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Exemption from taxes.

under the laws or authority of the State of New York may be executed thereon, in the same way and manner as if this jurisdiction had not been ceded, when such process does not affect the real or personal property of the United States. This act takes effect when the United States has acquired, by purchase or otherwise, the title to said tract of land and has recorded the evidence of such title in the office of the clerk of the county of Albany, and not before.

S 3. The said property, when acquired by the United States, shall be and continue forever thereafter exonerated and discharged from all taxes and assessments and other charges which may be levied or imposed under the authority of this State; but the jurisdiction hereby ceded and the exemption from taxation hereby granted shall continue, in respect to said property, so long as the same shall remain the property of the United States and be used for public purposes, and no longer.

3 4. This act shall take effect immediately.

Stocks of
State and

may receive.

CHIAP. 191.
AN ACT to amend chapter two hundred and thirty-six of

the Laws of eighteen hundred and fifty-nine, in relation
to the redemption of the notes of closing Banks.

PASSED March 28, 1807. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows :

SECTION 1. In lieu of the deposit of money required by

subdivision one of section one of chapter two hundred and perintena: thirty-six of the Laws of eighteen hundred and fifty-nine, ent of bank and the amendments thereto, it shall be lawful for the Superdepartment

intendent of the banking department to receive a deposit of the stocks of this State or of the United States, equal at their par value to one and one-fourth times the amount of the outstanding circulation of the banking association or individual banker for which such deposit is made, such stock not to bear, an interest of less than six per cent per annum; and banking associations or individual bankers, having made deposits of cash under existing laws, may, in the discretion of the Superintendent of the banking department, avail themselves of the provisions of this act.

Ante, vol. 4, p. 188.

S 2. Upon such deposit being made (which may include superin

any such stock at that time held by the Superintendent for such banking association or individual banker), the Superintendent shall give notice as required by subdivision two of section one of the chapter aforesaid, that the circulating notes of such banking association or individual banker will be redeemed at par at some bank in the city of New York,

Votice hy


organized and doing business under the laws of this state or the United States, to be designated by the banking association or individual banker making such deposit, or at any bank in the city of Albany, designated by the superintendent of the bank department.

Ante, vol. 4, p. 188. .33. In case the bank so designated shall at any time fail Redempor refuse to redeem such notes at par when presented, they notes. sball be protested as required by section four, chapter two hundred and three of the laws of eighteen hundred and fiftyone, and the superintendent shall thereupon, in manner required in said section four, provide for the redemption of said notes.

Ante, vol 4, p. 188. 3 1. On the return to the superintendent and the destruc- When stnk tion by him of any of the notes of the banking association returned is or individual banker making a deposit as aforesaid, the said bank, banking association or individual banker or their legal representatives shall be entitled to receive from him a proportionate amount of the stock so deposited; and at the expiration of six years from the date of the notice required by section two of this act, the said notes shall cease to be a lien upon the stock so deposited, and the same shall be surrendered to the lawful claimant therefor. The existing provisions of law relative to the transfer and exchange of stocks deposited with the superintendent, except as herein modified, shall apply to the stocks deposited pursuant to the provisions of this act.

35. This act shall take effect immediately.

CHIAP. 194.
AN ACT to provide for a Convention to revise and amend

the Constitution.

Passed Jarch 29, 1867; three-fifths being present. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows :

SECTION 1. An election shall be held on the fourth Tuesday Day of elec of April next, of delegates to meet in convention to revise tion. the constitution of this state, and to amend the same.

S 2. The number of delegates to be chosen to such convention shall be one buindred and sixty. One hundred and delegates. twenty-eight thereof shall be elected by senatorial districts, and each senate district shall be entitled to elect four. Thirty-distries. two of said delegates shall be chosen for the state at large, and may be voted for by all the electors therein as such Delegates electors are hereinafter designated, except that no elector large. suall vote for more than sixteen of said delegates at large. And the thirty-two persons receiving the highest number of votes as delegates at large, shall be elected such delegates at large. The district delegates from each senate district, and

Number of


for State at

Who may

vote at electiu.

Who will not vote.

(ath in certain


the delegates at large shall be voted for upon separate ballots. All persons entitled by law to vote for members of assembly shall be entitled to vote at such election, in their respective election districts and not elsewhere. But no person shall vote at such election who will not, if duly challenged, take and subscribe the following oath :

“I (A. B.) do solemuly swear (or affirm) that I have never is to be voluntarily borne arms against the United States since I have

been a citizen thereof; that I have voluntarily given no aid, countenance, counsel or encouragement to persons engaged in armed hostility thereto; that I have neither sought nor accepted, nor attempted to exercise the functions of any office whatever under any authority or pretended authority in hostility to the United States; that I have not yielded a voluntary support to any pretended government, authority, power or constitution within the United States, hostile or inimical thereto, and did not willfully desert from the military or naval service of the United States, or leave this State to avoid the draft during the late rebellion." Such election

shall be by ballot. The inspectors of elections shall provide Bores for for each poll two boxes, suitable for the reception of ballots.

One of the ballots at such election shall contain the pame of Senatorial the persons voted for in each senate district as the delegates vallet: in. thereof, and designate the office to which he is intended to bersement, be chosen as “ Senatorial delegate to the constitutional con

vention," shall be folded as now provided by law and in

dorsed “Convention;" the other of said ballots shall contain Delegate at the names of not more than sixteen of the delegates voted

for as delegates at large, and shall designate the office for which they are intended to be chosen as “Delegates at large to the constitutional convention," and shall be indorsed “ Convention at large.” Such election shall, in all respects, be

conducted as is now provided by law for elections other than conducting for militia and town officers, so far as the existing provisions

of law are applicable thereto, and not inconsistent with this

act; and the officers required by law to make designation of Notices of the places of holding elections shall meet for that purpose on places of

the second Tuesday of April next, and make such designation

and give notice of them in the manner now provided by law. County can The county canvassers shall meet at the place now pro

vided by law, on the Friday next following said election, before one o'clock in the afternoon of that day, and all the provisions of law in relation to the board of county canvassers and their proceedings shall apply to them at their said meeting. They shall proceed to determine, from the returns and certificates of the inspectors and canvassers of election, the number of votes given for each candidate within their respective counties, except that in the counties of Fulton and Hamilton the canvass shall be made in the same manner as provided for an election of sepator; and they shall forth with

larre ballot; incorse. ment.

Mode of



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make and cause to be certified, duplicate statements in writ- Certificates
ing of the votes given for delegates, in the manner provided to be filed
in the case of the election of state officers and senators, one
of which duplicates shall be filed in the clerk's office of the
county, and the other in the office of the secretary of state.
They shall also, within the time aforesaid, ascertain and de-
termine the names of the thirty-two persons receiving, in
their several counties, the highest number of votes for dele-
gates at large, and make returns of said votes to the secre-
tary of state's office, in the same manner as the returns of
votes for governor are now directed to be made by law. The state can-
secretary of state shall appoint a meeting of the state can-varsera,
vassers to be held at his office, on or before the first Tuesday where to
of May next, and all provisions of law in relation to the
formation and proceedings of the board of state canvassers
shall be observed in relation to the election hereby ordered,
and in relation to the delegates to be chosen thereat. All the
provisions of chapter seven hundred and forty of the laws
of eighteen hundred and sixty-five, entitled “ An act to ascer- Application
tain, by proper proofs, the citizens who shall be entitled to woreca
the right of suffrage," and all the provisions of chapter eight tion,
hundred and twelve of the laws of eighteen hundred anıl
sixty-six, amendatory and supplementary thereof, and all the
provisions of chapter three hundred and eighty of the laws
of eighteen hundred and fifty-nine, entitled "An act for
ascertaining, by proper proofs, the citizens who shall be enti-
tled to the right of suffrage, and to prevent fraudulent vot-
ing," so far as the provisions of the last named act are not
affected by the provisions of said chapters seven hundred and
forty and eight hundred and twelve, shall be observed in and
as to the election herein provided for, except as limited or
affected by this act. But the officers charged by said acts, At what
chapters seven hundred and forty and eight hundred and boueres como
twelve, with the making of the registry there provided for, cers making
shall meet on the nineteenth day of April next, at the hours ineet.
of the day and at the places designated for holding the elec-
tion aforesaid, for the purpose of revising and correcting said
registers, and for this purpose in cities and districts, in or
partly in incorporated villages, they shall meet at eight
o'clock in the morning, and remain in session until nine
o'clock in the evening of that day, and the day following; and
in other districts they shall meet at nine o'clock in the morn-
ing, and remain in session until seven o'clock in the evening
of that day. And they shall then revise, correct, add to and
substract from, and complete the said registers, and shall add gledao
to the said register the name of any person who would, on me.
the said fourth Tuesday of April be entitled to vote under
the provisions of this act.

But in making such addition, they shall not place on the said register the name of any person except in strict compliance with the provisions of the acts

Duts of said


Where and gates to meet.

Secretary, &c.


Stenographer, &c.

heretofore in this section referred to. In making up their Registry of 1806, &c. registry, they shall take the registry made for the general elec

tion of the year eighteen hundred and sixty-six, which shall be the registry for the election of delegates herein provided for, with such alterations, and no other, as shall be needed by the

death or change of residence of any citizen, or by his loss of hned to dis- the right to vote for any reason. The electors of any district ecting de: may elect as a delegate any citizen of this state, whether legates. resident of said district or not.

S 3. The delegates so chosen sball meet in convention in when dele: the assembly chamber at the capitol, in the city of Albany,

on the first Tuesday in June next, at eleven o'clock in the

forenoon. They shall by ballot, elect one of their number President, president, and may appoint in a manner as they see fit, one

secretary, who may appoint three assistants. After the said

convention has met and, organized, it shall bave power to Adjonrn- adjourn to and hold its meetings at any place other than the other place. assembly chamber, at the capitol. The president of the con

vention may appoint a librarian, not exceeding eight doorLibrarian, keepers and fifteen messengers. The convention may elect

a stenographer and fix the amount of his compensation, also a sergeant-at-arms and one assistant. The delegates to the convention shall be entitled to the sum of six dollars per day,

for every day, from the first day to the last day of the session Pay of dele- thereof, and the same mileage as is now paid to the members

of the legislature; but no pay shall be received for any recess

longer than three days at one time. The secretary shall Pay of Sec. receive fifteen dollars per day and assistants ten dollars per retary, &c. day and mileage as aforesaid; and the door-keepers and

messengers, sergeant-at-arms and assistant, sball receive the same compensation as provided by law for similar services

and attendance upon the assembly. The amount of pay shall By whom to be certified by the president of the convention, and shall be and paid.

paid by the treasurer of the state, on the warrant of the comptroller, in the same manner as members of the legislature

are paid. It shall be the duty of the secretary of state to Duty of sec-attend said convention at the opening thereof, and to call the

roll thereof, to administer the constitutional oatb of office to preside at the delegates, and to preside at all meetings thereof, until a

president thereof has been elected and has taken bis seat. or public But the secretary of state shall have neither the casting vote &e, to give nor any other vote therein, and all public officers, boards and

commissions shall furnish such convention with all such information, papers, statements, books or other public documents in their possession, as the said convention shall order

or require for its use, from time to time, while in session; Stationery, and it shall be the duty of the comptroller to furnish the

members thereof with stationery to the amount provided by law for the legislature while in session, and to the convention such stationery and file-boards, and other like things, as are


be certified

retary of

State to




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