any precinct Powers of or precincts composed of waters of the metropolitan police employ district, and in lieu of station houses, the board of metropolitan police may procure and use and employ such row boats and steamboats as shall be deemed necessary and proper. In rural or sparsely inhabited precincts, they may establish a mounted patrol, and procure and use and employ so many horses and equipments as shall be requisite for the purpose; and they may procure and cause to be used any teams and vehicles required to transport prisoners, supplies and property, whenever it shall be proper and economical so to do; and may sell and dispose of any personal property owned or used in the department whenever it shall have become old and unfit, or not required for service. Such sales to be made at public auction, and the proceeds thereof to be paid into the metropolitan police fund. And they shall have authority to detail and employ patrolmen in any duty or service other than patrol duty, which may be necessary and proper to enable said board to exercise the powers and perform the duties and business imposed and required by law.

$ 12. The board of metropolitan police is hereby invested Further with and shall exercise all the powers and perform all the Metroport

tan police. duties now conferred by laws and ordinances upon the mayor, the common council, the mayor and common council, and all other boards and officers (except the metropolitan board of health) of the city of New York, in respect to theaters and places of public amusement, keepers of boarding-houses for emigrant passengers, junk shopkeepers and junk boatmen, pawnbrokers, venders, hawkers and peddlers, dealers in second-hand articles, keepers of intelligence ofiices, auctioneers, backney coaches and carriages and the owners and drivers thereof, carts and cartmen, cabs and cabmen, public porters, handcartmen, omnibuses and omnibus drivers, cars and car drivers, to the same extent and with like effect as though the said board of metropolitan police was named in such laws and ordinances in the place and stead of the mayor, common council, or mayor and common council, and other boards and othicers of said city of New York. Such investure of powers and duties shall exclude that of said mayor, common

License fces, etc., to be re

council, and mayor and common council and other boards and officers. But it shall not be lawful for said board of metropolitan police, nor any other board or officer, after the passage of this act, to grant permits; nor shall any permits be granted to any person or persons to occupy or obstruct any portion of any public street, sidewalk, pier, wharf, bulkhead or place in said city. Such powers and duties shall be exercised and performed by said board of metropolitan police, and by and through such officers and members of metropolitan police as such board shall designate and appoint. All ordinances in relation to or concerning the persons, occupations or matters in this section mentioned shall remain in full force and effect, except as modified and affected by this act, until they shall be altered, modified, amended or repealed; and the board of metropolitan police is hereby authorized to alter, amend, modify or repeal the same.

$ 13. All license and other fees, and all fines and penalties

payable by and collectible from such keepers of boardingthe hard houses for emigrant passengers, junk shopkeepers and junk of police. boatmen, pawnbrokers, venders, hawkers and peddlers, deal

ers in second-hand articles, keepers of intelligence offices, auctioneers, owners and drivers of hackney coaches, carriages, carts, cabs, omnibuses and cars, public porters and handcartmen, shall be received by and collected in the name of the metropolitan police, and paid into the sinking fund of the city of New York monthly, for the purpose of aiding in the

reduction of the debt in said city. Duty of the S 14. It is hereby made the duty of the metropolitan police police force

force, at all times of day or night, within the metropolitan police district, and the members of such force are hereby thereunto empowered, to especially preserve the public peace, prevent crime, detect and arrest offenders, suppress riots, mobs and insurrections, disperse unlawful and dangerous assemblages, and assemblages which obstruct the free passage of public streets, sidewalks, parks and places; protect the rights of persons and property, guard the public health, preserve order at elections and all public meetings and assemblages, prevent and regulate the movement of teams and vehicles in streets, and remove all nuisances in the public streets, parks and highways; arrest all street mendicants and beggars; provide proper police attendance at fires; assist, advise and protect emigrants, strangers and travelers in public streets, at steamboat and ship landings, and at railroad stations ; carefully observe and inspect all places of public amusement, all places of business having excise or other licenses to carry on any business; all houses of ill fame or prostitution, and houses where common prostitutes resort or reside; all lottery oftices, policy shops and places where lottery tickets or lottery policies are sold or offered for sale; all gambling-houses, cock-pits, rat-pits and public common

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the force.

dance-houses, and to repress and restrain all unlawful or
disorderly conduct or practices therein; enforce and prevent
the violation of all laws and ordinances in force in said dis-
tricts; and for these purposes, with or without warrant, to
arrest all persons guilty of violating any law or ordinance
for the suppression or punishment of crimes or offenses.

§ 15. The board of metropolitan police is hereby anthorized Money to
and empowered to spend not more than one hundred thou- rebuilding
sand dollars out of the excise money received from licenses, ing station.
during the year eighteen hundred and sixty-six, for the pur-
pose of rebuilding and repairing station-houses in the county
of New York. The board of police shall deposit all funds
of the commission in such bank or banks as will pay the high-
est rate of interest for running balances. The board shall,
by resolution, designate the bank where deposits shall be

$ 16. The board of metropolitan police is hereby authorized And for in their discretion to pay out of the police life insurance fund members of an amount, not exceeding three hundred dollars, to the members of the force who may be disabled while in the discharge of their duties. In case of death by injuries received while discharging their duties, the annuities shall be continued to the widow or children, or both, as the board may deem best. The board of metropolitan police is hereby constituted trustees of the life insurance fund."

$ 17. The said board of metropolitan police shall procure Book of and keep a proper book of record, in which they shall cause to be registered the name, number and proper description of all boats and vessels for which licenses are issued by them ; the name and residence of the owner thereof, and of the applicant for such license; the purpose for wbich such boat is to be used, and such other particulars as they shall deem necessary; and to defray the expense thereof they shall demand and receive from the applicaut the following license fee:

For license to attend shipping and carrying passengers, ten dollars each.

For license for gathering junk, ten dollars each, which shall be in lieu of any fees now paid for junk-boat licenses to the municipal authorities of said district.

For license for any business purpose not herein specified, three dollars each ; and for all boats kept for hire, all oyster and fishing boats, and all private pleasure boats or yachts, one dollar each, before such license shall be granted; which sum shall be paid into the fund from which the expenses of the metropolitan police are paid.

$ 18. Every boat or vessel, so registered as aforesaid, shall Registered have the name and number under which she is registered, have their together with the word "licensed,” painted in some conspicu-painted on ous place thereon, as said board shall direct; except that any boat or vessel not kept for hire, which shall be enrolled in



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