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Twiggs, Priscilla D., petition.....

committee discharged
Tyler, Sarah, adverse report concurred in. ...




Underwood, Hon. Joseph R., attended

4, 351
presented the credentials of the Hon. Thomas Metcalfe.

resolutions submitted by—
board of commissioners to ascertain the quantity of appropriated

lands in California and New Mexico, and what disposition should
be made of the mineral lands

mail route from Russellville to Elkton, and Elkton to Madisonville 122
Union Bank of Florida. (See bill H. R. 569 )
Union county, Pennsylvania, citizens of, petition for an increase of duties on for-
eign manufactures

Union, dissolution of, petitions for-
Joseph Treat..

citizens and females of Pennsylvania

United States, citizens of, petitions for a donation of the public lands to actual

committee discharged

United States stocks, establishment of an officer in New York for the transfer of,
resolution by Mr. Dickinson

report of the Secretary of the Treasury..

United States, map of. (See Colton's Map )
United States, female inhabitants of, petitions relative to slavery.

109, 206
yeas and nays

motion to reconsider

citizens of, petitions for the prohibition of intoxicating liquors in
the navy......

citizens of, petitions for the prohibition of corporeal punishment in
the military and naval service, ..

citizens of, memorial for a military post in California, near the
gold region.....

memorial for military escorts on the route to California, and a
military post near the gold region....

205, 220, 250
Upham, Hon. William, attended.....

3, 350
credentials presented..

oath taken, &c.....

resolutions submitted by
loaning field pieces to the Norwich University........

mail route from Brattleboro', Vermont, to Whitehall, New York..;.. 143
Useful arts, bill (H. R. 102) to amend the acts to promote the progress of the,
memorial of Henry O'Reilly remonstrating against ...

Utica, citizens of, petition for the abolition of the spirit ration in the navy


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Van Buren, M. E. (See W. W. Loring.)
Van Ness, Eugene, and John M. Brush, executors of Nehemiah Brush. (See bill

S. 237.)
Van Valkenburg, Bartholomew, resolution for leave to withdraw..

363, 369
Ventilating Senate chamber, resolution by Mr. Walker, to pay John Skirving for 150, 360
Venue, bill to authorize the change of. (See bill S. 420.)
Vera Cruz, transportation of the mail from New Orleans to, in steam vessels.

(See joint resolution S. R. 44.)
Vermont, petitions of females of, relative to slavery.....

Vermont, mail routes in, petitions of citizens of Orange county

resolution by Mír. Upham...

Vessels, conveyance of. (Sée bill H.'R. 737.)
Vessels in distress, American, resolution in relation to foreign officers and seamen

who shall render relief to. (See joint resolution H. R. 57.),
Vessels, transport, resolution to transfer from the War to the Navy Department.

(See joint resolution S. R. 58.)
Vice President. (See President and Vice President, and Millard Fillmore.)

[blocks in formation]

Vice President of the United States and President of the Senate

resumed the chair
absent ....
presented the oredentials of the Hon. James Cooper.
presented the credentials of the Hon. William H. Seward.
casting vote of the Vice President on bill H. R. 32.
give notice of his intention to retire from the chair
address upon retiring..

resolution of thanks to...
Vidal, Joseph, legal representatives of, petition
Vigo, Colonel Francis, legal representatives of. (See bill H. R. 216.)
Vinal Haven, transfer of, from the Penobscot to the Belfast collection district.

(See bill H. R. 344.)
Vincent, Frederick. (See bill s. 199.)

motion to reconsider
Virginia State and Continental lines, unpaid claims of officers and soldiers of.

(See bill S. 168.)
Virginia Legislature, resolutions relative to slavery
Volunteers in the Seminole war, resolution of the Legislature of Florida, for the

payment of.
resolution of the Legislature of Florida, for
bounty land to.....

committee discharged
resolution of the Legislature of Florida, for the

payment of Capt. Thos. Langford's company
Volunteers, extra pay to officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians, and pri-

vates of. (See joint resolution S. R. 48.)
Volunteers, Arkansas and other, subsistence to. (See bill S. 295.)
Volunteers, resolution explanatory of the act to refund expenses for subsistence

and transportation of volunteers before being mustered into service. (See
joint resolution S. R. 36.)
Von Schmidt, Peter, memorial relative to the gold mines in California ...........










5, 352


Wade, Mary D., leave to withdraw...!
Waldron, Charles. (See bill H. R. 162.)
Wales, Hon. John, credentials presented.

Walker, Hon. Isaac P., attended

credentials presented.....
oath taken, &c..
resolutions submitted by-

pay to John Skirving, for ventilating the Senate chamber..
cession of the public lands to the States in which situated.
to suspend the 16th joint rule....
to suspend the 17th joint rule
eligibility of the Hon. James Shields.
select committee on the eligibility of the Hon. James Shields be au-

thorized to send for persons and papers, &c....
Walker, Joseph, documents relative to the claim of...

committee discharged .
Walker, Gideon, petition of members of the Legislature of Indiana, for a pension

[blocks in formation]


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Walker, Patrick, petition..

(See bill S. 386.)
Walker, Samuel. (See Francis G. Beatty.)
Wallace, Colonel Robert. (See bill H. R. 166.)

yeas and nays....
Wallace, Cadwallader. (See bill S. 44.)
Wankowiez, Vladislas, memorial..
War Department-

appropriations for the service of the department, report of the Secretary

of War......
expenditures from the contingent funds of the department and bureaus,

report of the Secretary of War




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War Department-Continued.

clerks and other persons employed in the War Department, report of

the Secretary of War...
contracts made under authority of the department, report of the secretary
transfer of transport vessels from the War to the Navy Department.

(See joint resolution S. R. 58.)
report of the Secretary the Treasury relative to additional rooms re-

quired for the War Department
War, Secretary of, reports of

appropriations for the service of the War Department..
with report of the Commissioner of Pensions of rejected pension claims.
expenditures from the contingent funds of the department and bureaus.
expenses of the national armories, and the number of arms made and

contingent expenses of the military establishment..
with report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs showing the persons

employed in the Indian Department...
clerks and other persons employed in the War Department.
with a map of the valley of Mexico......

ordered to be lithographed..
contracts made under authority of the department.
relative to the invention of John B. Emerson, communicated by the

President ....
money advanced to the "Old Settlers' or Western Cherokees......
claim of Captain John McClellan's company of Florida volunteers..
with returns of militia,
claims against the Cherokees, especially the "Old Settlers",

order to print modified
with copies of the Army Register....
claim of R. M. Johnson, communicated by the President..
operations of the army in Texas and the adjacent Mexican States.
with report of Lieutenant Colonel Philip St. George Cooke..

ordered to be printed...:
Ward, Joseph D. (See bill H. R. 558.)
Warehousing system, report of the Secretary of the Treasury, relative to......
Washington city

memorial of the board of aldermen and common council for a law to
prohibit the bringing of slaves into the District of Columbia for sale..

committee discharged and leave to withdraw....
memorial of a committee of the corporation for the completion of the

city hall and repair of the canal...
Washington, Alexandria, and Georgetown Steamboat Company. (See bill S. 366.)

yeas and nays......
Washington county, Florida, citizens of, petition for land for public uses.

land for a county site in, resolution of the Legisla-

ture of Florida..
Washington county, Vermont, citizens of, petition for a reduction of postage...
Washington, Henry. (See bill S. 106.)
Watson, Joseph, heirs of, petition referred...

report and bill (see bill s. 410.)
Watson, James C., surviving partner of. (See William A. Campbell.)
Watterson, D. A., memorial
Webb, Nathaniel, petition...

adverse report
Webber, John A., petition.....

report and resolution. (See joint resolution S. 53)
Webster, Hon. Daniel, attended...

resolutions submitted by-
law for takirg security against alien passengers becoming a public

charge-opinions of ihe judges of the Supreme Court in the cases

of " Smith vs. Turner," and "Norris vs. the city of Boston"....
thanks of the Senate to Mr. Dallas, Vice President..
instructions to the United States Minister at London, offering a fur-

ther extension of reciprocity and equality in navigation, and espe.

cially in relation to the coasting trade..

committee to inform the President that the Senate is ready to adjourn.
Weed, Elijah J., administrator of. (See John S. Devlin.)
Wells & Co. and others, of New York, memorial for aid in constructing a rail-

way across the isthmus of Tehauntepec.
Wells, D. P. (See S. W. Aldrich.)

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West, George W., Charles S. Riché, and others, petition for an enlargement of

the Philadelphia navy yard....

committee discharged..
Westcott, jr., Hon. James D., attended..

presented the credentials of the Hon. Jackson Morton.
resolutions submitted by–

survey of the reefs and coast of South Florida.
tonnage duty on Spanish vessels.....
tonnage duty on Spanish vessels trading between Cuba and the

United States....
relative to the act for the relief of Jones & Boker...
newspapers that have contracted to publish the debates of the

Senate to be furnished with the documents
establishment of a navy yard and naval depot at Key West....
despatches of Commodore Stockton, relative to the naval and

military operations in California...
report of Lieutenant Lynch of an examination of the Dead sea.
appointment of Leonard D. Gale as examiner in the Patent

West Feliciana Railroad Company. (See bill S. 241.)
West Indies, memorial of J. Distúrnell, relative to the collection of statistics of
West Turin, New York, citizens of, petition for a mail route from Constableville

to S. C. Thompson's store.
Weston, jr., Nathan, petition ...

adverse report.
Wetmore, Leonidas, petition...
Wheaton, Mr , resolution by Mr. Johnson of Maryland, for a despatch of Mr.

Wheaton concerning a communication between the Atlantic and Pacific

Oceans and the Mediterranean seas
Whitcher, William. (See bill H. R. 549.)
Whitcomb, Hon. James, credentials presented..


oath taken, &c.
White, Robert, heirs of. (See John B. White.)
White, John B., petition :

committee discharged.
White, Zilpha. (Seo H. R. 125.)
White, David L., petition...

committee discharged
White, Sarah. (See bill H. R. 446.)
White's New Recopilacion, resolution by Mr. Rusk for the purchase of.........

(See joint resolution S. R. 62.)
Whitehall, New York, certain privileges extended to the town of. (See bill d.

R. 405.)
Whitesides, John, memorial...
Whitman, George, memorial.

Whitman, John, leave to withdraw.
Whitney, Elisha D. (See bill $. 169.)
Whitney, Asa, land to, for a railroad from Lake Michigan to the Pacific. (See

bill s. 297.)
Whittet, Robert. (See bill H. R. 450.)
Widows and orphans of officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians, and pri.

vates of regulars and volunteers, who have died or may die of disease con.

tracted in Mexico. (See bill S. 451.)
Widows and orphans, five years' half-pay to. (See bill H. R. 766.)
Widows, evidence in applications for pensions by. (See joint resolution H. R. 52.)
Widows and orphans of officers and soldiers in the war with Mexico. (See bill

S. 471.)
Widows and orphans, claims of, to have priority in the examination of claims

arising out of the Mexican war. (See bill H. R. 786.)
Wigent, William L. (See bill S. 277.)
Wilkes, George, memorial for the construction of a road from the Missouri to

the Pacific...
Wilkes, Charles, memorial.
Wilkins, Fort, memorial of the Legislature of Wisconsin for a road from Green

Bay to ....:
Wilkinson, John, widow of. (See Mary Wilkinson.)
Wilkinson, Mary, petition.....







committee discharged and again referred.


Willcox, Jacob, petition referred

Williams, Archibald, and Charles Griffin, petition...

William and Mary College, president and professors of, memorial referred...

Williams, Lowry. (See bill H. R. 510.)
Williams, Edwin, mem rial...

Williams & Griffith, leave to withdraw..

Williamson, Elizabeth. (See bill H. R. 445.)
Wilmot proviso, resolutions of the Legislature of South Carolina relative to..... 185
Wilson, Charles. (See bill H. R. 724.)
Wilson, John. (See bill H. R. 449.)
Wilson, Daniel. (See bill H. R. 780.)
Wilson, William H. (See bill H. R. 451.)
Winchester, Connecticut, citizens of, petition for reduction of postage, &c. ..... 154
Winchester, Illinois, citizens of, petition for a military escort and military post on
the route to California......

Winder's building, purchase of, resolution by Mr. Pearce...

245, 251
report of the Secretary of the Treasury.

Windham, Vermont, citizens of, petition for reduction of postage, &c..

Winnebago, Fort, memorial of the Legislature of Wisconsin for a grant of the re-
servation at, for a penitentiary.

Winnebago county, Illinois, committee discharged from the petition of citizens of 281

registers and receivers of land offices in, petition for commissions on entries
of military land warrants

citizens of, petition for a mail route from West Bend to Sheboygan..

mineral lands in, reduction of the price of. (See bill S. 487 and H. R.

additional land office in. (See bill S. 411.)
mail routes in
petition of citizens of Wisconsin

resolution of the Legislature of Iowa

150, 186
Legislature of, memorials and resolutions-
grant of the reservation at Fort Winnebago for a penitentiary.

road from Nerah to Manitowoc...

land to the widow and heirs of John Hood..

road from Green Bay to Fort Wilkins.....

committee discharged from the resolution relative to a treaty with the
Menomonie Indians...


Wislizenus, Dr. Adolphus. (See bill H. R. 354.)
Wood, Jethro, heirs of, leave to withdraw.

Woods, Sashel, petition...

adverse report.....

Wormley, Hugh Wallace, petition.

Wormsby, James, petition referred...

report and bill (see bill s. 374).

Wrecks of American vessels, report of the Secretary of the Treasury.

Wyer, Joseph, and other citizens of the United States, petition for donations of
the public lands to actual settlers...

Wyse, N. H. (See S. W. Aldrich.)

Yale College, president and professors of, petition....

Yongo, William P. (See bill H. R. 481.)
Yool, William, representatives of. (See William D. and Julia Acken.)
Young, John J. (See bill H. R. 313.)
Young, Jesse. (See bill H. R. 71:)
Ypsilanti, Michigan, citizens of, petition for a reduction of postage..

Yulee, Hon. David Levy, attended....

50, 352
resolutions submitted by-
to refer so much of the President's message as relates to naval affairs..

exclusion of the mail system from St. Lucie and Dade counties, Florida 115
reduction of the price of the pine lands in Florida....

144, 148
claim of Captain George E. McClellan's«company of Florida volunteers 144, 148
greater expedition in the mails between New York and New Orleans.. 266
compensation of Thomas Peters ...



Zimmerman, Jacob. (800 bill H, R. 772)

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