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Paga. Abney, Rhoda, petition....

118 Abolition of slavery. (See Slavery.) Academy. (See Military Academy.) Accounts of public officers and others who may have received moneys arising

from military contributions or otherwise in Mexico, setilement of. (See bill

H. R. 717.)
Acken, Wm. D. petition....

88 Acken, Julia... Scommittee discharged and again referred..

97 Acts and resolutions of the 2ů session of the 30th Congress, list of..

340 Adams, John, writings of, petition of Litile and Brown asking patronage of gov. ernment to a publication of...

163 Adjourn, yeas and nays en motions to adjourn...

102, 202, 331 notice to the Senate that the House of Representatives is ready to ad. journ

335 joint committee to inform the President that Congress is ready to adjourn 338, 339 report ....

339 notice to the House of Representatives that Senate is about to adjourn. 339 Adjutant general's office, memorial of Johu M. Hepburn and others, clerks in, for compensation for extra services.

264 Adkins, Elizabeth, leave to withdraw..

115 Africa, petition of A. M Carnahan and others, for the transportation of emigrants to Liberia in United States vessels going to the coast of Africa.......

102 committee discharged and ordered 10 lie on the table......

116 Agricultural deparıment of government, memorial of J. S. Skinner relative to; yeas and nays on motion to refer to a select committee..

62 referred to the Committee on Agriculture....

62 Agricultural bureau...?

141 } memorial of the New York Agricultural Society.... Agricultural statistics. Alabama, citizens of, petition for a division of the State into two judicial districts 255 committee discharged.....

280 payment of interest on advances by, to the government during the Creek

(See bill S. 351.)
United States district courts in. (See bill H. R. 701.)
land claims in. (See bill S 262.)
division of, into two judicial districts, petition of citizens of.........

255 commitiee discharged....

280 Indian reservation in, bill to relinquish the reversionary interest of the

United States in a certain. (See bill S. 163 )
bill to extend the provisions of the act of March 3, 1817, for carrying

into effect the compacis with Alabama and Missouri relative to the
five per cent. fund and school reservations. (See bill S. 470 )
bill to cede to, the unsolit lands in that Siate. (See bill S. 184.)

university of, remission of duties on a telescope lor. (See bill S. 358.) Albemarle sound and the Atlantic ocean, communication between. (See bill S.

422.) Alden, Judah, resolution for leave to withdraw.....

368, 369 Aldrich, Polly. (See bill H. R. 447.) Aldrich, S. W., David P. Wells, and N. H. Wyse, petition...

171 Algiers, Louisiana, resolution of the Legislature of Louisiana for a foundry and armory at.

179 Alien passengers, security against becoming a public charge, resolution by Mr.

Webster relative lo..
printing the decisions of the judges of the Supreme Court in the

cases of Smith os. Turner and Norris vs. the city of Boston;
resolution by Mr. Webster........

226 resolution by Mr. Foote..

368 yeas and nays



194, 226





69, 73

Page. Alleghany river, survey and examination of. (Sce bill S. 436.) Allen, Hon. William, attended

resolutions submiited by:
to appoint ihe Hon. Ďavi R. Atchison president of the Senato pro tom.

for ascertaining the classes in which the Senators from Iowa shall be in.

81,81 transmission of the mail between the United States and foreign countries 133 Allen and oihers, Ebenezer, memorial..

146 America, North, memorial of J. Disturnell relative to the collection of statistics of ..

66 American archives, distribution of. (See joint resolution H. R. 55 ) American board of commissioners for foreign missi'ns, memorial referred..

216 leave to withdraw....

360 American Academy of Arts and Sciences of Boston, report of a committee of, rel. ative to the coast survey......

221 American vessels in distress, resolution in relation to foreign officers or seamen

who shall render relief to. (See joint resolution H. R. 57.) Amherst college, pre-ident of, petition for a new edition and distribution of the works of the exploring expedition.....:

228 Anderson, Samuel T. (See joint resolution H. R. 20.) return of the resolution asked..........

110 committee discharged, and the return ordered.

112 Anderson, Thomas D., legatees of, memorial.

103 Anderson, William C, petition...

167 Anderson, Timothy P., widow and heirs-at-law of. (See bill S. 221.) Andrews, Asa, leave to wiihdraw.

54 (See bill S 35.) Angus, Anne W. (See bill H. R. 59.) Ann Arbor, Michigan. citiz ns of, petition for a reduction of postage, &c. ....... 184 Annie Tist, ship. (see bill S. 361) Ante-chamber, resolution by Mr Foote relative to the superintendent of........ Appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. (See bill S. 334.) Appendix io the Senate Journal.

340 Appointments by the President not submitted to the Senate, resolation by Mr. Johnson, of Maryland.....

70 Appropriations, bill to supply deficiencies of. (See bill H. R. 665.) yeas and nays.

123 Arkansas and Missouri, overflowed lands in, resolution of the Legislature of Missouri

221 and other volunteers, subsistence to. (See bill S. 295 ) and other Slates, overflowed lands in. (See bill S. 253.) title to certain tracts of land in. (See bills S. 290 and H. R. 487.) office of the surveyor general in, resolution of the Legislature of Arkansas for the continuance of....

180 bill to grant to, the Hot Spring reservation therein. (See bill S. 379.) committee discharged

280 completion and repair of forts and barracks on the frontier of, memorial of the Legislature..:

117 school lands in, mernorial of the Legislature..

117 payment of the five per cent. fund due to, resolution of the Leigislature of Arkansas

180 land claims in. (See bills S. 262 and 489.) report ....

293 new collection district in. (Seo bill 8. 390.) Salt Spring lands in, resolution of the Legislature of Arkansas ...... 154 report and bill (see bill §. 46,6).

222 citizens of, memorial for railroad from Memphis to the Pacific... 149, 225, 265 establishment of mail routes in, resolution of the Legislature of Arkansas.

100, 180 resolution by Mr. Sebastian....


158 Arkansas Legislature, memorials and resolutions protection of the frontier from Indian depredations.....

96 construction of a road from Fori Smith to California .

96 (See joint resolution S. R. 54.) for mail ronies from Antoine post office to Ackadelphia; from Boon.

ville to Ozark; and from Clarksville to St. Paul's post office..... 100 completion and repair of forts and barracks on the Stato frontier... 117



Page. Arkansas Legislatore, memorials and resolutions-Continued. school lands..

117 committee discharged

200 bounty lands...

126 adverse report.

206 land for tho Clarkesville Institute.

126 (ee bill S. 482 ) payment for horses lost in the military service

149 Salt Spring lands.

154 report and bill (see biil S. 466).

222 for mail routes from Rockroe to Boonville, and from St. Louis to

Lilile Rock..
for a grant of land to the States for internal improvements. The pay.

ment of the five per cent. surid in land, and a reduction of the
price of the public lands..

180 continuance of the oflice of surveyor general of Arkansas.

180 Armistead, Starkey, executor of. (See William Plummer.) Armories, national, report of t.e Secretary of War of the expenses of the national armories, and the number of arms made and repaired....

105 Arms made and repaired at the national armories, report of the Secretary of War

105 Arms and ammunition to emigrants to Oregon, California, and Now Mexico.

(See joint resolution S. R. 56.) Armstrong, Thomas and Elizabeth, petition...

103 Armstrong, Amos. (See bill H. R. 453.) Army, resolutions by Mr. Baldwin relative to the money collected by the army in Mexico

70 bill amendatory of an act respecting the reorganization of the army.

(See bill S. 385.)
medical staff of the army. (See bill S. 393.)
yeas and nays

appropriation bill. (See bill H. R. 695.)
pe:ition of the commissioned officers of the third regiment of artillery, rela.

tive to certificates of merit to non-commissioned officers of thit regiment 244 operations of the army in Texas and the adjicent Mexican States, report

of the Secretary of War..... Army Register, communication from the Secretary of War with copies of...... 201 Arnold, John, administrator of. (See George G. Bishop.) Artillery, third regiment of. commissioned officers of, petition relative to certifi. cates of merits to the non-commissioned officers of that regiment

244 Ashard, William K, memorial....

258 Aspinwall, William H., John L. Siephens, and Henry Chauncey, memorial in relation to the Panama railroad.....

51 referred

(See bill S 352.)
resolution by Mr. Baldwin in relation to the contract between the

government of Now Grenada and Messrs. Aspinwall, Stephens,
and Chauncey..

letter from William H. Aspinwall and others, with additional docu.
menis in relation to the Panama railroad

94 Astronomical clock and telegraph register, report of the Secretary of the Treas. ary, with a report of the superintendent of the coust survey.

106 Atchison, Hon. David R., attended..

5, 351 resumed the chair

5, 352 presented the credentials of the Hon. William K. Sebastian.

75 appointed President of the Senate pro tem..

81, 295, 352, 367 resolutions of thanks to... credentials presented...

198 oath administered..

352 Atherton, Hon. Charles G., attended

3 presented the credentials of the Hon. Moses Norris, jr .........

resolutions submitted by-
to rescind the orders of last session discharging the Committees on

on Commerce, Pensions, Mililary Affairs, and Naval Affairs,
from certain business..

51 to refer portions of the President's message

67 to rescind the resolution setting apart a day for private bills..

233, 272 for a recess .......... yeas and pays



333, 370

245, 259 Page.


79, 86


Atlantio ocean, telegraphic communication across, memorial of Horatio Hubbell

and John Henry Sherburne..
resolution by Mr. Johnson, of Maryland, for a despatch of Mr.

Wheaton concerning a communication between the Atlantic and

Pacific oceans and the Mediterranean seas
Atlantic and Gulf Railroad Company. (Sce bill S. 405.)
Attica, New York, citizens of, petition for the construction of a railroad to the

Pacific by Hariwell Carver and associates...
Auditor, First, of the Treasury Department, and Auditor of the Post Office De-

partment, report in ihe case of Jennings, Roddey, & Carter....
Second, and Second Comptroller, report of, showing the amount due the
Cherokees under the treaty of 1816....
referred ...

communication from the Second Comptroller relative to the

above report. Fisth, communication from, relative to light-hjuses, ordered to be printed Averill, Canfield. (See bill H. R. 624)


131 134

137 361


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Badger, Hon. George E., attended

credentials presented..
oaih administered.
resolutions submitted by-
discontinuance of the contract for publishing the debates and proceed.

ings of the Senate .

pay to Thomas Peters for extra services Badger, Thomas. (See bill H. R. 128.) Bagby, Hon. Arthur P., resolution by, in relation to the powers of the general

government on the subject of internal improvements, ordered to lie on the table Baker, David, petition. Baker, R. L., petition

(See joint resolution S. R. 43.) Baldwin, Hon. Roger S., attended

presented the credentials of the Hon. Trueman Smith,
resolutions submitted by-
coniract between the government of New Granada and Messrs. Aspin-

wall, Stephens, and Chauncey, in relation to the Panama railroad.

moneys collected in Mexico under authority of the United States.... Baldwin, John, adverse report concurred in and committee discharged.

leave to withdraw.. Baldwin, John P. (See bill $. 139.)

yeas and nays.

motion to reconsider. Baldwin, Enoch, petition... Baltimore, merchants, &c., memorial for free trade between the United States

and Canada, in agricultural products
Barclay, Joseph, adverse report concurred in.
Barclay & Livingston, and other merchants of New York, memorial for the re-

turn of duties on merchandise destroyed by the fire of 1845
Barnard, J. G., memorial
Barnes, Francis..
Barnes, Henry W., and Randolph M. Cooley, petition.
Barney, H. M. (See joint resolution H. R. 18.)
Barney, Joshua. (See bill H. R. 401.)
Barniiz, Charles A. (See bill H. R. 308 )
Barnitz, Margaret. (See Charles A. Barnitz.)
Barren county, Kentucky. (See Glasgow.)
Barilett, Samuel S , petition.. ::
Barton, William, beirs of, petition..

95 101 133

[blocks in formation]

report and bill (see bill S. 378).
Bates, David G. (See Moses Meeker.)
Bates, Lewis H. (See Wm. Lacon.)
Baudouin, A., and A. D. Robert. (See bill H. R. 389.)
Bayard & Co., Wm., memorial, railroad from the Mississippi to California......
Bayard, Samuel J., memorial.

(See bill S. 389.)
Beach, Samuel, resolution for leave to withdraw.
Beach, Samuel, heirs of, leave to withdraw.

53 104

108 121


369 54



Beale, Robert, resolution by Mr. Dix, for an allowanco to ....

Beardon, John, heirs of. (See bill S. 48.)
Beatty, Francis G., and Samuel Walker, petition....

leave to withdraw

307, 313, 361
Bedinger, Henrietta, adverse report concurred in.

Bedinger, Daniel P., petition, transportation of free colored people..

112, 116
yeas and nays....

113, 117
Beetley, Hector St. John, adverse report concurred in..

Belfast, transfer of Vinal Haven, North Haven, and Islesboro, from the Penob.

scot collection district to that of. (See bill H. R. 341.)
Bell, Hon. John, attended

4, 351
resolations submitted by-
business before the Committee on Indian Affairs last session, and not re-
ported on, recommitied...

amount due to the Cherokee nation of Indians.

110, 116
amount advanced to the "old settlers" or Western Cherokees..

Benns, Charles. (See bill H. R. 52.)
Benson, A. S. and A. W., settlement of the claims of, resolution by Mr. Dickin.

(See joint resolution S. 66.)
Benton, Hon. Thomas H., attended

5, 351
presented the credentials of the Hon. David R. Atchison

to administer oath to the Hon. David R. Atchison......

resolutions submitted by-
amounts appropriated for the coast survey...

amount expended on the exploring expedition

number of vessels, &c., employed in the coast survey.

synoptical index to the laws and treaties........

115, 119
to repeal the 49th rule....

to appoint the Hon. David R. Atchison president pro tem............ 295
Benton county, Florida, land for a county site in, resolution of the Legislature of

Berks county, Pennsylvania, citizens of, petition, for increase of duties on foreign

Berrien, Ilon. John McPherson, attended.
presented the credentials of the Hon. George E. Badger.

presented the credentials of the Hon. Wm. C. Dawson

Bessee, Anthony. (See bill H. R. 119.)
Big Sandy creek, improvement of the harbor at the mouth of. (See bill S. 449.)
Bils, motion by Mr. Atherton to rescind the orders of last session, discharging

the Committees on Commerce, Pensions, Military Affairs, and Naval
Affairs, from certain.....

resolution by Mr. Cameron, to change the number of copies of, printed for
the Senate

resolution by Mr. Bradbury, for an amendment of the rules in relation to
amendments to bills...

private, motion by Mr. Bradbury to set apart a day for.

61, 60
resolution by Mr. Atherton to rescind the resolution setting apart
a day for

233, 272
resolution by Mr. Hale relative to the mode of acting upon

221, 227
resolution by the House of representatives for an additional joint
rule in relation to.....

268, 272
return of, asked by the House of Representatives
joint resolution H. R. 20.....

110, 112
joint resolution H. R. 47

return of, asked by the Senate-
bill H. R. 7.....

122, 132
joint resolution S. 53.

177, 178
bill S. 415....

212, 218
Bingham, Elizabeth, administrator of. (See John H. Kimball.)
Bishop, George G., and Peter U. Morgan, administrator of John Arnold, petition 179

leave to withdraw..

Black river, examination of the harbor at the mouth of. (See bill S. 438.)
Blackford, Wm. M. (See bill H. R. 314.)
Blackford county, Indiana, citizens of, petition for post office at Ransom's storo.. 228
Blair county, Pennsylvania, citizens of, petition, for an increase of duties on foreign


4, 350

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