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Senators whose seats will be vacant in—,



Mr. Baldwin, of Connecticut. Mr. Bell, of Tennessee.

Benton, of Missouri.
Bright, of Indiana.
Cass, of Michigan.
Corwin, of Ohio.
Davis, of Mississppi.
Dayton, of New Jersey.
Dickinson, of New York.
Dodge, of Wisconsin.
Greene, of Rhode Island.
Hamlin, of Maine.
Mason, of Virginia.
Phelps, of Vermont.
Rusk, of Texas.
Sturgeon, of Pennsylvania.
Turney, of Tennessee.

Wales, of Delaware.

Webster, of Massachusetts. Yulee, of Florida. Maryland, one vacancy.

Berrien, of Georgia.
Bradbury, of Maine.
Calhoun, of S. Carolina.
Clarke, of Rhode Island.

Davis, of Massachusetts.
Douglas, of Illinois.
Downs, of Louisiana.
Felch, of Michigan.
Fitzpatrick, of Alabama.
Foote, of Mississippi.
Hale, of N. Hampshire.
Houston, of Texas.
Hunter, of Virginia.
Jones, of Iowa.
Mangum, of N. Carolina.
Miller, of New Jersey.

Mr. Atchison, of Missouri.

Badger, of N. Carolina.
Borland, of Arkansas.
Butler, of South Carolina.

Chase, of Ohio.
Clay, of Kentucky.
Cooper, of Pennsylvania.
Dawson, of Georgia.
Dodge, of Iowa.
Morton, of Florida.
Norris, of N. Hampshire.
Pearce, of Maryland.
Seward, of New York.
Smith, of Connecticut.
Soulé, of Louisiana
Upham, of Vermont.
Walker, of Wisconsin.

Whitcomb, of Indiana.

Sebastian, of Arkansas.

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MONDAY, MARCH 5, 1849.

To the Senators of the United States, respectively.

WASHINGTON, January 2, 1849.

SIR: Objects interesting to the United States requiring that the Senate should be in session on Monday, the fifth of March next, to receive and act upon such communications as may be made to it on the part of the Executive, your attention in the Senate chamber, in this city on that day at ten o'clock in the forenoon, is accordingly requested.


In conformity with the above recited summons from the President of the United States, the Senate assembled in their chamber in the city of Washington:

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From the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

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The Senate being called to order by the Secretary,

On motion by Mr. Davis, of Massachusetts, and by unanimous consent,

Resolved, That the oath of office be administered by the honora ble Thomas H. Benton to the honorable David R. Atchison, Senator elect from the State of Missouri; and that he be, and hereby is, chosen President of the Senate pro tempore.

The oath prescribed by law was accordingly administered to the honorable David R. Atchison, and he resumed the chair.

The credentials of the following Senators having been heretofore read, the oath prescribed by law was administered to them, and they took their seats in the Senate, viz:

The honorable James A. Pearce, from Maryland.

The honorable William Upham, from Vermont.

The honorable James Cooper, from Pennsylvania.

The honorable Andrew P. Butler, from South Carolina. -
The honorable Solon Borland, from Arkansas.

The honorable Isaac P. Walker, from Wisconsin.
The honorable Augustus C. Dodge, from Iowa.

The honorable William H. Seward, from New York.'

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