The Student's Guide to Prideaux's Conveyancing: Comprising Notes Thereon; Together with a Set of Test Questions and an Epitome of the Vendors' and Purchasers' Act, 1874; the Conveyancing Acts, 1881 & 1882; the Settled Land Act, 1882; and the Married Women's Property Act, 1882

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G. Barber, 1883 - 95 страница

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Страница 91 - The repeal by this Act of any enactment shall not affect any right accrued or obligation incurred thereunder before the commencement of this Act ; nor shall the same affect the validity or invalidity, or any operation, effect, or consequence, of any instrument, executed or made, or of anything done or suffered...
Страница 57 - ... section, the wife shall be deemed to convey and to be expressed to convey by direction of the husband, as beneficial owner ; and, in addition to the covenant implied on the part of the wife, there shall also be implied, first, a covenant on the part of the husband as the person giving that direction, and secondly, a covenant on the part of the husband in the same terms as the covenant implied on the part of the wife.
Страница 90 - The power shall not be revoked at any time, either by anything done by the donor of the power without the concurrence of the donee of the power, or by the death, marriage, lunacy, unsounduess of mind, or bankruptcy of the donor of the power...
Страница 70 - ... (2.) Each of the following persons (namely) : (i.) Any person beneficially entitled in right of the term, whether subject to any incumbrance or not, to possession of any land comprised in the term ; but, in case of a married woman, with the concurrence of her husband, unless she is entitled for her separate use, whether with restraint on anticipation or not, and then without his concurrence...
Страница 70 - ... without any trust or right of redemption affecting the term, in favour of the freeholder, or other person entitled in reversion expectant on the term, and without any rent, or with merely a peppercorn rent or other rent having no money value...
Страница 74 - B. and C. in fee simple subject to the proviso for redemption following (namely) that if A. or any person claiming under him shall on the day of 1882 pay to B. and C. the sum of £ and interest thereon at the rate aforesaid then B. and C. or the persons claiming under them will at the request and cost of A . or the persons claiming under him re-convey the premises to A . or the persons claiming under him AND A.
Страница 71 - ... to be served on a lessee or mortgagor, is affixed or left for him on the land or any house or building comprised in the lease or mortgage, or, in case of a mining lease, is left for the lessee at the office or counting-house of the mine.
Страница 62 - But, in an action brought by a person interested in the right of redemption and seeking a sale, the Court may, on the...
Страница 1 - Court would not, on its own view, compel a purchaser to take a title; still, as a general and almost universal rule, the Court is bound as much between vendor and purchaser, as in every other case, to ascertain and determine as it best may what the law is, and to take that to be the law which it has so ascertained and determined.
Страница 74 - C. interest thereon at the same rate by equal halfyearly payments on the day of and the day of AND THIS INDENTURE ALSO WITNESSETH that for the same consideration A. as beneficial owner hereby conveys to B.

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