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737 A bill for recording the conveyance of | 326 326

vessels, and for other purposes.
733 A bill to extend țhe provisions of all 326 326 326

laws now in force relating to the
carriage of passengers in merchant

vessels, and the regulations thereof.
739 A bill to abolish imprisonment for debt 326

in certain cases.
741 A bill to reduce the minimum price of | 326]

the mineral lands in the Lake Su-
perior district, in Michigan, and in

the Chippewa district, in Wisconsin.
742 A bill to incorporate the Oak Hill 1571 166 187

Cemetery, in the District of Columbia.
744 A bill to repeal a provision of " An 157 166

act to establish certain post routes,"

approved August 14, 1848.
745 A bill to regulate the mileage of mem. 247 252

bers and delegates in Congress, and

for other purposes.
746 A bill to authorize the coinage of 233 234 246, 310

twenty dollar and one dollar gold
pieces at the mint of the United

States, and its branches.
747 A bill to provide for the settlement of 282 287310

the accounts of public officers and
others, who may have received mo.
neys arising from military contribu.

tions or otherwise, in Mexico.'
752 4 bill for the relief of Stoughton A. 2821 287311

754 A bill making appropriations for the 257 261 267, 300

service of the Post Office Depart.
ment, for the year ending the 30th

of June, 1850.
759 A bill for the relief of Charles McLane, 2001 207 229

of Missouri.
764 A bill to establish the Home Depart- 221 225315, 317

ment, and to provide for the Treas.
ury Department an assistant Secre.
tary of the Treasury, and a Com.

missioner of the Customs.
765 A bill granting five years? half pay to

certain widows and orphans, &c.

(See No. 766.)
766 a bill granting five years' hall pay to

certain widow's and orphans, &c.

(See No. 776.)
772 A bill for the relief of Jacob Zimmer- | 239 240 273

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305,310, 311, 323 337
218234, 236, 237 257

773 A bill for the relief of Major Charles 239 240 282

776 A bill granting five years' half pay to 210 210 211, 218

certain widows and orphans of offi-
cers, non-commissioned officers, mu-
sicians, and privates, both regulars

and volunteers.
779 A bill for the relief of James Norris ... 326 326326

(Amendedsee page 326.)

326 328, 333, 334 337


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780 A bill for the relief of Daniel Wilson... 326 326 326
786 A bill to require the heads of bureaus 233 231/251

and other officers at the seat of gove
ernment, in examining and deciding
upon claims arising out of the late
war with Mexico, to give preferences
and priority, in such examination, to
those belonging to and preferred by
widows and orphans or their autho.

rized agents.
791 A bill declaring Fort Covington, in the 251 257 297

State of New York, to be a port of

delivery, and for other purposes.
792 A bill exempting Spanish vessels from 251 257284

discriminating duties in certain cases.
795 A bill ior the relief of Solomon Davis .. 268 273 273
797 A bill in relation to the Fox and Wis. 268/ 273 279

consin river reservation, in the State

of Wisconsin.
799 A bill for the benefit of Peter M. Grant 272 274 274
802 A bill for the relief of the citizens of 275 280 285

Cedar Bluff, in the State of Alabama,

and for other purposes.
803 A bill to remit the duties upon certain 275 280/292

goods destroyed by fire in the city of

New York.
804 A bill concerning the selection of jurors 275 280 296

in certain courts of the United States.
805 A biil to authorize the judge of the 275 280/292

[blocks in formation]

courts of the United States, of the
fifth circuit, to hold the circuit court

for the district of Kentucky.
813 A bill making arrangements for taking 282 287/293

the seventh census.

315/329, 333, 334 333

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6 Resolution for the relief of J. Melville

Gilliss and others.
7 Resolution for the relief of George R.

14 Resolution concerning the settlement

of the accounts of William Speiden,

purser in the navy of the U. Štates.
18 Resolution for the relief of H. M. Bar.

20 Resolution for the relief of Samuel T. 83 84|110, 112, 138

43 Resolution for the distribution of the 240 240 256

Official Register or Blue Book

among the several States.
47 Resolution for the purchase of copies 132 132 134, 225

of the General Naval Register and 221

48 Resolution authorizing the Secretary

157 162
of the Treasury to cancel certain
bonds for duties on goods destroyed
by fire while in the public store at

Norfolk, Virginia.
49 Resolution authorizing the Secretary 2001 207239

of State to increase the number of
copies of the Laws of Congress an.
nually distributed to the several

States and Territories.
50 Resolution for the relief of John B. 2001 2071207

Nevitt, of Adams county, Missis.

51 Resolution for the relief of the pursers 2001 207 235

in the navy, as to expenditures made
in pursuance of orders during the

war with Mexico.
52 Resolution relative to evidence in ap: 211 211 235, 313

plications for pensions by widows of
deceased soldiers, under the act of

July 21, 1848.
53 Resolution authorizing the settlement | 2171 225 225

of the accounts of Thomas M. Howe,
late pension agent at Pittsburg, up-

on equitable principles.
54 Resolution directing that the govern | 227 229 249

ment of Russia be supplied with
certain volumes of the Narrative of
the Exploring Expedition, in lieu of

those which were lost at sea.
55 Resolution authorizing the distribu: 210 240 284

tion of the “ American Archives,"
under the direction of the Joint Com.
mittee on the Library, to literary
institutions in the several States and

57 Resolution in relation to foreign offi. 259 259 297

cers or seamen who shall render re-
lief to American vessels in distress.

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58 Resolution authorizing the Secretary 272 274296

of the Senate and Clerk of the
House of Representatives to sub-
scribe for certain debates and pro.

ceedings of Congress.
61* Resolution authorizing the Secretary 282 287 287

of the Senate and Clerk of the
House of Representatives to sub-
scribe for a thousand copies of a fur.
ther publication of the debates and
proceedings of Congress, and for

Other purposes:
61Resolution granting to the Secretary

of the Treasury further time to make
the report concerning the sale and
entry of certain lands in Cincin-


312 321



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