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Iowa Legislature, memorials and resolutions---Continued.

improvement of the Des Monies and Rock river rapius.
mail route from Bloomington to Prairie du Chien....
mail route from Tipton to the county seat of Benton county.
mail route from Ottumwa to Chariton point
mail route from New London to Iowa city..
land for a branch of the State University at Fairfield.

improvement of the Maquoketa river...
Irons, John, petition referred...
Irvine, Caleb E., injunction of screcy removed from the proceedings of the Sen.
ate on the nomination of

yeas and nays..
* Islesboro, transfer of, from the Penobscot to the Belfast collection district. (See

bill H. R. 344.)








144, 152



4, 350


79, 86

Jackson, Jesse Washington. (See bill H. R. 279.)
James river, improvement of. (See bill S. 435.)
James Mitchell, ship, legal owners of. (See bill H. R. 436.)
Jameson, John M., to be continued through the recess.
Jarrot, Nicholas See Jean F. Perry.)
Jenks, William, petition...
Jennings, Roddey, & Carter, report of the First Auditor of the Treasury Depart-

ment and the Auditor of the Post Office Department in the case of.
Jillson, Nancy, adverse report concurrod in..
Johnson, Hon. Henry, attended

resolutions submitted by-

Benjamin F. Bosworth's claim for bounty lands.
clerk for the Committee on Pensions....
confirmation of James A. Scudday's land claim.
pensions in the army for disabilities...
report of Captain Mervine, relative to the battle of St. Clara, Cap.

tain Ward, Marston, &c....
bonds and guarantees issued by the Territorial government of

Florida ....
Johnson, Hon. Reverdy, attended..

letter resigning his seat in the Senate.....
executive of Maryland to be informed of the resignation....
resolutions submitted by
despatch of Mr. Wheaton concerning a communication between

the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the Mediterranean seas.....

appointmeats by the President not submitted to the Senate........
Johnson, T. A., tion for the abolition of the spirit ration in the navy

petition for the abolition of corporeal punishment in the military and

naval service.
Johnson, Marcus Fulton. (See bill H. R. 195.)
Johnson, Israel. (See bill . R. 426.)
Johnson, Allen G., petition...
Johnson, R. M., claim of, resolution by Mr. Metcalfe

message from the President.
Johnson, Jonathan, resolution for leave to withdraw...
Jones, Hon. George W., credentials presented, &c....

resolution by Mr. Allen, for ascertaining the classes in which the Sena.

tors from Iowa shall be inserted...
presented the credentials of the Hon. Augustus C. Dodge.
resolutions submitted by

pension of Isaac W. Griffith..

mail route from Dubuque to Keokuk.
Jones, Captain Samuel, legal representatives of. (See bill H. R. 306.)
Jones, Roger, memorial..

report and bill (see bill S. 376.).
Jones, Samuel, memorial...

report, adverse...
Jones, John Rice, legal representatives of. (See bill $. 383.)

Jones, Hervey.. (See bill H. R. 210.).

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368, 369


Jones & Boker, resolution by Mr. Westcott, relative to the act for the relief of,

ordered to lie on the table
Jorry William, resolution for leave to withdraw,
Journal, resolution by Mr. Cameron to change the number of copies of, printed

for the Senate...
Judge, Thomas L. (See bill H. R. 567.)
Judicial districts, petition of citizens of Alabama for a division of the State into


committee discharged...
Jurisdiction, appellate, of the Supreme Court. (See bill S. 381.)
Jurors, selection of, in certain United States courts. (See bill H. R. 804.)








Kalamazoo river, improvement of the harbor at the mouth of. (See bill S. 425.)
Kearsley., Jonathan, petition
Keenan, jr., Dennis, petition..
Kehukee Primitive Baptist Association, memorial relative to the appointment of

chaplains by Government.
Keller and others, Charles M., petition for a modification of the patent laws....
Kellet, Charles A. (See bill H. R. 363.)
Kelly, Ann, adverse report concurred in, and committee discharged
Kendrick, H. L., petition..
Kennet monthly meeting of Friends in Chester county, Pennsylvania, memorial

relative to slavery....
Kentucky, mail routes in, resolution by Mr. Underwood.

United States circuit court in, judge of the United States courts in the

filih circuit to hold. (See bill H. R. 805.)
Keokuk, land to Iowa for a railroad from Dubuque to. (See bill $. 372.)
Kerr, Ruth, petition....

adverse report..
Key West, navy yard and naval depot at, resolution by M Testcott.
Kickapoo Indians, memorial, committee discharged...
Kickapoo and Pottawatomie Indians, petition...
Kimball, John H., petition ..
Kincart. John. (See bill S. 407.)
King, Hon. William R., attended..

presented the credentials of the Hon. Benjamin Fitzpatrick.
resolutions submitted by, viz:

death of the Hon. Dixon H. Lewis....
to fix a time for the appointment of the standing committees...
to increase the number of members of the Committees on Military Affairs

and Naval Affairs.....
to suspend the 31th rule for the appointment of the standing committees
allowance to Alexander Hammett....
regulation of the number and compensation of officers, clerks, messengers,

and other persons employed by the Senate..:

land for services in the last war with Great Britain.
King, and others, James G., memorial for the improvement of Hurl Gate channel

and the harbor of New York..
King, Henry, executors of, documents referred
Kingsbury, Wiiliam. (See bill H. R. 650.)
Kingsbury, Robert B., memorial.
Kinney, Elizabeth. (See bill H. R. 546.)
Kinney, Amos, widow of. (See Hannah Kinney.),
Kinney, Hannah. (See bill H. R. 610.)
Kirwin, Joseph, petition...
Knaggs, Peter W., adverse report..
Knickerbocker, Abraham L.. petition..
Kosciusko, Thaddeus, heir of.' (See Vladislas Wankowiez.)

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Lacon, William, and Lewis H. Bates, petition

(See bill H. R. 570.)
Lambden, John S., security for. (See Wm. C. Anderson.)
Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, petition of the Sadsbury monthly meeting of

Friends of, relative to slavery..



Land claims

bili supplemental to an act confirming certain land claims in Louisiana.

(See bill H. R. 196.)
bill for ascertaining claims and titles to lands in California and New

Mexico, &c. (See bill S. 336.)
bill to amend the act of June 17, 1844, for the adjustment of land claims

in Missonri, Arkansas, Louisiana, and parts of Mississippi and Ala-

bama. (See bill S. 262.)
bill to revive an act to settle the title to certain tracts of land in Arkan-

(See bill S. 290.(
bill amendatory of the act of 26th May, 1824, re-enacted June 17, '1844,

to enable claimants to lands in Missouri and Arkansas to try the
validity of their claims. (See bill S. 439.)
report ..

.... 293
Land warrants. (See military land warrants.)
Land Office, General. (See General Land 0.ffice.)
Lands, mineral-

petition of citizens of Michigan for the extension of the pre-emption
laws to the mineral lands on Lake Superior

resolution by Mr. Felch relative to reducing the price of the mineral

lands on Lake Superior, and the allowance of pre-emption rights.. 82
report of the Commissioner of the General Land Onice relative to the

mineral lands in Michigan, communicated by the Secretary of the

ordered to be printed

petition of citizens of Pennsylvania for a reduction of the price of the
mineral lands....

reduction of the price of the mineral lands in the Lake Superior district,

Michigan, and in the Chippewa district, Wisconsin. (See bills s.

487 and H. R. 711.)
Lands, bounty-

petition of James Foy and others, late of the quartermaster's depart-
ment, for extra pay and bounty land. ,

resolution of the Legislature of Florida for bounty land to officers and
soldiers of the Seminole war....

committee discharged

resolution to grant extra pay and bounty land to substitutes. (See !

joint resolution S. R. 52.)
memorial of the Legislature of Arkansas for bounty, land to all officers
and soldiers at any time in actual service

adverse report..

petition of Samuel S. Bartlett, in behalf of that portion of the marine
corps which served in California.....

land for services in the last war with Great Britain, resolution by Mr.

resolution by Mr. Breese..

memorial of Perry E. Brocchus, in behalf of the marine corps, for extra

pay and bounty land..
Land laws, bouniy, resolution by Mr. Bright for printing.


189, 202
amendment of, resolution by Mr. Davis, of Massachusetts... 205
Lands lying between the meander line and middle of the meandered rivers. (See

bill S. 463.)
commitiee discharged.

Lands, public-

report of the Secretary of the Treasury, with the annual report of the
Commissioner of the General Land Omice...

extra copies ordered to be printed. ...
grant of land to the States for certain purposes. (See bill S. 328 )
President's message, so far as it relates to the public lands, referred..

memorial of John A. Ragan, proposing to drain the public lands......

cession of the public lands to the States in which situated, resolution by
Mr. Walker...

bill to reduce and graduate the price of the public lands. (See bill

S. 3.)
will to grant to Arkansas and other States overflowed lands. (See bill
overflowed lands in Arkansas and Missouri, resolution of the Legisla:
ture of Missouri...


209, 225

S. 253.)

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Lands, public-Continued.

donation of the public lands to actual settlers-

petition of Joseph Wyer and others....
petition of citizens of the United States.'.

committee discharged......
pe:ition of citizens of Pennsylvania....

petition of citizens of Massachusetts...
reduction of the price of the pine lands in Florida and other States,

resolution by Mr. Yulee...
reduction of the price of the public lands in the Miami reserve, resolu-
tion of the Legislature of Indiana.

(See bill S. 402.)
memorial of the Legislature of Arkansas for a grant of land to the

States for internal improvements, a reduction of the price of the

public lands, and the payment of the five per cent. fund in land ...
bill to grant the right of way across the public lands, and to dispose of

said land in aid of the several States in the construction of railroads

and canals. (See biil S. 115.)
return of, from the House of Representatives asked.

motion to reconsider
Landon, Giles. (See bill H. R. 559 )
Lane, William B., injunction of secrecy removed from the proceedings of the

Senate on the nomination of..

yeas and nays..
Lane, James Crandal, petition...
Langford's Company of Florida volunteers, resolution of the Legislature of Florida
Lapoint county, Michigan, citizens of, petition for a mail route from the county

seat to the falls of the St. Croix....
Larrabee, Major Charles. (See bill H. R. 773.)
Laurence, Zachariah. (See bill H. R. 242.)
Laws of Congress, increase of the number to be annually distributed to the States

and Territories. (Sec joint resolution H. R. 49.)
Laws and treaties of the United States, synoptical index to the, resolution by Mr.

Benton ..
Le Blanc, Villeneuve, documents submitted and referred..
Le Caze, James, administrator of. (See Frederick Vincent.)
Le Grand, Paulina, executor of. (See H. Carrington.)
Lebanon county, Pennsylvania, citizens of, petition for an increase of duties on

foreign manufactures.
Lee county, Iowa, petition of settlers in, adverse report concurred in.
Lee, Oliver, legal representatives of. (See bill H.'R. 399.)
Lee, William. (See bill S. 235 )
Lehigh county, Pennsylvania, citizens of, petition for an increase of duties on for-

eign manufactures....
Letter postage, petition of citizens of Sterling, Michigan, for a reduction ....
Levereit, Mary G. (See bill H. R. 517.)
Levy, Moses E., memorial referred...

(See bill s. 400.)
Lewis, Nathaniel, memorial .

adverse report..
Lewis, Hon. Dixon H., resolutions by Mr. King on the death of.
Lexington, right of way and land for a railroad from Lexington to Ohio city.

(See bill S. 380.)
Libbey, Robert, heirs of, petition referred.
Libby's island, petition of citizens of Machias, Maine, for a fog bell on..
Liberia, petition of A. M. Carnahan and others, for the transportation of emi.

grants to Liberia in United States vessels going to Africa...

committee discharged, and ordered to lie on the table...
Lilirary of Congress. (See Congress.)
Light houses, light-boats, buoys, &c., appropriations. (See bill S. 485.)
Light-houses, communication from the Fifth Auditor relative to, ordered to be

Ligon, Thomas P. (See bill H. R. 110 )
Lillard, James M., petition...


[blocks in formation]

adverse report.
Linard, Thomas, petition

report adverse
Lincoln county, Maine, citizens of, petition for a reduction of postage.
Lincoln, Lemuel R., documents..






368, 369




Lindsay, Andrew J., injnnction of secrecy removed from the proceedings of the

Senate on the nomination of

yeas and nays...
Little & Brown, petition...
Little Sodus bay, improvement of. (See bill S. 433.)
Little Egg harbor, survey and examination of. (See bill S. 410.)
Little Fort on Lake Michigan, improvement of the harbor at. (See bill S. 442.)
Live oak and other timber, preservation of. (See bill S. 142.)
Livingston, James, heirs of, resolution for leave to withdraw..
London, United States minister at, resolution by Mr. Webster for the instruction

to, offering a further extension of reciprocity and equality in navigation, and

especially in relation to the coasting trade.
Long Island, New York, citizens of, petition for a reduction of postage...
Loring, W. W., M. E. Van Buren, and R. M. Morris, memorial..
Lott, William. (See bill H. R. 464.)
Louisiana Legislature, resolutions,

for a law to make the practice of the United States courts in Louisi.
ana conform to that of the State courts ...

(See bill S. 421.)
Raccourci cut-off in the Mississippi river....

establishment of a foundry and armory at Algiers..
Louisiana, surveyor general of, annual report of, communicated by the Secretary

of the Treasury....
petition of registers and receivers of land offices in Louisiana for com.

missions on entries of military land warrants....
land to, for internal improvements. (See bill S. 363.)
land claims in. (See bill H. R. 196.)
mode of practice of the United States courts in, resolution of the Legis-
lature of Louisiana

(See bill S. 421.)
draining of swamp lands in. (See bill H. R. 635) ....

district courts of the United States in. (See bill S. 282 )
Lowndes county, Mississippi, grant of land for schools in. (See bill H. R. 574.)
Luzerne county, Pennsylvania, citizens of, petition for an increase of duties on

foreign manufactures..
Lycoming county, Pennsylvania, citizens of, petition for an increase of duties on

foreign manufactures.
Lynch, William. (See bill H. R. 646.)
Lynch, Lieutenant William F., report of, of an examination of the Dead Sea,

resolution by Mr. Westcott.....
report of the Secretary of the Navy.

referred and ordered to be printed....
Lytle, Robert T., surety of. (See E. S. Haines.)










Machias, Maine, citizens of, petition for a fog-bell on Libby's island. .
Mack, Caroline, documents referred..................
Mackay, Sarah A., petition...
McAffee, Joseph, heirs and legal representatives. (See bill S. 333.:)
McAvoy, James. (See bill H. R. 46.)
McBlair, Thomas P., petition referred......
McClellan's company of Florida volunteers, documents relative to the claim of...

resolution by Mr. Yulee.......

report of the Secretary of War.
McColgan, John, petition referred.....
McDuell, John, petition
McEwen, Captain Alexander. (See bill H. R. 621.)
McFarland, William, legal representatives of. (See bill H. R. 312.)
McIntosh, John. (See bills H. R. 679 and S. 223.)
McKee, Alexander, and Johnson Price, petition..

report and bill (see bill S. 478).
McLane, Charles. (See bill H. R. 759.)
McLaughlin. (See Guion & McLaughlin.)
McRae, William, widow of. (See Mary McRea.)
McRae, Mary. (See bill s. 22.)
Madlam, John, petition...


144, 148






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