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Old Roanoke inlet, improvement of the harbor. (See bill S. 422.)

Ohl, John F. (See bill H. R. 566.)

Oliphant, Catharine, petition.....

Onondaga Indians. (See Seneca Indians)

Ontario county, New York, citizens of, petition for a reduction of postage.....
Ontonagon river, citizens of Michigan petition for the improvement of the harbor
at the mouth of....






222, 230



(See bill


Orange county, Vermont, petition of citizens of, for a mail route from East Co-
rinth to Washington, and a post office at East Orange.....
Orders, previous, yeas and nays on motions to postpone the..
Ordnance corps, officers of, memorial..

Oregon, establishment of a line of telegraphs to Oregon and California, memorial
of Henry O'Reilly.....

extension of the laws relating to Indian affairs over Oregon.
S. 382.)
geological reconnaissance of Oregon. (See joint resolution S. R. 51)
memorial of Daniel V Quenaudon for land to establish a colony in Oregon
arms and ammunition to emigrants to Oregon. (See joint resolution S.
R. 56)

railroad to Oregon, petition of citizens of Troy, New York, for a charter
to Hartwell Carver and associates for.....
petition of citizens of Attica, New York.

geological reconnaissance of the territories of the United States contig-
uous to the Pacific coast. (See joint resolution S. R. 71.)
resolutions by Mr. Houston relative to a communication between New
Mexico, California, and Oregon

O'Reilly, Henry, memorials.

committee discharged...


Orphans. (See Widows.)

Owen, David Dale, resolution by Mr. Foote to procure additional copies of the
geological report of......

Ozark county, Missouri, citizens of, to enter land.

(See bill H. R. 406.)


[blocks in formation]

Pacheco, Antonio, legal representatives of. (See bill H. R. 197.)
Pacific ocean, memorial of Dennis Keenan, jr., for land for a railroad and tele.
graph from Point Isabel to the Pacific....


bill to authorize the Galveston and Red River Railway Company
to extend their railway to the Pacific. (See bill S. 472.)
memorial of George Wilkes for a national road from the Missouri
river to the Pacific.....

(See bill S. 451.)

bill for a road from the Mississippi to the Pacific, with a branch to
the Columbia river.
resolution by Mr. Johnson, of Maryland, for a despatch of Mr.
Wheaton, concerning a communication between the Atlantic and
Pacific oceans and the Mediterranean seas..
cost of freight and transportation for the United States squadron
on the northwest coast, and the number of officers, seamen, and
marines employed, resolution by Mr. Niles...

report of the Secretary of the Navy.



79, 86,



memorial of citizens of Buffalo, for a railroad from the Missouri
to the Pacific.....


memorial of Hartwell Carver, for land for a railroad from Lake
Michigan to the Pacific....


memorial of Ebenezer Allen and others for a railroad from the Rio
Grande to the Pacific...


railroad from Memphis to the Pacific-

memorial of citizens of Arkansas..

149, 225, 265


memorial of William Pelham and others...

land to Asa Whitney for a railroad from Lake Michigan to the
Pacific. (See bill S. 297.)

resolution to provide for topographical surveys and reports of routes
from the valley of the Mississippi to the Pacific. (See joint re-
solution S. R. 54.)

memorial of William A. Bradly, relative to a road and mail com-
munication between St. Louis and the Pacific

report and bill. (See bill S. 467)...



Pacific coast, geological reconnaissance of the territory of the United States con-
contiguous to. (See joint resolution S. R. 71.)

Page, Wm. Byrd, memorial..


Page, Charles G., memorial....


select committee on




Paintings in the Library of Congress, communication from W. W. Chester and S.
E. Guild

Pamphlets, postage on, resolution of the Legislature of Indiana..

Panama, isthmus of, turnpike across, memorial of John C. Riddle, D. H. Carter,
and E. Simonds....

Panama, isthmus of, telegraph across, memorial of Montgomery Gibbs and others
Panama, isthmus of, railroad across, memorial of Aspinwall, Stephens, and Chaun-

documents submitted.

bill reported. (See bill S. 352.)

resolution by Mr. Baldwin in relation to the contract between
Messrs. Aspinwall, Stephens, and Chauncey, and the govern-
ment of New Granada....








letter from Aspinwall and others, with additional documents...

Parker, Peter, memorial.....

Parkeson, William, documents referred.

Parsons, William. (See William Flanigan )

Passengers, carriage of, in merchant vessels. (See bill H. R. 738.)

Passengers, number and description of, report of the Secretary of State.....
Passengers, alien, resolution by Mr. Webster, relative to the taking of security

against alien passengers becoming a public charge..
printing of the decisions of the judges of the Supreme Court in
the case of Smith vs. Turner and Norris vs. the city of Bos-
ton, resolution by Mr. Webster...

resolution by Mr. Foote.....

yeas and nays......

Patent laws, petitions and memorials for an amendment of―
Charles M. Keller and others......

Henry O'Rielly, remonstrating against bill H. R. 102..
inventors and others of New York.

Stevens & Ellison and others..

citizens of New York....

Derby, Connecticut


Monroe county, New York.
Rahway, New Jersey..
Springfield, Massachusetts..

Patent rights, applications for the renewal of. (See bill H. R. 509.)

Patents, Commissioner of, reports-

[blocks in formation]

applications for paten's for the prevention of steam explosions......
prevention of the explosion of steam boilers for boats and railroads
motion to print referred....

[blocks in formation]

ordered to be bound, and the Commissioner to be furnished with


Pawlings, Henry, legal representatives of, petition.

Pay department of the army, bill concerning. (See bill S. 258.)

[blocks in formation]

purchase of Winder's building for the use of the Government.

Executive of Maryland to be informed of the resignation of the Hon.
Reverdy Johnson

-245, 251


Pelham, and others, William, memorial for a railroad to the Pacific......
Pennsylvania, citizens of, petitions-


increase of duties on foreign manufactures.... 112, 112, 121, 126, 164, 232
purchase of Mount Vernon..


slavery.... 158. 224, 224, 232, 232, 232, 255, 265, 265, 265, 265, 265, 265,

amendment of the patent laws.

adoption of the ordinance of 1787 in the organization of territorial

[blocks in formation]

266, 291, 306
215, 224, 265

[blocks in formation]


dissolution of the Union...

Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, petitions for the
abolition of slavery..

Pennsylvania Legislature, resolutions for a permanent settlement of the Indians 199, 265
Pennsylvania line, document showing the names of officers and soldiers of the
Pennsylvania line entitled to donation lands..

Penobscot, transfer of Vinal Haven, North Haven, and Islesboro', from the Pe-
nobscot collection district to that of Belfast.


[ocr errors]

(See bill H. R. 314.)

Penrod, David. (Se bill S. 206 )

Pensacola, right of way and land to Alabama and Florida for a railroad from
Montgomery to Pensacola, &c. (See bill S. 349.)

Pension laws, extension of, resolution by Mr. Davis, of Mississippi....
Pension laws and bounty land laws, resolution by Mr. Bright for printing.


Pensions, office of Commissioner of, bill to continue. (See bill S. 373.)
Pensions, Commissioner of reports

rejected pension claims, communicated by the Secretary of War....
applications for navy pensions, communicated by the Secretary of the

Pensions, revolutionary, and other, appropriation bill (See bill H. R. 697.)
report of the Commis: ioner of Pensions of rejected applications for pen-


invalid. (See bill S. 387.)

for disabilities, resolution by Mr. Johnson, of Louisiana..

(See bill S. 416.)

evidence in applications for pensions by widows. (See joint resolution
H. R. 52.)

navy. appropriation bill. (See bill H. R. 698.)

report of the Secretary of the Navy, with a report of the Commissioner
of Pensions of applications for navy pensions..

[blocks in formation]

Periodicals, publishers of, New York, petition in relation to postage.

Boston, petition in relation to postage...

postage on, petitions of publishers of periodicals in New York.,.
petitions of publishers of periodicals in Boston....
resolution of the Legislature of Indiana...

[blocks in formation]

Perriwig hoals, survey and examination of. (See bill S. 441.)

Perry county, Illinois, citizens of, petition for land for Illinois Central railroad..

committee discharged....

Perry, Jean F., heirs of, Josiah Bleakley, Nicholas Jarrot, and Robert Morrison.
(See bill S. 147.)

[blocks in formation]

Perry, Reuben, and Thomas P. Ligon. (See bill H. R. 110.)

Perry, Samuel (See bill H. R. 704)

Peters, Thomas, resolutions relative to the compensation of..

Petty, Elijah. (See bill S. 48.)

Petty, Hannah. (See bill S. 48.)

278, 308, 370

Peyton, Balie. (See bill S. 116.)

Phelps, Hon. Samuel S., attended..

presented the credentials of the Hon. William Upham
resolution by, for reprinting and continuing the list of claims

3, 350


Phelps, Abel, executors of. (See Winthrop W. Chester and S. E. Guild.)
Phelps, Noah A. (See bill H. R. 214.)

Philadelphia navy yard, petition of George W. West and others for an enlarge-

ment of...
committee discharged.


Philadelphia Board of Trade, proceedings of the directors of, relative to the coast

(See bill S. 348.)


Philadelphia, frigate, captors of.
Philadelphia county, Pennsylvania, citizens of, petition for an increase of duties
on foreign manufactures....
citizens of, petition for purchase of Mount

Philadelphia city, citizens of, petition for an increase of duties on foreign manu-






99, 168, 175






citizens of, memorial relative to the mileage of members of

committee discharged .....

citizens of, petition for an ice harbor in the Delaware

[blocks in formation]

Point Isabel, Texas, proceedings of a meeting of citizens of, in favor of a port
of entry at that place......


Port Washington, improvement of the harbor of. (See bill S. 467.)

Porter, David D., petition....


Porter, David, widow of. (See Evelina Porter.)

Porter, Evelina, memorial referred....


Portraits of Presidents in the Library of Congress, communication from W. W.
Chester and S. E. Guild.

Postage on letters, memorial of citizens of Sterling, Michigan

Postage on newspapers, petitions of citizens of

[blocks in formation]

Postage on pamphlets, resolution of the Legislature of Indiana.
Postage on documents printed by States, resolution of the Legislature. of Indiana
Postage, reduction of the rates of, petitions of citizens of-

New York.. 93, 99, 107, 112, 114, 121, 221, 227, 291
Ypsilanti, Michigan





91, 99






[blocks in formation]

Postage, reduction of the rates of, petitions of citizens of-Continued.

Lincoln county, Maine....


New Orleans....



Ontario county, New York.........



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Bowdoinham, Maine.........
Rock county, Wisconsin....
Mifflin county, Pennsylvania.

resolutions of the Legislature of Illinois...

Postage, bill to reduce the rates of. (See bill S. 289.)

Postal arrangements with Bremen, resolution by Mr. Niles..

report of the Postmaster General...

Postmaster General, reports of

with report of S. R. Hobbie, Assistant Postmaster General......
transmission of the mail in steamers between the United States
and foreign countries..

[blocks in formation]

Postmaster General, Assistant, report of S R. Hobbie called for by resolution of

Postmasters, election of, by the people, petition of citizens of Huntingdon county,

Post Office department-

report of the Treasurer with accounts of receipts and disburements

order to print reconsidered.











[blocks in formation]

ordered to be printed



appropriation bill. (See bill H. R. 754.)

yeas and nays.



Post office, petition of citizens of Edgefield district, South Carolina, for a post
office at the residence of J. S. Smyly....


Post routes. (See mail routes.)

Post routes, bill to repeal a provision of the act of August 14, 1848. (See bill
H. R. 744.)

Pottawatomie annuities. petition of the Kickapoo and Pottawatomie Indians,
relative to the payment of......



petition of citizens of Michigan for an extension of the pre-emption laws
to the mineral lands on Lake Superior ....


resolution of the Legislature of Illinois'relative to the pre-emption rights
of settlers on lands granted to the State for internal improvements.....
pre-emption rights to certain islands in the Great Miami river. (See bill
H. K. 526)


Prentiss, Susanna. (See bill H. R. 614.)

Presidents of the United States, portraits of, in the Library of Congress, commu-
nication from W. W. Chester and S E. Guild......

President of the United States-

appointment of a joint committee to inform the President that Con-
gress has assembled, &c.-

on the part of the House of Representatives

on the part of the Senate


notice of the appointment of the Hon. David R. Atchison as President
of the Senate pro tempore..

resolution by Mr. Johnson, of Maryland, relative to appointments by
the President not submitted to the Senate..

appointment of a joint committee to inform the President that Con-
gress is ready to adjourn

on the part of the Senate

on the part of the House of Representatives

summons from the President for a special session of the Senate

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[blocks in formation]
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